Opinionator Speaks: The Justin Bieber Joke....

Since I joined this site in November 2014, I have noticed a lot of things on this site. This site has been my favorite since I have been active in June 2015. I loved a lot of the lists here, a lot of them were creatively made, and I agreed with most of them. But I had to realize this one thing which is, The Justin Bieber Joke.

Obviously, I have seen people laugh at it, and I admit that I am one of those people who loved that joke. But since the time I have been active, I noticed a lot of users getting pissed at this joke and complaining about why Justin Bieber is on every single negative list. If you'd want to ask me why I have not made this post a lot earlier, that's because I did not know how much of a wanted person that guy is. I had to read "Worst Things To Find At Home" and "Worst Things About The Guy Who Puts Justin Bieber on All The Lists".

I know that some of you may have known that I was that person putting him on many of those lists, either because of my comments or because I have told this to you by message. But I want to tell you this: I did not start this trend, and I'm not the only person doing this. The Justin Bieber Joke had been there months before I even joined, and I just thought that it was a logical idea to put stuff with a Justin Bieber reference on any negative list as long as it makes sense.

The only reason why many people get sick of these jokes is because JB is ranked high on the lists. It's not really because he's on the list because if he's like ranked down below on the list, nobody would really care. People won't really care if JB is on the list if he's down below. So if you don't vote for him, he won't be higher up. The only problem is that some people insensibly vote for him that's why the list gets awfully ruined and messed up. Why can't you just make a remix and put him on the dishonorable mentions so it downvotes JB on the list? And to further convince people, just make your remixes of high quality.

If you want a brief logic behind putting JB on the different negative lists, here are a few examples, and if you find a lot of other questionable lists with him on it, then feel free to ask me on the comments, I'd reply and explain it to you as soon as possible.

- Worst Things to Find at Home: We all know that a typical list like this would have dead bodies, nuclear weapons, North Korean Spies, spoiled food, and stuff. You guys might question why Justin Bieber is called "a thing" while he's a person. Well, NK spies are also people but they're on the list. For me, the only thing I'd find questionable is the fact that he's #1 on the list. Why? Because Nuclear Weapons are more dangerous, and North Korean Spies can kill you! Justin Bieber could be like on the top 10, and he still deserves to be on the list since you know how much fangirls Justin Bieber has, once you find him, someone will likely find out. And that will spread annoyingly.

- Most Annoying Things in Life: This is a "Most Annoying" and not a "Worst" list. It is a subjective list, however, but Justin Bieber could be #1 on this list. Some people would say "He's always on the news" or "People fangirl over him a lot" or "He spits on his fans to get a lot mote attention." Which is very true. According to some people, he's more annoying than bullies and mosquitoes because of course, it's on the media and stuff.....like he has affected the Internet and many parts of the world! You can't really question why he shouldn't be on this list. And the person who puts him on all the lists is NOWHERE near being as annoying as Justin Bieber. He just puts him there becaude he DESERVES to be there, and there is truth behind why Justin Bieber is on those lists.

- Most Evil People in History: I find it highly questionable for Justin Bieber to be #4 on this list. I don't really think he should be on the top 20! We do believe that there are a lot more people who were more evil and have affected many lives more tragically and negatively than Justin Bieber did. But I disagree with him not being put on the list. Why? It's because the word "evil" is a subjective word. Yes, I do believe that everyone in the world had done something evil, but not everyone should be on the list. So what's with Justin Bieber being put on that list? Well, he had affected many people in a negative way. He should be like #125 or lower, though, since he did not directly kill anybody. He had been a very bad influence and has twisted the way of thinking of many of his fangirls. Now that is evil. And anyways, being evil is not just all about killing. What if there was a soldier who killed two people to defend his country and there was a racist guy who did anti-black policies but did not kill anybody? Who'd you say is more evil? Of course the answer is the former. Therefore, killing is not the only standard for someone being "evil".

Yes, Justin Bieber is like the most exclusive meme on the site and he's on many of those lists. Just look for these key words: "Worst", "Annoying", "Stupid" and "Satanic". He DESERVES to be in many categories, it's just not at the #1 spot. So if you are complaining about this "joke" and saying that putting him on the list just makes him more popular, I'd tell you this. We don't need Justin Bieber to not be popular anymore, since he has made a mark in the music industry. It's not because the person just hates him. For every list, there will always be a logical way to put him on the list, and remember that the word "Justin Bieber" is a metaphor. It could mean "a singer you hate" or "a very annoying person". It has been a part of TTT culture and you can't erase that.

