Top 10 Worst Ways to Die by Animals

Wow I have not made a list in like a year. Anyways, dying is bad. Horrible deaths are even worse. Dying from animals are pretty bad too. Here are the worst ways to die from animals.
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1 Swarmed by Killer Bees

There are 40,000 bees in a killer bee colony. these bees tend to be WAY more aggressive. Just imagine just mowing your lawn or having a jog and then BOOM! Thousands of these killers swarm you. Jumping into water is no option because they will just wait. This will just be extremely painful death.

2 Tapeworm Starvation

Tapeworms are scary. However they can be treated if spotted early. However if it is far too late, you will starve. Eat a whole elephant you will still starve. Not only that, you will get seizures.

Some of the other deaths are more painful and dramatic. But this one is so slow; it's excruciating.

3 Saltwater Crocodile Attack

Saltwater crocodiles have one of the most powerful bite forces. They wait for prey then they strike without warning. Not only that they perform the "death roll." The death roll is used to drown their prey then dismember them. Just imagine being bitten, dragged, drowned, dismembered, and eaten by them.

4 Eaten Alive by a Pack of Wolves

Wolves have a bad reputation. Now I can see why. Wolves eat prey alive. First, they rip the prey's legs so it can't escape. Unlike other animals, whether or not you're alive they will eat you. Just imagine seeing yourself being eaten.

Wolves are afraid of humans!

5 Cassowary Attack

Cassowaries are the most dangerous species of bird. Their kicks can rupture your organs and internal bleeding which can result in death. Also, they can claw you. Just imagine its claws going into you.

6 Face Ripped Off by Sloth Bear

Out of all the bears like, polar and grizzly bears, the least you would expect is a sloth bear. Polar and grizzliy bears may be more dangerous but the sloth bear is FAR scarier. This bear's killing method is ripping the face off of the victim. Enough said.

Man soth bears are one ruthless animal I've seen a video where one was fighting a bengal tiger and won!

7 Poisoned by Blue Ringed Octopus Venom The Blue Ringed Octopuses (Hapalochlaena) are the four strongly venomous species that are found on the coral reefs and tidal pools in the Pacific and Indian Ocean, particularly from Australia to Japan. It is known as one of the most poisonous and deadliest sea creatures. It can kill a human body by injecting a toxin from its saliva by biting a victim.

The blue ringed octopus is very small yet very deadly. Its venom is 1000 times more dangerous than cyanide. If you are bitten you will have full body paralysis which makes you unable to breathe and you will die in minutes. There is no anti venom either.

8 Poisoned by Boomslang Venom

These snakes are one of the deadliest snakes in Africa. Their bitrs are not only deadly, but they are horrifying. They're bites can cause you to bleed from every opening of your body until you die. Its like a horror movie.

That is horrifying and gruesome.

9 Constriction by Python

Pythons and boas do not use venom to kill prey. They use constriction. Imagine a python sensing you. Then it wraps around and squeezed you tightly. It squeezes so tightly you suffocate. There is no way to get out. Then due to lack of oxygen you die and it eats you.

10 Eaten by Ants
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11 Shark Attack

Sharks do not kill as many as the others on this list but they are horrifying. Just imagine having a fun time surfing and swimming. Then a shark mistakes you ad prey. The shark then bites you. You either die from the bite or die from the blood loss.

12 Bitten by a Dog

One of the worst ones by far, one of the reasons I despise dogs...

13 Swarmed by Piranhas

Nothing possibly worse than being devoured by piranhas. Watch the movie and see it for yourself.

14 Being Touched by a Poison Dart Frog
15 Bitten to Death by 100 Brazilian Wandering Spiders
16 Car Crash with Deer
17 Mauled by a Chicken
18 Beaten by a Gorilla
19 Mauled by Lions
20 Bitten by a Vampire Bat
21 Poisoned by a Black Mamba
22 Mauled by a Tiger
23 Bitten by Mosquitoes
24 Neck Bitten
25 Stung by Bees
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