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Cars 3, the Pixar movie of 2017 that was in the USA released in June 16th, and in Sweden 1st September. I didn't have time to wath it in theaters,since my whole family despise the Cars trilogy, by brother thinks it's ok though. But I was pretty sad I couldn't watch it in theaters, but to be honest, the swedish dub was horrible to be honest from the trailers, a month after September 1st, I got to see Cars 3 with a friend, my best friend had Cars 3, so we watched it in english, and here's my honest thoughts and opinions.

1: Plot/Synopsis:

Lightning McQueen, now a seven-time Piston Cup racing legend every week races in the Piston Cup with his friends Cal Weathers and Bobby, but when a new fast generation of lightning-fast Cars overshadows McQueen and all other racers, more, and more, and more racers retire, including McQueen's friends Cal Weathers and Bobby, and McQueen gets a new racing rival; Jackson Storm, and when Lightning McQueen (our main protanogist) accidently crashes in a race and get's overshadowed by new fast generation, he decides to train to get even faster than the fast generation and goes to Rust-Eze Center where Cru Ramirez will try to train him. As you see, the plot is more similar to the first movie than the second one, which many fans were glad for, but for me, who is a crazy Cars 2 fan (who still liked Cars (2006) actully thought it could at least bring back some of the characters form the second movie, we had Acer and Grem, two minor antanogists from Cars 2 I wished could at least have made a cameo, or Finn McMissile as a secondary protanogist, and considering what happened Mater in Cars 2, and there's one gal from Cars 2 I really thought should've appeared in the movie, I'm not going to spoil Cars 2 if you have'nt seen it. But I was completely fine with the plot, While it was similar to Cars (2006), it was still different, I actully still thought the plot was great! But the plot was slightly different to the trailerse, in the trailers, the movie had a much darker tone into it, but the movie itself, wasn't that dark or anything to be honest, in my opinion. Overall, I think the movie has a REALLY great!

2: Characters:

Ah, now we get to the best part; characters, in my opinion, the Cars movies has some of the best characters in the whole Pixar series! And I've always had a favorite character from a movie, in the first one it was Chick Hicks, in the second one it was Acer (though many will disagree with me). And in Cars 3, well it's a returning character, I guess you already know it, but if I had to choose a favorite NEW character in the movie, it would be Jackson Storm. Jackson Storm is Lightning McQueens's rival in Cars 3, he is very similar to Chick Hicks, he likes to cheat, he is a show-off and wants to be the best. Very similar to Chick Hicks from Cars (2006). Of coruse Chick Hicks os better in my opinion, I would never diss him. More about Jackson Storm, I do like him, but there is one thing we did in the movie that I really HATE, which made me care less about him, but he is really still is good, then we have the main protanogist Lightinging McQueen, who is still as good as he was in Cars and Cars 2, but I actully thought he was the second best in Cars 3 (of course he was best in Cars where he devoloped the best). But still awesomne here too! And let's not forget McQueen's friends Bobby and Cal Weathers, Bobby, is a purple race car with the racing number 19, and Cal Weathers, is, the nephew to my second favorite Cars character of all time Strip Weathers, he has the number 42 and races for Dinoco after his uncle Strip Weather's retirement. And Cal Weathers is actully voiced by Richard Petty's (Strip Weathers voice actor) son Kyle Petty, pretty funny. And then let's not forget Lightning McQueen's trainer, Cruz Ramirez. She is Lightning McQueen's trainer through the movie. She can be both funny and serious in the movie which I really like, she is yellow and slightly smaller than Lightning McQueen, I like her really much, and there are much more characters in the movie who are awesomne too! Overall I think the cahracters in the movie are incredible!

3: Humour:

In aniamted children movies there is usally a lot of jokes and humour, it can be either good humour or just dumb bathroom humour, this movie has some GOOD humour luckily, of course it has good jokes when it's Pixar! This movie has some really funny lines to be honest! Like "I am a fluffy cloud, I am a fluffy cloud." or "I'm JUST A TRAINER!!!" or all of the hilarious lines from the talk show that appears in the movie. I have to say that fluffy cloud line is just hilarious and is impossible to not laugh at, it's a good thing Pixar knows how to make good jokes and even hidden adult jokes that children won't understand ad the parents can have fun too while watching the movie, unlike certain Dreamworks movies who just keeps insulting the audience with bathroom jokes or Norm of the North which has a twerking polar bear, but not this movie Cars 3, this actully treats the audience like a REAL audience! I have to say that overall, this movie is just as funny as other Pixar movies which means REALLY FUNNY jokes!

4: Animation:

Yeah, the animation, I cannot describe how good the animation is, so far (as of November 2nd) this Pixar movie has the best animation in any of the Pixar movies yet! Though we have Coco coming later this year which seems to have even better aniamtion, but let's talk about Cars 3's animation, I just have to say the animtion is flawless in this movie, it looks so real! Some scenes in the movie actully lokos like they are taken in the real world! Radiator Springs in this movie also looks pretty updated since Cars and Cars 2! The charactesr look so good looking too, with amazing animation like this, I'm sure the upcoming Pixar movies will blow everyone's mind! Just, amazing animation, overall, I have the say the animation is just FLAWLESS and AMAZING!

5: Voice Acting:

As I said in the description, the sweidsh dub for this movie was just so weird and bad! Dubs aren't really that good always, and I was pretty glad I could see it in english with a friend rather than listening to some horrid sweidsh dub. Of course, some movies has incredible swedish dub like the Despicable Me series or the third Madagascar movie. But this movie had horrid swedish dub, but that's predictable beacuse dubs are never as good as the original english voice acting, as for the english voice acting, I have to say the english original voice acting is incredible! Owen Wilson did a great job as Lightning McQueen, Larry the Cable Guy is as funny as always as Mater, and Cristela Alonzo did an AMAZING job as Cruz Ramierez, Bob Peterson did a great job as Chick Hicks (though Michael Keaton was slightly better)! I don't remember the other voices so much, but this movie had some really good english voice acting!

6: Overall:

Cars 3 is an amazing movie of 2017 and one of the best animated movies of the year! Though I believe Despicable Me 3 will always be the best movie of the year. The only true thing bad about this movie is the fact that some parts were kinda boring, though they had a meaning in them, even though it can be boring at some times, I liked those parts still. The plot was interesting and really good, he charactes are amazing yet agian, the humour is really funny (though there wasn't that much humour but still), the animation is flawless, and the english voice acting is really incredible. I still thought Cars 2 was the ebst in the series, though Cars 3 is close second.

9 of 10 = Awesomne Time, Cars 3 isn't a flawless masterpiece, but it is very close to it, with almost no bad things about it whatsoever. And I think it's a great conclusion to the trilogy, I hope a sequel won't get announced.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 68%, 71% of audiences liked it, My score: 91%

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This is darthvadern and I hope you enjoyed my third full review, I'll see you in my next review.


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I'll review Lego Ninjago Movie once I get a chance to see it, I'm not sure if I'll be able to see it, but I'll try. - darthvadern

I refused to see it as I hate the first two
Still have not seen these although - RandomGuy1234