Remember that remixes and comments have the power to convince visitors and other users to know it Justin Bieber should be voted on the list or not. The only problem we have is the exagerration of the bad things about Justin Bieber. We all know that he made garbage, and not music, but him not being popular anymore is not what we need. The JB "joke" used to be a joke, but there is a serious reason behind this. We just need to explain our dislike for Justin Bieber and that it's either he dies with a bad reputation or he makes better music (as in more acceptable ones).

If you want more clarification on my stand on JB jokes, just feel free to comment and ask me about it.


Nice argument. - RiverClanRocks

And you changed the title of the post like 2 or 3 times. - RiverClanRocks

Because I have to make a post series starting from this and I've been thinking of the broadest title I could find without copying the concept of Lop-sided Philosophy and Room 101. - visitor

I agree that it makes sense to put JB jokes in in a mocking manner, as long as one does not go too far. But really, can't these people think of a more original, mature and funnier idea? There are better ways to make a list stand out than to repeat something age-old, and the quality of a list and the site would benefit by giving it less attention. I guess with the level of annoyance that JB is to people, though, there will inevitably be some redundant JB related banter, but just do that and move on. Focus on other criteria for a debate, such as how many people have died from their historical impact, or how your home will manage to stay intact with said item within it. - PositronWildhawk

If you try putting Justin Bieber on the list, just state a legit and serious reason.

On the subject of redundancy, what do you want? Use Nicki Minaj as a metaphor for "sex object"? You actually can.

It may be annoying to some people, but we have to face the fact that JB had done a very big and negative impact to us. It's just that it gets exaggerated to #1, where it shouldn't.

And can you give me a criteria to answer? - visitor

And by the way, age-old things don't matter. When something exists, it leaves a mark, and there is no way for it to die out completely. - visitor

I never had a problem with the JB joke. I just made a list saying I hated it because back at the time I just joined and was trying to impress the popular users. Now I am one! Anyway, velitelcabal, I've told you this many times, but your hate for JB is really getting out of hand. - Therandom

How many times do I have to tell you that I don't put him on the lists solely because I hate him? - visitor

That's not what I meant. You treat Bieber like he's worse than Satan, Osama(forgot his last name), Joseph Stalin, and Hitler combined. - Therandom

I don't. I just treat him like he's almost in the same category as Stalin and those evil guys, but nowhere worse than them. - visitor

He is a terrible singer, that's all. He's nowhere near evil. So don't say he's almost in that category. If you want to put him in the biggest idiots category, that'd make sense. - Therandom

How many times do I have to tell you that the word "evil" is a subjective word? - visitor

No... - Therandom

It is. Even if there's a Bible, the definition of something being evil gets subjective upon decision. Why can't you just accept that as a fact? - visitor

Because it's not a fact. - Therandom

Well, if it's not a fact, then it's an opinion. I respect that, and remember, I don't believe in right and wrong. But I believe in good and evil. - visitor

Yeah, and bieber is not, nor evil. He's in the middle, he's not a good person, but he's certainly not evil. - Therandom

We have different opinions. I'd respect that. - visitor

But we all know mine is correct. I do like you, but that opinion is wrong - Therandom

Right and Wrong don't exist. Plus, did you read the whole point? "Being evil is not all about killing." He has been a very bad influence. If you don't call that evil, I don't blame you. - visitor

Bad influences is a whole different thing. Evil- To commit something so attrocious such as genocide or murder. - Therandom

I'd tell you about a philosophy on good and evil, showing its indefinability in a universal perspective:
Moore’s argument is that goodness is simple and indefinable.

His view is that:

"‘Good,’ then, if we mean by it that quality which we assert to belong to a thing, which we say that the thing is good, is incapable of any definition.”

What we want to understand is, first, what he means by this and, second, why he thinks this."

- Moore, the philosopher who created cognitivism

(More information on: https://www3.and.edu/~jspeaks/courses/2007-8/43904/_HANDOUTS/moore-principia.pdf)

Same logic goes with the definition of evil.

The very point of the argument is not that Justin Bieber is evil or not, it's that evil is indefinable in a universal perspective. - visitor

Your "perspective" is wrong. - Therandom

It's your judgment, and you can't say it's universally "wrong". There are different perspectives. In your perspective, it's "wrong", but in other perspectives, it would be different. - visitor

I do believe that God can decide if the action is good or evil in a universal and an objective perspective, but not all people believe in God. There are also different religions and beliefs. "Good" and "evil" to them may be similar to the ones we believe, but there will always be discrepancies and differences with those morals and perspectives.

