Top 10 Fish Species for Sport Fishing in Canada

Sport fishing, also called recreational fishing is "fishing for pleasure or competition. It can be contrasted with commercial fishing, which is fishing for profit, or subsistence fishing, which is fishing for survival." (wiki definition)

This list focuses more on fishing for pleasure than for competition purposes because it's more popular. But the list includes fishing for competition purposes as well.

In Canada fishing for pleasure is a very popular outdoor activity because we have many lakes, rivers and creeks and you don't have to travel far.

Fishing for competition purposes is more expensive - you will need boats, yachts and even helicopters.

Fishing in Canada is legal but regulated, meaning there are rules and regulations, fines and even "Fishing" Police. These measures are created to protect the environment and ecological balance. Certain things are forbidden.

Also, you have to buy a ticket once a year but ticket prices are symbolic - the cheapest one is $20-25 per year, depending on the province. Fines aren't symbolic though.
The Top Ten
1 Carp

Carp isn't a prestigious fish for competition purposes, but it's the best for pleasure - it fights the most, is widely available, and isn't among the endangered species (on the contrary). It's always an excitement to catch a carp, especially big ones. What you usually do after catching a big fish is: take a picture and put it back into the water. Some anglers kiss the fish before that. If the fish isn't remarkable, you just skip the picture ritual, haha.

However, Canadian authorities advise not to put carps back into the water. Sounds cruel, but the reason is: carps are overpopulated and endanger other species. So, carp fishing isn't a sin from any viewpoint.

2 Salmon

Be prepared to jump into the water and run after this fish in the water, often for over 100 meters. Oh, you don't do this in the ocean - salmon fishing for pleasure happens in small creeks and brooks where the water isn't deep, and you don't have to swim. Lost lines, hooks, and even rods are part of the excitement. September is the best month for salmon fishing in Ontario and Quebec.

3 Walleye

Walleye is also known as pickerel, the walleyed pike, colored pike, and yellow pike, although the fish is not related to other species of pikes.

It is a North American close relative of the European Zander, also known as the pikeperch.

Walleye is a prestigious fish for any purposes and it's also very yummy. Fights good but not the best.

4 Pike

Pike is the best for ice fishing since it's widely available. Availability is very important because you just need to catch something and be rewarded for spending much time to dig a hole in the ice at minus 20-30 C, for the big "waiting", and so on.

Pikes don't fight much.

5 Yellow Perch

Widely available so you always catch something all year round, even at minus 30 C (ice fishing).

Perch is a very small fish but it's a very fast and violent striker. It also fights pretty well.

6 Sturgeon
7 Smallmouth Bass

Fights better than the largemouth bass.

8 Northern Pike
9 Trout
10 Albacore Tuna

An awesome species mostly caught in southern British Columbia.

The Contenders
11 Crappie
12 Catfish
13 Largemouth Bass
14 Arctic Char
15 Sucker
16 Muskellunge

I've caught thousands of fish in my 87 years and numerous trips to Canada, but in all this time I caught only one Muskie. It was 50 inches and I released it.

17 Bluefin Tuna

Gets up to 1,500 pounds. Sometimes plentiful near Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia.

18 Burbot
19 Halibut
20 Grayling
21 Striped Bass
22 American Eel
23 Freshwater Drum
24 Spotted Gar
25 Longnose Gar
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