OLajuwon behind who?

mstarling34 I hate to get nasty but this is the most idiotic list order I have viewed in years. Olajuwon #25!!!!!!!!!!!! Behind Car"too" Mellow to try hard Anthony. Steve Nash , Even Kobe. REALLY. You show me a GM "who didn't get his job from nepotism" That would choose anyone to start a team on this list save Jordan and MAYBE Jabbar ahead of Hakeem and I will rethink my claim of your absence of a frontal lobe in your head. The greatest 2way player ever. MJordan had a losing record against this guy AND CHOSE HIM AS THE BIG MAN HE WOULD START THE IDEAL FRANCHISE WITH. Robert Horry chose dream over shaq or duncan as did Mario Elie. This guy stole the ball from magic johnson multiple times. Got on the cover of SI as the NEW FORCE AFTER castrating an admittedly aging jabbar in the 1986 WC finals "TEAM OF THE 80's 4 games to 1. He finished that series' last three games with a 40 pt gm. a 35 pt. game and in the final game had 30 pts eventhough he was ejected early after pulling his best Muhammed Ali impression on Mitch "Laker GM" Kupchak"s Melon. He got up for games against supposed equals at his position and showed a LION-ESQUE viciousness in proving his place. DREAM versus Robinson=no comment. Once out rebounded Pat Ewing 25 to 3 ---THATS right 25 to 3! in a game in New York in the 1989 season. Kobe said he was the best center ever. Shaq was genuinely intimidated by the 32 yr-old PAST HIS PHYSICAL PRIME DREAM. (I"m at a loss!) I feel better now. Ignorance breeds contempt. adios--


I agree - booklover1

This is true...Olajuwon is easy top 4 or 5. He was a force to be reckoned with and if noone knows anything about him, it's probably because you are interested in the "new NBA". A league full of thugs and self righteous players...ahem "Kobe, LeBron, Carmello, Iverson." Give me a break, these guys aren't for real. The Dream Shake would destroy all these guys. Ask the greatest centers in his era. You can't figure out Hakeem because there's nothing to figure out. He would block anyone...literally anyone...yes, even MJ. Don't believe it, ask MJ. Dude, Hakeem was so exciting to watch on tv. That shake was crazy. Whenever he had that ball in his hands and he posted up...forget about it. What's sad is to know there will never be another Hakeem the Dream. That saddens me. - visitor

Agreed. The dream is top 3 for sure. - visitor

jordan ever said, if he is a coach in 90 era, he will trade anyone in his team only for olajuwon. it's all isn't about offense, but it's all about defense. remember, he is all time blocking leader man! - visitor

Man that's true THE DREAM my list is
2 Wilt Chamberlain
3 Magic Johnspn
4 Tim Duncan
5 Big O
6 MJ
7 Hakeem
8 Kevin Garnett
9 MJ
10 Allen Iverson or D-Wade - visitor