Outlaw Recalls #5 The 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

htoutlaws2012 E3 also called in full name Electronic Entertainment Expo is one of those annual events gamers dream to go to one day before they die. Yet there are times as the fan of this one company the fans may have changed paths in what they see is grand and memorable which 2013 had a lot of moments and the most important of that decade. This year started off with Konami which was more preshowish showed off what games they had. I honestly don't have much thought of the conference other than it was the first reveal for the final metal gear game which was The Phantom Pain which would released 2 years later.

The Following Week: 4 days later the hype train is on, and Microsoft is on the board. Man oh man was I so ashamed at this point. After the awesomeness they gave us of the 360. The entire conference consisted of TV! Showcase exclusive games, TV! Outrageous initial price, TV! A reboot of Killer Instinct, TV! Finally the main reveal of the console itself, and wow the reaction was unforgettable, and one Microsoft wants you to forget like seriously of all your going to name your console Xbox One. This is easily one of the worst names for a console ever, then your greeted with you must play within 24 hours online like what? The whole conference is so cringeworthy I remember putting my head to shame when I saw this live like wow this blows hard. Then were greeted with pretty everything sports. If you can't guess what company i'm referring that is of course EA. Normally hosts with the lamest way ever. If you see a sports game its the same thing with an updated roster yes that's a repetitive reason, but that's all you can say about these games they don't put hardly effort into them there just there to cash in on the franchise now and days.Although they had some bright spots like a new Mirror's Edge or Titanfall which did impressive the most for having low expectations of the conference. Then we get to Ubisoft which isn't always the same thing over and over they try to put effort into there conference at least. Overtime people are going to get annoyed at Aisha Tyler. The main games that hit strong were Tom Clancy's Division, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Yeah there's Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs I just could not grab myself into those games despite them not being the same which there not. After they were done look who's here to save the day no Its not Microsoft its Sony to get us out of that so cringy conference later that evening. You had the reveal of the PS4 as it was expected to be called, and the price just a tad lower than the initial price of the Xbox One well played sony. Top it off with a first look of Kingdom Hearts III, The last of Us yes that's right the Last of Us just made the conference makes this even more epic than it already is. Last, but certainly not least was the Nintendo Conference that pretty showed its gamers that we have great games coming up soon. I mean it showcased two of the greatest games on the WII that would com the very next year In Mario Kart 8, and the 4th Smash Brother which at the time was the first to have a handheld port as well double win. Bayonetta 2 being an exclusive sequel as opposed to the first game which was on multiple platforms. Nintendo also had a good conference that there isn't anything bad to say really it was just fine for what it did.

Final Thoughts: After revisiting it time and time again I find it almost too ironic, that E3 proved you needed to impress that audience to score big that was the case for the tide to turn on Microsoft the way they executed poorly, where as with Sony hit on all cylinders where did that led them to the #1 sold console of the 8th gen, and blowing away the WiiU, and the Xbox One One by 45 Million combined that is unreal how much power Sony brought just by this one conference can do. While the WII U was already out at that point i'm glad it at least beat the Xbox One by like 3.56 million it's has more redeeming factors where as with the Xbox One failed so hard to try to achieve in the console grabber which was totally not what they expected in any case. With this years E3 closer than expected, and the 9th gen of consoles almost getting near its peak I think its definitely safe to say the Playstation 4 slaughtered its competitors from leaps to bounds. I think when people tend to actually watch they start to see for themselves before making the choice they go by that was the case here.