MANY people in America have no idea who Roman Sebrle is. That is because we Americans live in an "American team sport world"(baseball, basketball, and football). Roman Sebrle is from the Czech Republic and has been competing in the DECATHLON for about 16 years now. Roman holds the world and olympic records in the DECATHLON, which consists of 10 events overall. Roman is only 6' 1'' and 185 pounds, which is remarkable, considering what he has done, to earn the title of "worlds greatest athlete". Roman Sebrle has proved himself as worlds greatest athlete by accomplishing what no other athlete in any sport is able to accomplish. Football players, basketball players, golfers, swimmers, tennis players, and automobile racers can not even come close to Romans basic athletic prowess. The criteria for worlds best athlete would have to be strong, have endurance, agility, speed, tenacity, self-discipline , self-motivation, goal-orientation, and be very focused on the athletic event he is competing in. How would one judge the speed of a basketball player? Or the strength of a golfer? or the endurance of a football player? It cannot be done, because the above sports can only be looked at subjectively, not objectively; as in the DECATHLON. One must have a lot of mental toughness to train for and compete in 10 different events. Roman has proved over and over, that he is "perfect" for worlds greatest athlete. Roman has many other titles and records as well in Athletics. At this time i will list roman sebrle best time or distance at each one of the 10 Decathlon disciplines: 100m: 10.6 long jump: 26' 7" shot put: 53' high jump: 7' 400m: 47.7 110HH: 13:6 discus: 168' pole vault: 17' javelin: 233' 6" 1500m: 4:21 As one can see, no other athlete is even in the same league as that of ROMAN SEBRLE. Michael Jordan number one on the most athletic "top ten"??? That is an insane fantasy!! By the way, Roman Sebrle can out jump (long or high) any athlete on this list.


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