Is Infinite Possible?

Skullkid755 Many scientists say our universe is infinite. A friend told me it was almost infinite. I told him that wasn't possible because infinite means endless, and if there's an end it's not infinite at all. You're either infinite or you're not, there's no in between. Sorry dude. Anyway, here's what I've recently realize. We can't comprehend infinite. Our view of anything is finite, so we can't 100% understand infinite. And now I wonder, is infinite possible? Let's test that.

Is the universe infinite? I don't think so. The Big Bang Theory contradicts said "infinite universe" theory. Because it states that our universe started out as a particle. Wouldn't that particle have to have infinite space in it so an infinite universe can get ready for birth? And wouldn't the explosion last forever since infinite s**t is coming out of it? And isn't this post confusing? The answers are all yes. Maybe the God particle is still releasing matter as I speak and will never stop. But I have to say no for this one.

Can a lifespan be infinite? I also don't think so for this one. No matter how supernatural and above average you are, something will always be able to kill you. Nothing is perfect, am I right? Hmm... I should use that for my next question answering post. You'd need to be made of matter to live, and matter can be destroyed since it's not 100% whole, there are atoms. And atoms can be separated. And you can't live as nothing because... do I need to explain for this one?

The lifespan question taught us that nothing can last for infinite. And the universe one taught us that the size of something can't be infinite. So can anything be infinite? Yes, like nothing. Because no matter what happens, there will always be nothing. And numbers can be infinite to. They can't represent an infinite amount of anything. But they can go on forever. As far as we know, repeating decimals never end. Like Pi, 6.66..., 1.5353..., and more.

So I've figured it out...I guess.Nothing can last forever. Nothing can be made up of infinite matter. But some things can keep going and never stop. Wow. I don't understand this fully and I was the one who made this post. Can you? Is your brain infinite? If you answered yes for the first and no for the second you're a liar. Well, I'm off to make infinity more posts on this site.


Ok it was quite good but Albert Einstein once said he's not sure about the universe of being infinite but human stupidity yes but my guess is that the curved path of the cosmos which is not being caused by light or the black hole - Kevinsidis

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Cool post. - ProPanda

This post basically;
"Hey, Vsauce! Skullkid here.
The universe is infinite...or is it? "
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Nitpicker here: pi is in irrational number, so its decimal expansion doesn't repeat, although it is infinite. Any decimal expansion that repeats can be expressed as the ratio of two integers. For example, 0.333333... = 1/3. There's no "as far as we know" about it.

The only thing I'll say about the physics portion is that you might want to read up on the so-called "God particle." - PetSounds