Best Fitness Center Chains and Gym Franchises

Fitness and health are an important aspect determining a good quality of life. Having the equipment to workout on your own can be both expensive and take up room you may not have. The other option, if you want to use specific equipment, is to go to a commercial gym.

Unless you live in a small town (and even then in many cases), you are going to have multiple choices. Some are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while others are centered around specific hours or even appointments.

Below are the top ten fitness centers and gym franchises. The rankings are centered around the available services, the variety of equipment, and their level of customer service.

The Top Ten

1 Anytime Fitness

They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Free weights, machines, and classes are available to keep you occupied and working hard. With over 2400 franchises in 19 countries, you'll undoubtedly have a location nearby.

I like this place, it's almost like Golds with been overcrowded. I don't have 10 to 15 minutes for a dumbbell.

He is the best of the best

Let us strong - couplesdating24

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2 Planet Fitness

Deadlifting is arguably the most essential lifting movement. If your gym does not allow deadlifting you are running the wrong kind of gym. If you are intimidated by somebody deadlifting and trying to improve themselves and reach their own personal goals, well then I guess there is no helping you.

This place markets itself as a "Judgement Free Zone" that caters to everyone. They have over 818 locations and 5.7 million members in the US. They really try to keep the atmosphere friendly and have rules in place to keep it that way. Equipment galore and classes to boot.

Lol Planet Fitness sucks. They charge you too much, they have PIZZA DAY (what!? ), candy (why? ). This gym is a joke. Oh and yeah the commercials suck and this gym is a fake as hell cheapskate

Yeah I like my Planet earth and for that I ban this disgusting Palm Oil.

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3 Gold's Gym

Known as the Mecca of bodybuilding, they have more than just iron to lift. They are a full service fitness center that caters to everyone. 400 locations in 37 US states and 20 other countries.

How would this legendary gym not be #1? This is where the legends are made.

This is where Arnold and the other big boys trained. Legendary place!

They are the best. I love them!

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4 24 Hour Fitness

Hell, My Dad has a membership here, and he can get me in for free as a guest every now and then. Also, regarding the "No air! If you like stuffy overcrowded gyms; this one is for you! " Comment: Most of the 24 hour fitness locations aren't stuffy or overcrowded at all. - DJHonore

Your not tied down to long contracts (first & last mo only to give 30 days notice). Some have VIP locker areas for extra charge. Clean - really important. Free towels. Most days open 24 hours. Friendly people.

This place is definitely overcrowded and quite smelly. Last and worst, not a clean place. I complained before switching to LA Fitness which to me is the best!

A simple and excellent gym that's very inexpensive and has a very well-trained staff. Only $40 a month at my 24 Hour Fitness and it includes everything I need like a pool, basketball court, weights, cardio machines, and training sessions. - Mcgillacuddy

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They've been around forever and everyone knows about them. From pools, to weights, to basketball courts, you'll have it all. Go and try them out and you won't be bored.

The YMCA has everything that you could possibly think of under 1 roof. Pleasant atmosphere, great group fitness, trainers, swimming, gym, rock climbing, dance classes, cycling, etc...

They are the best! I have been to so many different chains but YMCA is by far the best. They have awesome classes, plenty of weights and machines and it's a great atmosphere. They do camp for kids as well and it's a great place for the kids to hang out.

I proud of YMCA

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6 Talwalkars

Best Gym with Best Trainers.

Great gym and modern equipments..dedicated and enthusiastic staff!

7 CrossFit Gyms

Every CrossFit gym has its own unique name and pay scale but if it's fitness you're after, you can't go wrong with these guys. You'll most likely have a gym in your town. You'll have to "qualify" of sorts to do the workouts but once you do, you'll be in the best shape you can be in.

CrossFit beats out all other types of Gyms

8 Equinox Fitness

48 locations nationwide with trainers who not only have to have fitness certifications, but also receive continuing education to keep current. They have equipment as well as group fitness classes.

9 In-Shape V 1 Comment
10 Island Gym & Fitness

This is where I go. The price is good and I get what I pay for - Sabbath

The Contenders

11 American Family Fitness
12 Retro Fitness

Tons of locations and a huge variety or equipment, classes, and services. They even have a juice bar that offers you some after-workout nutrition.

McDonalds atmosphere will have your head spinning to nausea.

I love retro fitness they give really good smoothies

13 Bally Total Fitness
14 Barbell Brigade
15 L.A Fitness

My mom used to go to L.A fitness and she said that it was good, but, they had a special limit that you had to stay inside there for like as many hours as they said for you to stay on the paperwork you sign, I was kinda surprised, but if you want to go to a normal/weight losing gym then yeah. - Ana501

LA Fitness is great, no bull, they don't hassle you if you don't like it. This should be #1

LA fitness should be #1 you people don't know what you are talking about

Great gym. Cut and Dry and reasonable rates.

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16 Blink Fitness
17 Life Time Fitness V 3 Comments
18 Big Sky
19 Metroflex Gym

The gym that is home to over 100 professional bobybuilders is about more than just testosterone. Equipment for all shapes and sizes and plenty of locations to make it convenient.

Metroflex is the real deal! No fancy stuff, no BS, just big bodybuilders!

Metroflex Gym, Arlington Texas! The Home of the Greatest of All-time, The One, The Only, The Incredible, 8 x time Mr. Olympia RONNIE COLEMAN!

End of the Comment!

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20 Snap Fitness

A 24 hour fitness center with cardio, weights, classes, and lots of locations. Inexpensive membership packages make this one an easy choice.

By far the best one in my town
It's got it all

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