Song Legends {Episode 2} - Man In The Box (Alice In Chains)

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"Man In The Box" is an Alice In Chains single from the album "Facelift". It was released in 1991. This is Polonium's request.

The lyrics are supposedly about censorship and I can kinda see that in some parts of the lyrics. The lyrics always confuse me a bit as they don't appear to link very well to each other and it all seems a bit random. It's probably because he wrote it whilst he was stoned. I may be looking at them in entirely the wrong way but to me it's all a bit random. I do like the lyrics in the chorus tho because they are very dramatic and powerfuI so they match the way the vocals are sung.

Although it's nothing particularly unique, I love the heavy riff during the verses and it's the sort of thing I can't help but nod my head to when I listen to it. The guitar solo is again nothing you haven't heard before but still very enjoyable. Honestly I don't pay too much attention to the instruments in this song as Layne's vocals are so much more unique and special than the instrumental part is in my opinion.

Layne Staley was an amazing singer, the vocal distortion in the chorus is incredible and so talented. He sings from the heart and you can hear the emotions in his voice as he sings. Personally I think the vocals are the main focus of this song and deservedly so, as he is one of the best singers out there.

I haven't got much to say about this, it's a simple verse, chorus, verse, chorus song and the only notable thing is the guitar solo and the repeat of the chorus but even more powerfully and loudly I guess. I think the song wouldn't benefit much from a different structure. Maybe it would be cool if it had a bridge to vary it a bit? Yeah not too much to say on this one.

It is easily the most well known Alice In Chains song, reaching number 18 on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart (whatever that is). It was nominated for best hard rock performance but was beaten by For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge by Van Halen. I can't give it a 10 as its often overlooked in the grunge community (thanks Smells Like Overrated Song).

My Opinion:
It used to be my favourite Alice In Chains song but now I've looked at it in detail it's not nearly as good and interesting as other songs by them. It's good but I prefer many songs by Alice In Chains.

That's 52/60 which puts it second behind "One". That's that song in a Nutshell (see what I did there).


It's a bit overrated and their are Facelift better songs even. I think it's their second most overrated compared to Rosster - visitor

Good - Skullkid755