Angel Beats!: Random anime review

After my School Days review, I have said that my next review will be about the glorious masterpiece, that is Code Geass. But I have seen another anime and let me teel you, never has a anime grapped my attention and threw it out of the window so hard. I mean, my expectation. And that anime is Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! is about a group of students, who all died in a cruel way and left off their youth. This makes for some of the saddest backstorys in anime history. In theire afterlife they go to another school, until they accept theire life and completly vanish to be reborn. Sounds depressive, well, it is! It makes you kinda think, if this could be the real afterlife. But aside of being one of the most emotional animes EVER it is one of the funniest. People, who saw it, should know what I mean. Just mention episode 5 (It was unbelievably hilarious).

Every character has a good amount of screen time and development. If you'd ask me about my fav of all the characters I give the credit to Yuri. She died after all of her siblings were killed by thieves. In the anime she acted like an full leader and alwaxs tries to fight on. That's why she tries not to vanish.

However, the anime is still not perfect. For starters, the story was really confusing. In the first half, I had problems understanding it. It also has some ingenius plot holes, I could'nt understand. The anime told us that Hanade is a robot. But at the same time, she was a human, because she lived before she died and she vanished. I cannot understand it.

But I have to give credit to the ending. It has to be one of animes greatest endings ever. After the rest of the group vanishes, Otonashi and Hanade are left. After Otonashi tells her, his love, Hanade vanishes. This has to be one of the saddest deaths in the entirity of anime. Then in the end, there is the credit scene, showing all characters just vanishing away.

In the end I have to say, Angel Beats! is a fantastic anime. It mixes emotional with funny elements into once, without being ridicolous or stupid.
That's why my final rating is a:
8,5/10 with the adjective of,,awesome''.


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