For example:

(Disclaimer: This argument is not meant to attack or demonize a specific religion/belief/sect.)

One point of view: (On the subject of vengeance.) Vengeance is mine, don't fight back. [This is what is considered "good".]

Another point of view: (Same subject.) Satan doesn't turn his cheek, he takes revenge. Take revenge. [This is what is considered "good"]

You see the difference of the acts of "good" and "evil"? - visitor

Not really. Good is something that is nice, generous compassionate, or merciful.
Evil: Is something unspeakably cruel or murderous. That is evil. Jb is in the bad role model idiot category, which is in between good and evil - Therandom

Considering the dictionary definition, you're correct. Considering the biblical definition, that's correct. You have convinced me that Bieber isn't evil, but why should he still be on the list? Remember that putting him on the list will depend on the person putting it, and I didn't put him on the list. Someone who has a different perspective on ethics, not considering if it's good or bad in our perspectives, still have their right to state their opinion by putting him on the list.

Let's give this an example:

Jesus and Muhammad are ther on the list. We would totally disagree with putting him on the list, we'd find it questionable and we'd think that he shouldn't be on the list. We'd just have to put him on our dishonorable mentions. We would say that he shouldn't be on the list, but we can't just force people to stop stating their opinion. I realized that I had a flaw on that argument stating that some people shouldn't be on the list, since I can't just be subjective here. People would say "he should be there" and others would say "he shouldn't be there" but we can't really force an opinion here. We can't just say what's correct and what's not. After all, it's like religion. We can't force our ethics, morals and beliefs to others.

Same applies to JB. If you'd say that JB isn't a religious figure that he can't be compared to the rest, then I'd have to tell you that I just had to emphasize the difference of everyone's perspectives on ethics. - visitor

Your point is, logical. But I glad you see it my way. But still, the JB joke is funny, I do dislike JB a lot, but I don't think he's evil, as I've said. But the JB joke seems to have died down compared to 2014 - Therandom

I think we got along and agreed with the same thing, then. Case closed. - visitor

Makes sense... - Songsta41

Nicely explained - bobbythebrony

It is even more annoying when people legit hate him - gemcloben

Could you please elaborate? - visitor

I only hate him as a singer, otherwise I don't care about him. And the JB was funny though. It's one of things that brought me to the site. - Therandom

When we hate people, it's because we hate how they do things, not because we hate him/her just by him/herself. - visitor

Veleticabel or whatever you are called, you hate Justin so much I dislike you. - gemcloben

Gemcloben you can't answer my arguments so much I dislike you. - visitor

You have listed some very good arguments here, velitelcabal.

However you say that the Justin Bieber joke is a massive staple of TTT's culture? In a way you are correct with that. Justin Bieber is always going to be on some list or comment or another... In a metaphorical sense.

He is only temporary in the massive span of time yet to come, and unlike the big bands everyone know about in a positive light (listing no examples but you know what I am talking about) that are likely to be talked about for a long time, Justin Bieber is going to disappear eventually. He is nothing more than a growing fad and a trend, and trends all die out at some point.

However terrible bands and singers like that that are known simply for how notoriously bad they are will always be around in the near (and possibly even distant) future, so as you were talking about metaphors that is the perfect way of describing them.

Justin Bieber isn't one of the massive culture elements of The Top Tens, I'd say it is more bad bands and artists in general. - RaineSage

Well said, but I don't think admin would delete all those Justin Bieber items so how can you make the trend die out if those items are still on the list? I won't be the only person who'd add them, someone else will think it's a fun idea and will continue this. That may be at least, in my perspective. - visitor

I agree - jmepa1234

Although I do hate Justin Bieber's music, the fact that he's ranked above Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, and Kim Jong Il on the list 'Most Evil People in History' is just ridiculous. You brought up a good point in that the only reason the Justin Bieber joke annoys people is because so many people vote for him. If you want the Justin Bieber joke to lose power, all you need to do is stop voting for him. I agree that he deserves to be on the list 'Most Evil People in History', just not at #4. - visitor

Exactly what I was going to say! I totally get why JB is on lists like "most annoying celebrities" or "most overrated musicians" but yeah, when he's on the list of "most evil people in history" it's going a bit too far... - sofiav

Good argument, - BlueDogGirl