Top 10 Best Alice in Chains Songs

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1 Would?

Yep, Would? number one and Nutshell number two. Graduated in '98 from a tight-knit suburb city of Cleveland, Ohio. Last of the Rockers/jocks/everyone. We ruled our class. Just saw some old friends at a funeral. One of our old buddies, a high school state wrestling champ, good football player, good-looking kid. Chains just puts things at ease and perspective. Life goes by fast, remember to love, laugh, and hold on to those cherished memories.

Why everyone likes it: good build-up with bass and drums, catchy responding chorus, and solo. Best part, in my opinion: the twist at the end to introduce a completely different chord progression.

2 Man in the Box

Great song, great riff. It works well with the slower beat. Yes, it's commercial, but it led me to this band to discover their amazing, unsurpassed talent. Rest in peace Layne. There will never be another.

This is one of the best songs of Alice in Chains. Its vocalist gives a powerful effect. The guitar and drums combination gives an awesome flavor to this song. I love listening to this awesome heavy metal song every day before going to work. In short, this is the best song of Alice in Chains.

Would is an amazing song, but the first time I ever heard this song, I got goosebumps. This is the song that brought Alice in Chains to the masses, in my humble opinion. Not to disrespect any of their other songs, but this should be at the top of this list.

3 Rooster

Super emotional epic that is really a super memorable, awesome song. It has very meaningful lyrics that don't take a ton of words to explain. This song really just feels like the musical exorcism of Jerry Cantrell.

This is the sole beam of light on Dirt. In the verses, it tells the tale of a hard man begrudgingly fighting for a cause his country's people don't believe in, rejected at home and under constant threat of attack in the field. Briefly, it details the kind of struggle that was built to break a person, but the chorus decisively refuses to be broken. "He ain't gonna die."

On an album filled with visions of death, depression, addiction, and unhindered cynicism, that chorus sticks its fists in the air and screams for survival, if not redemption. This song is one of the more perfect artistic depictions of grit, perseverance, character, and strength. It inspires.

4 Nutshell

I don't like to choose the best songs of an artist, especially the ones I highly respect and endlessly love. It's not easy for me to play favorites, but I can't help but notice how Nutshell stands out from Alice in Chains' entire repertoire. If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead - simple genius. Much softer than the usual Layne's vocals, yet so him.

This song is not only conceptual for its time, this masterpiece is topped off with endless emotions. You just can't help it, you literally feel the pain Layne was going through. Love, Hate, Love is very similar in that respect for me. Would? and Man in the Box, among many others, definitely showcase Layne's unmatched singing ability, but Nutshell is a very compact yet absolutely fulfilling combination of what made him who he was - incredible talent, emotions, pain, and his demons that we feel every time we listen to his voice.

5 Down in a Hole

Often overshadowed by other Alice in Chains' classic hits, "Down in a Hole" may not have the same signature "Alice in Chains sound" - melodic, yet sludge-driven guitar riffs, or the rumbling, murky bass lines. However, the painfully sobering emotion throughout "Down in a Hole" is as deep and as heavy as any Alice in Chains song. Layne Staley's voice and Jerry Cantrell's guitar are in perfect sync, churning out a hopeless melody that embodies the entire album in just one song.

Almost every Alice In Chains song is awesome, but "Down in a Hole" is different. Even the smallest details, like the thing (I don't know what you call that, to be honest) Cantrell plays in the chorus in the part "Down in a hole, feeling so small." I say this is the best song of the grunge era, along with another song that isn't as popular as this, and that is "Release" by Pearl Jam.

6 Them Bones

Nothing compares to the only Heavy Metal song by Alice In Chains. We are talking about "Them Bones," a classic of classics that never stops passing like an electric current that goes through my veins! It's hard to find another Alice in Chains song that can really be better than this one. Sometimes I think that "Man in the Box" is just a commercial song compared to this quirky piece of Classic Heavy Metal artwork.

Perfection. No rips. No tears. No faltering whatsoever. High pigment song with the most achingly righteous harmonies, plus odd time, vocal intensity, great guitar solo, and great lyrics too. It's my favorite.

7 Angry Chair

The awesome hook basically pulls me in every time, and the almost chanted verses are simultaneously disturbing and cool at the same time. The pre-choruses are the best part of the song, with lyrics like "Weight of my heart, not the size", and "Corporate prison, we stay" (Heyyy).

This is just a really cool song and is part of why Dirt is my favorite album.

One of the darkest, most haunting songs out there! Layne Staley conveys his emotions into this song, and he wrote the entire song - music and lyrics. This song is a masterpiece, along with many others by AIC!

8 I Stay Away

My favorite song of all time. It has so many different genres of music wrapped into one song: acoustic, grunge, metal, and orchestral elements all make this completely unique. The lyrics are beautiful, and Layne Staley's voice has never sounded more powerful. Amazing.

Grunge has always been my favorite genre: great guitar licks, great lyrics, and whatnot. But to hear a violin in the background of this song just MAKES this song what it is. I love listening to it. One of Alice in Chains's best songs. Should be in the top 10.

9 No Excuses

Beautiful song! It definitely got me started with this awesome band. Beautiful guitars, beautiful bass part, beautiful (and distinctly haunting) vocals, beautiful everything.

Smooth, like fine Scotch whiskey, amazing artistry, passionate lyrics, applicable to today's generations. The haunting sections fade into one another. Such a legendary band!

Systematic drums, meaningful lyrics, haunting bass, and a killer guitar solo. This great song should easily be number one on this list.

10 Heaven Beside You

Alice in Chains have always been a bit too metal for me. This is my favorite, followed by Down in a Hole and Man in the Box.

