Top 10 Best Renters Insurance Providers

Renting a home can be a great way to enjoy the flexibility and freedom of living in your desired location without the long-term commitment of homeownership. But just because you don't own the property doesn't mean you shouldn't take steps to protect your valuable possessions. Whether you're renting a house, condo, townhome, or apartment, it's crucial to secure the right coverage for your personal belongings and potential liabilities. That's where renters insurance comes into play.

Although many people are familiar with homeowners insurance, renters insurance is often overlooked. However, it's just as essential for those who rent their living spaces. Similar to homeowners insurance, most insurance providers offer renters insurance, which is specifically designed for tenants. The primary difference between these two types of insurance is that while homeowners insurance covers both the physical structure of the property and the owner's possessions, renters insurance primarily focuses on safeguarding your personal belongings and providing personal liability coverage.

Understanding the importance of renters insurance is the first step in making sure you're well protected. But with so many insurance providers out there, how do you choose the best one for your needs? To help you navigate the sea of options, with your help we have compiled a list of the top ten renters insurance providers in the United States.
The Top Ten
1 Liberty Mutual Liberty Mutual is known for its customizable renters insurance policies, allowing customers to tailor coverage to their specific needs. The company also offers a range of discounts, such as those for being claims-free or installing safety devices in the rental property.

They have a handy calculator to tell you how much coverage you need based on your possessions. Liberty Mutual also has very friendly customer service that will walk you through setting up your policy and/or filing a claim.

It's very inexpensive for all the perks they provide.

Best coverage ever, and customer-first service always!

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2 State Farm State Farm is one of the largest providers of renters insurance in the United States, with a wide network of agents available across the country. They offer a variety of coverage options, including personal property, liability, and additional living expenses.

State Farm is great for renters insurance. They offer multiple policy discounts and various ways to save money, such as having deadbolts and fire extinguishers on the premises.

They are easy to work with and quick to set up.

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3 Allstate Allstate provides renters insurance with standard coverage options, including personal property protection and liability coverage. They also offer a variety of discounts, like a multi-policy discount for bundling renters and auto insurance.

You really are in good hands with Allstate. They make it easy to file claims in the case of theft or an accident.

Their prices are competitive, and their agents will walk you through anything you need.

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4 Progressive Progressive specializes in providing bundled insurance options and is particularly popular among renters who also need auto insurance. They offer standard renters insurance coverages, as well as additional options like water backup and personal injury coverage.

Super inexpensive and quick to set up. They offer different levels of coverage, ensuring that you have everything you need covered without paying for things you don't need.

5 Geico Geico is widely recognized for its advertising campaigns, but it also offers a range of insurance products including renters insurance. Though they don't underwrite renters insurance themselves, they partner with other companies to offer coverage for personal property and liability.

Fast, cheap, and easy to manage online. If you already have your auto insurance through Geico, it makes sense to bundle your renters insurance with them too.

6 Farmers Farmers Insurance offers renters insurance with standard coverage for personal property, liability, and additional living expenses. They are known for their fast claims process and also offer optional coverages like identity protection.

A dedicated agent makes your experience with Farmers pretty friendly. Not only are the commercials great and fun to watch, but their customer service is also excellent, leaving you feeling safe in your choice.

7 American Family American Family Insurance offers comprehensive renters insurance policies that include standard coverages, as well as unique add-ons like travel protection. The company is known for its focus on customer service, including a user-friendly mobile app for managing policies and claims.

AmFam offers coverage just about everywhere. So, no matter what kind of place you live in or where you're located, you can set up a policy with American Family.

If there's so much damage that you can't stay in your apartment for a while, AmFam will cover your hotel stay until you can move back in.

8 Esurance Esurance, an Allstate company, is a digital-first insurance provider offering renters insurance primarily online. They offer straightforward policies with transparent pricing, making it easy for customers to understand their coverage options.

Lots of discounts for various reasons. You can manage your policy online, which is convenient if you don't have a printer.

They also offer very flexible payment options for those on a tight budget.

9 Nationwide Nationwide provides a range of standard renters insurance coverages, including personal property and liability. The company also offers unique features like “Brand New Belongings,” which helps replace damaged or stolen items with brand-new versions.

Had your TV stolen? How about your laptop, leather jacket, or iPhone? No problem. Nationwide will replace them with brand-new versions of the original items.

You also get 20% off when you bundle your auto and renters/homeowners insurance.

10 AAA AAA, best known for its roadside assistance, also offers renters insurance to its members. They provide standard coverage options and give discounts to members who bundle multiple insurance policies.
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