Quick First Impressions #2 For Honor Beta

htoutlaws2012 Hey its been awhile since I did this with another beta game, this time about a hack n slasher called For Honor. Which is developed and published by Ubisoft. I remember that this was one of those games I was curious to see if I really like it or not. Did this help in me getting heavily invested in this game? Well just have to see won't we.

Setting, Gameplay, Multiplayer: The game starts out as in the medieval time, and chaos spreads throughout the land. In which the title implies fight for honor in this case. Enter the main menu and you choose between Legion, chosen, & Warborn for the faction you represent. Next you must play the tutorial in order to play the rest of the game for the lengthy time limit you had with this beta. I must say the controls are somewhat advanced for a hack n slasher. I did struggle the first few games, but eventually I got better as I kept on trying to get better each day I had with the game. Remember when I mentioned those factions, well there are the types you can be as ranging from 9 different classified soldiers. My favorite from the bunch has to be the Orochi class which is kind of tough to use, but he was one of the few I could use right away from the getgo. The game types you have to choose from are deathmatch which is basically a 4v4 elimination match winner with 3 wins out of 5. Dominion which is capturing three posts as much as possible. If both sides have 1,000 a piece it comes down to which leaders die first. Skirmish is more less what every normal TDM should be, in which you just kill the enemy as much as possible within the time limit. Duel and Brawl are more shorten levels, and they are showdowns between the enemy, and you could choose to have a second hand man to help, but sometimes will back fire.

Final Thoughts: I must say that playing against the A.I was pretty difficult in the first setting trying to understand the concept, it is better to play against players than it is to see them quit the game and you have a 50 50 chance of winning the match against A.I. The aiming at times can feel awkward when your trying to target a enemy. Especially when he is nearby and the cursor gets weird problems of its own. There looks like a campaign comes with the full game which looks interesting, but also I experience a lot of odd exits when playing on multiplayer which needs to be fixed along with other things for me to decide if I do want to hunt down this game with others I will soon get. It seems sudden to think they released the beta closer to the games release which is on Valentine's Day how you think that works who knows.