Allstate Has Been Fantastic for Us

It seems like Allstate has become something of a whipping boy in the insurance industry. People like to quote some study that "proved" Allstate is the worst at paying claims. I personally have no idea where this comes from since I've been an Allstate customer for years, have had to make three claims, and have had absolutely no trouble.

The first accident was on Christmas day when someone turned left in front of us in an intersection. The car was a complete mess and took over 3 weeks to be repaired. But for me, it was no big deal. We were set up with a free rental for the entire time the car was in the shop and our deductible was returned to us in a matter of weeks since the accident wasn't our fault. Plus, when we got the car back it was pulling to one side so we took it back to the shop and got an alignment performed no questions asked. I don't know how much more an insurance company could have done for us.

The second and third claims wen't just as smoothly. One was a light rear end collision and the other was a banged up fender and front tire from someone hitting our car in a parking lot. In both cases the car was fixed promptly and without any trouble.

Maybe we just have a fantastic agent who goes above and beyond, but for us, Allstate has been nothing but a joy to work with. We have everything insured through them and have even tacked on a PUP plan to protect us against a worst case scenario. And unlike some other online, big box insurers, we are in touch with our agent and have yearly meeting to go over our policies. And before you accuse them of using these meetings solely to upsell us, it should be noted that after each of the last two meetings, our monthly rates went down.


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