Top Ten Best Fighting Lions of All Time

Here is a list lions that have been recorded being some of the best fighting lions of their era. Going by the order you may vote out of these ten lions, which lion had done the most impressive feat.
The Top Ten
1 Boss Tweeds

In 1936 this lion name boss tweeds owned by famous lion tamer Clyde beatty was renowned as one of the greatest fighting lions ever witnessed, in 1936 Rochester massacre this lion fought and killed 3 bengal tigers.

2 Menelik

This lion named Menelik owned by Frank C bostock, in Sheffield 1911, this lion broke command at a performance and ran through a tunnel where it met a North American grizzly bear sometimes called a kodiak bear, this bear named President, reared up to fight the lion, Menelik fought and killed the bear, the trainers said Menelik tugged so forcibly on the bears head he nearly pulled President's head completely off.

3 Sultan

Another lion owned by Clyde beatty, one of the greatest fighters of his time, had a grudge match with beattys oldest and most powerful lion Nero, after defeating Nero and being the new arena boss, nearly unstoppable beatty used Sultan in his film in 1933 called the big cage, although the lion we see on screen is not Sultan, two fights had to be edited out because the lions killed the tigers so quickly there wasn't enough footage. Caesar the lion's first fight, killed bobby, and Sultan killed a freshly caught bengal named Tommy from bengal. The third fight we see on film, this tiger was killed by being bitten in the kidney. Sultan went on to defeating many other tigers in his career mentioned in Clyde beattys book facing the big cats.

Sultan is a beast. Done.

4 Baltimore

This lion owned by animal circus owner Jack bonavita the famous one armed lion tamer was known as one of the greatest fighters of over a 100 animals in the bostock collection, after tearing all his trainers to pieces, one day at coney island in 1908 fought and killed a 900 pound Russian bear.

5 King

King was a lion owned by a animal trainer Prince Ki-gor, this lion in 1949 at New bedford mass, at a performance in the Biller brothers circus, King fought and killed one of the largest tigers ever recorded at 1,000 lbs.

6 Queenie

Another lion owned by the bostocks in a different establishment in Boston, in 1902 the lioness fell sick and was being exercised in the ring to help her recover, a black bear named Bruno rushed her and fought her for several minutes, until the fight ended with queenie landing a paw blow on Bruno's head crushing his skull.

7 King Edward

A lion owned by animal trainer Lucia zora, originally published in 1924 debuted on the daily news had fell ill, a bengal tiger named Dan sensed this lion was weak and sick tormented him at every turn, lucia zora fed the lion a live chicken, and Edwards powers had returned in attitude, the bengal ambushed the lion once more and then his claws were tangled in Edwards mane, King Edward then fought back and killed the tiger.

8 Nero

A lion at the famous wombwells menagerie, was being fed next to a very large bear, this bear crossed over and tried to steal the lions meal, Nero then with one blow broke the bears back like a twig.

9 Prince

Prince another lion owned by Clyde beatty had killed 5 tigers in his long running of being part of the Clyde beatty circus, 3 tigresses Sheba, Rosie and Sleika were reported killed in early 1951 in detroit, later he then killed two male tigers.

10 Rover

This lion rover another owned by the Bostock menagerie in 1911, fought and killed his cage mate a male tiger named Mentor, after the fight was over they found mentor with his neck torn out while Rover stood with triumphant roars proclaiming his victory.

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11 Marjan
12 American Lion
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