Top 10 Dolphins at Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Basically, for all of those who are fans of CMA, who is the best dolphin at the aquarium?
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1 Hope the Dolphin

Hope, Winter's adoptive little sister, is almost just as inspirational as her adoptive elder sister. However, she only gets number two because Winter started it all.

Hope is the most adorable! She should be #1!

2 Winter the Dolphin

She is the primary reason that CMA is so popular and successful today. Her beautiful story of determination has motivated and inspired millions around the world.

3 Sunset Sam the Dolphin

Sunset Sam was a dolphin who lived at CMA in the 1990s and early 2000s. He was known for being able to paint, which was really cool, and he seemed to usually paint pictures of dolphins. Not only that, but because of his name being reminiscent of the Natchez Sam family (since I'm Natchez at heart and in spirit, this is really important to me), Sunset Sam gets to be pretty high on this list.

Given that he has a name that sounds like the Natchez Sam family, he should be higher up on this list.

4 Nicholas the Dolphin

Winter may be the face of CMA, but if you watch the aquarium's YouTube channel, it's clear that Nicholas is just as important. He seems to be covering the fun and crazy side of things, like with his sports predictions.

5 Panama the Dolphin

Panama the Dolphin is the adoptive mother of the "CMA Trio" (Winter, Hope and Nicholas). She sadly passed away in 2013, but not before she could help Winter, Hope and Nicholas all feel right at home in CMA.

6 PJ the Dolphin

PJ, or Panama Junior, is a dolphin who was rescued last year by CMA. She is called Panama Junior because she is pretty similar to Panama, in that she is also deaf. Also, she has very little if no teeth, apparently, which further makes her unreleasable. From what I've heard, her story warrants a third "Dolphin Tale" movie.

7 Hemingway the Dolphin

Hemingway is Nicholas's adoptive elder brother who just arrived at CMA earlier this year. I guess it's legal for male dolphins to be alone in a pool or something, but I'm really happy that Nicholas finally has a friend. :)

8 Rudolph the Rough-Toothed Dolphin

Rudolph is the aquarium's first rough-toothed dolphin permanent resident. He now swims in Nick and Hemi's old pool, but sadly the webcam for that pool has been turned off, so we can't see Rudolph live. Regardless, I'm very surprised and pleased that they now have a non-Atlantic Bottlenose at the aquarium, because that seemed to be the only species they had as permanent residents for a long while, even going as far as to send Summer elsewhere just because she was a spotted dolphin.

9 Indy the Dolphin

I don't know all that much about Indy, I'll have to do some research about him/her later, but Indy was a dolphin who lived at Clearwater Marine Aquarium around the time that Winter arrived, if I'm not mistaken. Not sure what happened to Indy, but since Indy got to be at CMA, he/she gets to be higher on the list than Summer.

10 Summer the Dolphin

Summer is a spotted dolphin calf who was rescued by CMA in 2014, but was sent away to a different forever-home because apparently she couldn't be paired with Winter and Hope. I honestly feel like Winter and Hope wouldn't care what species of dolphin Summer is, but apparently the government does or something like that. Unfortunately, despite Summer being such a cutie, that is why she gets to be on the bottom of this list.

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11 Rex the Rough-Toothed Dolphin
12 Apollo the Dolphin
13 Izzy the Dolphin
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