My Unpopular Anime Opinons #1

Kuro (If this goes well, then I'll make a 2nd Unpopular Opinon post) Hello fellow Topteners, it is I, Kuro (the guy who's made a few anime lists, commented on some lists and other than that, you don't know them) and on this site there are plently of anime fans here so, I thought that you fellows would maybe like to listen to my opinons on these weird chinese cartoons known as "anime". I have plently of opinons that could be considered unpopular here or among the community as a whole and I'll just remind you that these are my opinions, so if you want to discuss anything about them feel free to comment and I'll respond (maybe). So get ready for to go to your local anger management center after I'm done with these.

In the anime fandom, there are 2 types of people, the ones who love SAO with a passion and will defend it no matter what reasonable argument is thrown against them or the ones who hate it with all of their soul and think anyone who remotely enjoyed it should be burning in hell (or HFIL in 4kidsTV censorship language) with their "trash tastes". However, I'm here to say that its neither is really correct in my book and SAO is just mediocore (and people who think its the worst anime haven't watched Hand Shakers, Mars of Destruction or Samurai Gun)

I'll start off with the positives of the series, first with its animation. Sword Art Online's animation, for its time, looked really stunning and hasn't aged that badly nowadays (also it doesn't use bad CGI, so thats a bonus). The animation did a good job with displaying the environment of its world, the characters and fights. Also the premise has something that a lot of isekai anime don't have, and that would be stakes and risks in that world. Other than Re;Zero (really good show BTW), I haven't seen really any other series that had stakes for the people in that world (even if the creator forgot about them) and made things like battles feel even more tense. Finally, some of the characters where pretty likable and good characters like the best boy Klein (I need a isekai protag who is like Klein), Silica (she's moe af and she was one of the few characters I never wanted to strangle), Heathcliff (he should have been the main antagonist for the whole series and not get replaced by the gross, rapey, and elf Griffith wanabe guy), Shion (best girl) and first half Asuna (Only for her overall character to be thrown away so she could be saved by Kirito).

Now lets discuss the *ahem* flaws of Sword Art Online, which has a lot but the worst of all is its main character, Kirito. Oh Kirito where do I begin, well you can help me by reading this discription I made of Kirito's character and try not to think of any other generic isekai protag. So this shut-in loser is magically transported into another world, he has almost no problems there and also magically gains stupid amounts of power for almost no good reason. But wait! There's more! He also magically gains a harem of girls who are just his doormats, who magically fall in love with his flawless 1-dimensional personality and want to give him the succ (what a heart-throb). This character has been used in so many mediocre/flat out bad anime that it could take me a really long time to list characters who fit this discription. Kirito is also a edgelord and his cousin also wants to give him succ for good measure as well (sWeEt HOmE aLabAmA). Also in the 2nd half, the series chooses to throw away one of its best characters, the antagonist/chad Heathcliff and replaces it with the virgin Sugou instead. Sugou isn't a interesting character, even though I don't remember Heathcliff having any motives either he was still a pretty interesting guy. Sugou on the other hand had a motive but it wasn't a interesting one. This main motive was that he wanted some Asuna coochie and he wanted to kill Kirito, this motive is fitting for a old plotless video game but as a character in a series that has plot doesn't make sense. Also to keep things short and sweet, I'm not even going to cover how they handled rape. Finally the series is a fantasy action mmo themed isekai anime, that's it. No interesting twists or anything, its just normal. Some of my favorite isekais had a unique gimmick to them like No Game No Life's conflicts being solved by games instead of battles, Konosuba being a full-blown isekai comedy, Saga of Tanya the Evil for not being a fantasy and instead themed on semi-realistic war, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime because its a wholesome comedy and is about building a civilization and Re;Zero mixing drama, fantasy action, a hellish world and the movie Groundhog's day. Sword Art Online doesn't really have any new twists (the being sucked into a MMO gimmick was done by.Hack), it doesn't really give anything really new to the genre. It doesn't make it terrible, just kind of dull.

In conclusion, I believe that Sword Art Online isn't great or a total train wreck. Its just a normal and mediocre isekai.

As a male member of the LGBT community, I should come to enjoy yaoi focused manga because some of the stories could relate to me (even yuri like Bloom Into You I found relatable). While I have found some of the genre's stories to be relatable but I found a common problem in non-doujin yaoi series and that is the artstyle of a lot of yaoi (get ready for me to go into a rage in 3...2...1) I MEAN LOOK AT THOSE POINTY 90 DEGREE ANGLE CHINS, LOOK AT THOSE WEIRD AS HELL INFLATED HANDS AND THOSE EYES, I KNOW THAT ANIME IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE KINDA WEIRD EYES BUT DAAAAAAAAAAAMN. So I hope that I've made my point clear about yaoi's artstyles, however if you know about any good written and well drawn yaoi anime/manga (other than Yuri on Ice and Killing Stalking) please inform me.

