Quick Thoughts On Some Series

This is where my mini reviews that used to be on my homepage have been moved in order to make more space on that screen. These aren't even proper reviews, they're more like my most basic of thoughts, not analysing that much or anything, just brief recommendation.

One Punch Man:
A fun, albeit slightly simplistic and repetitive show that while not as good as I expected, is a whole lot of fun to watch, with entertaining characters and an awesome concept.

Assassination Classroom :
This one was a surprise to me, I went into it expecting something average, and instead got a wholly enjoyable experience, with great characters, hilarious jokes, and my second favourite premise in anime. One minor complaint would be the fact that characters kind of seem to be written off once their development occurs

Astro Boy 1980:
While my brothers had this show on, I decided to watch with them, and was pleasantly surprised, while the small amount of the modern version I have watched was extremely "kiddy" and didn't have that much in the ways of stuff for older people to enjoy, this version went to some extremely dark places for a kids show, that said, the animation was quite limited and I found the voice acting hilariously bad at times.

Death Note :
Without a doubt the greatest anime I have ever watched, the characters were all great in my opinion (including the ones from the second half) and the premise is my favourite in anime, as well as this, the banter between Light and L never ceased to entertain me. My favourite part however, was the ridiculous nature of the plans where both parties would think 20 steps ahead in strange ways. The second half was not as good as the first half, but it was simply like comparing an ice cream sundae without a cherry, to one with a cherry, you would prefer the cherry, but it wouldn't harm you either way.

Death Parade:
To make a long story short, great concept, bad execution. The unique nature of this show quickly became stale as every episode was less intense than the last ( with the exception of the one with the murderer) since the show was fairly formulaic. My biggest problem with it was the fact that they tried to add backstory to the world, I would have preferred if the world was not expanded on much and it was mysterious, instead of the world feeling half baked. I still enjoyed myself with it and the repetition didn't bother me that much, since there are only 12 episodes.

Pokemon: Indigo League:
I personally don't see any positive sides to this show, other than the decent animation, the characters all annoy me greatly, as they are all complete idiots. As well as that, it is the most formulaic anime of all time. Every episode is more or less the same, Ash wants to prove he is great, team rocket appears, Pikachu beats them, rinse and repeat forever.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
Easily the most surprisingly good anime I have seen, while every other anime, including Death Note had flaws that I could pick out, this anime was interesting and didn't do anything wrong. It is expertly paced with a dark story and innovative, surreal animation sequences that have no right to be so awesome. The series didn't drag on at all and the 13 episodes were all integral to the plot. There was nothing that I can say was not utilised fully.

Sword Art Online:
This series definitely went downhill quickly. The first few episodes were something I could get behind, with a nice fantasy setting. However, the pacing all of a sudden became garbage, with massive time skips everywhere. As well as this, the characters were all fairly one dimensional, with the females all having the same character of being in love with Kirito. The stakes also felt lessened once the first game ended as there was no longer the you die in the game you die in real life part. To top this off, the second season was completely useless and added nothing to the series. That said, I do enjoy the animation quality and I don't mind when they focus on the gaming elements of the show

The Devil Is A Part Timer :
Another fun show that is a nice distraction from some of the more serious stuff out there. The story is fun and the characters are all great with the exception of the hero, who is a constant annoyance in the show. The show also has a habit of replacing character development with new characters, bogging down something that could be even greater

Deadman Wonderland :
If there were a single word to describe this show, it would be violent. This crass, gory, odd anime is a nice, fun show that won't challenge your mind much, but has a good cast of colourful characters, my favourite being the delightful Shiro. It's not the greatest thing ever, but it's well paced, unique and manages to keep the attention of the viewer over the course of it.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood :
This definitely lives up to its reputation, complex, insightful, fun, sad, flashy etc. Both the antagonists and protagonists are extremely interesting and 3 dimensional with no characters that I truly didn't like. The plot was also quite unpredictable with an overarching plot with a few twists that I never could guess beforehand. The tone of the anime was never too heavy as the show had an amazing sense of comedic timing.