Great song from a greatly overlooked album. It's more unique than most of their material.

Best song off the "Dog" album. It should at least be in the top ten.

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11 Love, Hate, Love

The best song from Facelift, by far. There are some amazing live performances of this song when Layne was in his prime. Have a look at the Live at the Moore in 1990, which is probably one of the best live vocal performances from a rock singer.

This is the most epic, intense, and passionate song of all time! Layne's vocals are mind-blowing, and his talent is raging. The guitar solo is beautiful too.

Amazing song! It was probably not a video and as popular as it should be because the last 2 minutes of the song, he just screams love, hate, love.

12 Rain When I Die

I love every song on this album and Facelift as well, but this song has always been a personal favorite of mine. It's a shame no one can make good rock music like this anymore.

This song is one of my favorites by AIC, if not my absolute favorite by them. It has a beautiful guitar intro followed by both their softer and heavier sides, showing diversity. Just a great song.

Jerry's guitar tone is absolutely incredible. The composition is perfect. This is one of the few AIC songs Jerry and Layne collaborated on lyrically. It's hauntingly beautiful.

13 Rotten Apple

My favorite song of all time. Perfect build-up, moody, transcendental bridge part... but above all, the twist of dissonant chord change in the chorus - making it a perfect harmony with the song's title. This is something else.

I agree that this song is underrated. Jerry Cantrell's talent is also underrated, generally speaking. Layne Staley is also, of course. However, Would and Nutshell are my one and two. But yes, being of this generation, I'm embarrassed to say I actually forgot this track. Thanks!

This song literally sends chills down my spine every time. It starts with a great bass riff, has a great acoustic feel, and a very powerful message. The self-harmonized vocals are chilling yet expressive.

14 Dam That River

Another one of their greatest songs. I love this one, along with many others. Alice in Chains has many great songs. They're an awesome band!

This song was written by Jerry Cantrell after Sean Kinney broke a table over his head.

It deserves at least second place on this list.

15 We Die Young

Should be in the top ten. It's their real message. Man in the Box may be too, but this song surely is their main message they wanted to deliver. Layne was the best example of it.

This is honestly just such a cool song. I could listen to this for hours.

What? Guys, vote! It should be higher.

16 Again

Incredible song. Shows how well Layne adapted his vocals to suit his unfortunate demise. At least we can all agree they don't make music like that anymore!

I don't really like much off the self-titled album, but this song is quite good. Not one of their best, but should still be higher.

This should be in the top 10. Are people stupid or what? This song is just purely amazing.

17 Junkhead

I agree this song is their best song, just the vocals, the intensity of Layne's voice, the final stage of his life. Furthermore, it speaks to the world in its simplicity and sound of the instruments with Layne's voice. It is the troubles of man all in one.

Every time I hear this, it brings me back to the first time I tried Percocet. It was life-changing. This song always brings me back to that moment and brings back a small sense of euphoria. It also gives a direct look into the mind of Layne Staley.

By far their best song. This song really led me to understand the extent of Layne's addiction, and how he felt.

18 Got Me Wrong

Such a fantastic song with incredible vocals and a killer chorus. It should definitely be in the top ten! It is AIC's most underrated song by far and doesn't get enough recognition.

Cantrell's vocals fit very well with the instruments in the song. It's different from some of their other songs, coming off a bit softer and not as "dark" in tone.

Easily their most underrated song, as Sap was a small record and didn't sell crazily. Should honestly be in the top 5.

19 Sludge Factory

Why is this number 46? It has so much soul and power behind it.

Can't believe it's not at the top of the list.

20 Dirt

One of my favorite songs! This should be a lot higher than 23. I love the emotion put into this song, and the guitar riffs are just haunting.

Best line ever: One who doesn't care is one who shouldn't be. Layne in beast mode.

Not the best, but it really deserves a higher place.

21 Don't Follow

This is a peaceful song with soul. Good meaningful lyrics. When it picks up speed, it gets even better.

Only 1% of the votes? This should have been played on Unplugged, and it should be on their best-of album.

This should be in the top 5 without a doubt.

22 Grind

Excellent, one of their best songs, that riff is awesome! The verse is awesome too, the Staley and Cantrell harmony is awesome!

I have many favorite Alice in Chains songs, but this is the one I always come back to.

23 Bleed the Freak

Nice list, but this is my favorite. I love the way Layne sings it so much, especially the version on their live album. Facelift is such a cool album, though.

In my opinion, this is the best one. I grew up listening to this album, and every time this song came on, I couldn't help but belt out the lyrics.

This song is number one, most powerful in my opinion. No such thing as a bad one, but it seems like mainstream media created this list. Where's "Junkhead"?

24 Check My Brain

This song is criminally underrated, such a strong and steady start on their comeback. The hook in this song is perfect, without a doubt deserves top ten status or at least top 15. We need at least one high-ranking William DuVall song on this list!

If it had come out on the Facelift record, everyone would love it. People just like to think they're hardcore fans by listening to just their early material.

This isn't the best song, but it should at least be higher than seventh. I mean, come on, it's no Would? or Rooster, but it is better than Man in the Box.

25 Sunshine

Sunshine is my favorite from AIC. The chorus is haunting, guitar and bass are sublime, and Layne and Jerry have some of their best harmonies in this song. It definitely at least deserves a higher place.

The best vocal harmonies, the best riffs, the best vocals, the best solo, the best chorus, the most cathartic lyrics, and the most emotion in any AIC song. My favorite AIC song, and it should be ranked in the top 5 at least!

My favorite song. I see a young boy thinking about a dog that's been mistreated, and the boy relates and wonders where his father is and who is looking after him when he finally calls for his mother to come for him.

Memory set me free. I relate to this song.

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