If you are part of the anime community you might have heard of or been called a "weeaboo". According to the world's most accurate online resource, Urban Dictionary, the word means " A negative term directed to anyone overly obsessed with Japanese culture to the point where they become annoying.Used frequently on the image boards of 4chan.

Most weaboos are uneducated about their obsession of choice and are often noobs who are overly zealous, trying to impress others with their otaku knowledge. Another trait of a weaboo is their desire to "be Japanese".

While the two terms are often fused together, weaboos are very different from anime fans or enthusiasts. A fan may be just as enthusiastic and knowlegable
about Japanese culture, mainly anime, but they neither boast about their knowledge nor call themselves otaku."

As explained by this definition, the term is described as a negative term in the community. I find this odd nowadays because if you where to call me a weeaboo right now, I wouldn't really care or be insulted. Why? Because the word really has lost its meaning. There where days when I was younger when someone called me a weeaboo, I would get triggered or angry and cringefully tell them that the "correct term" was otaku (which isn't a word made up by the internet and the word is actually a japanese insult, I didn't know this back then). I don't know if this is just me, but recently I hear anime fans calling themselves or their fellow anime fans weeaboos more than I hear the word otaku being used. My point is that the word has been used against the anime community for so long to trigger the over-sensitive fans so many times that it has been taken in by the anime community as a basically normal term now. Now lets move onto the next opinion, because I'm going to defend Boku no Pico! (Sort of)

If you go onto this site and look up things like "the worst anime of all time" chances are your going to find Boku No Pico at numf you don't know what it is, bless your soul and skip this section and if you do, I'm sorry. The things that make Boku no Pico so infamous is that its a hentay (I'm using censored terms so the admins won't get mad at me) involving 3 young boys having hanky panky with each other or sometimes with Mokkun (a grown man). Oh my, where do I begin? Its just a gross thing, the underage characters engaging in these things, Mokkun's existance, etc. the whole thing is just ew. However I've done my research on MyAnimeList fourms to find something more vile and I've found 2 series that make Boku no Pico look like the Bible (they are that bad). Ladies and gentlemen of TheTopTens, I present you the "Cool Devices" and "Lolitia Anime" series. From what I've read about their contents (I refuse to watch either) they contain waaaay more violence, rape, child abuse/sexualization, content thats in really poor tastes, more rape and so much more degenracy. While Boku no Pico is defiantly a disgusting thing, its tame compared to these pieces of degenracy.

People love to hate Seryu Ubiquitous and I can understand why they do. Her twisted sense of justice and she kills a beloved character off are part of the reasons why people hate her. However has a member of the elite society of manga readers, I can tell you that Seryu is the holy mother Mary compared to the other characters, primarily the Wild Hunt group. If you've only watched the anime you might not know who I'm talking about, so allow me to explain. The Wild Hunt was a group of teigu users that worked for the captial led by Syura (The Prime Minister's son and the guy who killed Lubbock, he appeared in the anime). In the manga, in some scenes you can see that Seryu does have somewhat of a soul, she plays with children, stands up for the weak, etc. However no one in the Wild Hunt has even a remote thing close to a soul. Instead of enforcing them laws or fighting the Night Raid, the Wild Hunt are more interested in murder and rape. The members of the Wild Hunt include Syura, a Syura wanabe, a child rapist clown, the biggest thot on the planet, the biggest thot on the planet #2 and a samurai guy (the only semi-likable person in the group). Also in the manga the Wild Hunt kill/rape Bol's Wife & Daughter and the clown kills Run (the Jaeger with the wings). The manga isn't a cute little thing. So remember Akame fans next time you want to complain about Seryu, think of the Wild Hunt and you can feel grateful for her.

I think that Fate/Kaleid is mostly remembered for the yuri moments in it, but I fondly remember it for things like how they got a genre like the magical girl (a genre that had pretty much nothing to do with the Fate Series) and made it work in the Fate Universe, its new orginal characters (Chole/Kuro is one of the best female characters in the whole series, fite me), the archer design looked amazing on Shirou and it was also a fun and enjoyable show (oh yeah, I almost forgot about the yuri moments, which where...interesting to say the least)

This one isn't really a unpopular opinion but if you've read the original Hunter x Hunter manga before it was redrawn, you'll know the manga's artstyle seemed to look like stick figures sometimes. It was at its worst in the Chimaera Ant Arc, which is a shame because its my favorite HxH arc. The series is still one of the best shounen anime/manga of all time though and looking back at the pre-redrawn scenes just makes me cringe.

Well hopefully you enjoyed my nonsense/probably a waste of time discussion on my anime opinions.

bye for now


Here some examples of bad yaoi manga art:

Now you can imagine my pain - Kuro