Danganronpa 3:
Ugh, I'm deeply conflicted about this one, on one hand, there is a lot of really cool stuff that happens within he series and the constant switch between the Future and Despair arc was cool. That said, there is some stuff about each arc that I have an issue with. The future arc has a major lack of character development and also includes Ruruka, my least favourite character in the series by a landslide. The reveal of who the mastermind was was equal parts interesting as it was utterly stupid. The despair arc was good for the most part, but the way they completely butchered the characters and the reason for them becoming the remnants was disgustingly bad. I did enjoy a lot of it, but the ways they screwed up the story made me like this much less.

Devilman Crybaby:
This was a very good series in general, sure, it was extremely violent and sexual, but it was an amazing experience. The animation was strange and uncanny, which ended up working perfectly in its favour when anything trippy or psychedelic happened. The interaction between a lot of the characters was also entertaining. My favourite part of the show was definitely the fact that both sides of the overall battle were the bad guys, neither side was in the right entirely. Also, I love the rappers, they were greatly amusing.

Food Wars:
This is almost the epitome of pure stupidity and I love it for that. Sure, there is an overly high amount of fanservice, and the plot is ridiculous, but I love it for that. It fully embraces the lack of sense and the inane nature of everything. As well as this, I absolutely adore food, so I found a lot of the stuff to be quite interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series, the animation was exquisite and the random, stupid non breaks in animation, tone and style were hilarious. It was a surreal experience for sure. I don't know myself, but I've heard that this show has an insane amount of symbolism behind basically every event that occurs, which interests me greatly. I do have one issue with the show however, and it's that thanks to the incoherent nature of it, I never felt any connection with a single characters. Other than that issue I have with it, this is a great anime and one of my absolute favorite, despite the rating I gave it.

A Boring World Where The Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist:
Ok, despite what I said about Food Wars being the epitome of stupidity, I have now been enlightened after watching this one, which is easily the dumbest thing I've ever watched. That said, I also find it to be near perfection when it comes to the art of crossing the line twice. Despite the constant immature jokes and fanservice, I found this to be a very well exaggerated show in most ways. Every stereotype found here is turned up to eleven until it essentially becomes a parody of itself, usually this would be a bad characteristic, but in this case, it works perfectly.

Elfen Lied:
Despite what some people say about this being a generic harem anime made to shock people, I loved it. The animation quality is amazing and the story is all around well written, with a message that isn't incredibly deep, but still meaningful nonetheless. My one gripe with the show is that I found Yuka to be an immature annoyance every time she opened her mouth, luckily, every other character was interesting or at least entertaining in some way.

No Game No Life:
I love the concept of the show and the use of colour. All of the characters (except Stephanie, who is boring) are really cool and interesting in some way as well. The game scenes are all really creative and the chess one is absolutely brilliant. I also didn't expect the climax of the season to be Gal Gun though, that caught me off guard. Other than Stephanie being really boring, I have one other issue with the show, unnecessary fanservice. While shows lie Food Wars and ABWWTCODJDE have excessive fanservice as well, it works really nicely die to the way that most of it is handled. In Food Wars, it is mostly shown in the ridiculous reactions to the food, and in that other show, much of the humour would lose its impact if it were all censored. In the case of this one, a lot of it was obstructive. I also felt uncomfortable about the sexualisation of the loli. Despite this, I do love the show.

If anyone actually cares, I'll add more stuff to this as I fully watch more anime series


Unrelated, but I just wanted to ask, do you dislike Judas Priest as a whole, or just Rob Halford’s vocals? (His vocals take some time to get used to, it did for me and I eventually learned to love them.) - visitor

I'm not too keen on them in general, but the vocals are definitely the biggest reason why I don't like them - visitor

That’s what I used to think before I listened to them further, and they ended up tied for my number 1 favorite band of all time. So, maybe you just need to listen to them a bit more. If you just don’t like them, that’s fine, I’m just seeing if it’s the same problem I had at first. - visitor

Watch Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, it's the greatest anime of all time - Kuro