Top 10 Best Insurance Companies

In a world filled with uncertainty and unpredictability, finding the right insurance company to safeguard your assets and future is of utmost importance. The United States boasts a myriad of insurance providers, each offering a diverse range of products and services tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. With a vast array of options, it can be a daunting task to identify the best-suited company for your individual requirements. To help you navigate the complex world of insurance, with the help of voters like you we have compiled a list of the top ten best insurance companies in the United States, based on factors such as financial strength, coverage options, customer service, and claims processing efficiency.

These leading insurance companies have consistently proven themselves as reliable and trustworthy partners in times of need. With their strong financial backing, they have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to honoring their obligations to policyholders. Furthermore, these companies are renowned for their innovative and flexible insurance solutions, accommodating a wide range of needs from individuals and families to businesses and organizations. They are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that clients receive personalized attention and support throughout the entire insurance process.

The top ten best insurance companies in the United States have built their reputations by delivering on their promises and consistently exceeding customer expectations. These industry leaders have earned the trust and loyalty of millions of Americans by offering superior coverage, affordable premiums, and seamless claims experiences. So, whether you are looking to protect your home, your health, your vehicle, or your life, you can be confident that these companies have the expertise and resources to help you achieve peace of mind.
The Top Ten
1 Liberty Mutual Liberty Mutual Group, founded in 1912 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is a prominent American diversified global insurer and the fourth largest property and casualty insurer in the United States. As a Fortune 100 company, Liberty Mutual offers a wide range of insurance products and services, including personal and commercial automobile, homeowners, workers' compensation, general liability, and more. With operations spanning over 30 countries and economies around the world, the company employs more than 45,000 people and serves millions of customers, providing tailored insurance solutions through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies. In 2020, the company reported $43.8 billion in consolidated revenue and ranked 77th on the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. corporations based on revenue.

Liberty Mutual is a company that really puts their policy holder's best interest first. They aren't concerned about being the cheapest, they are more concerned with helping people put their lives back together when they need it most. There has never been anything funny about tragedies and too many insurance companies try to make it a comedy.

Liberty Mutual stands by their policy holders. They are honest and work with you. When I got in my accident, my claims adjuster touched base with me through the entire process. I could not be happier with the service. I have a personal agent who is always there to answer my questions. I am very lucky to have Liberty on my side.

Best of the best by all insurance standards. They are especially phenomenal in their home state of Massachusetts. I highly recommend Liberty Mutual - A+

I was nervous to add my teen driver because of the cost but Liberty Mutual offered so many ways to save that it cost me less than $25 dollars a year!

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2 AIG American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a multinational insurance corporation, headquartered in New York City, United States. Founded in 1919 by Cornelius Vander Starr in Shanghai, China, AIG has grown to become one of the largest insurance companies in the world, with operations in over 80 countries and jurisdictions. Offering a wide array of insurance products and services, AIG caters to individual, institutional, and commercial clients through its diverse portfolio, which includes life insurance, general insurance, retirement services, and asset management. The company has gained significant recognition for its financial strength, extensive global reach, and commitment to innovation. AIG faced major challenges during the 2008 financial crisis but has since undergone a series of strategic restructuring efforts to improve its stability and regain consumer trust. As of 2021, AIG stands as a leading player in the insurance industry, continuing to adapt to the evolving market landscape and providing comprehensive solutions to its clients worldwide.

Insurance for the affluent - these guys really just get it. They have the best coverage and best claims I have ever seen in the insurance business. They default on the overpayment side of things to make their clients happy.

Gets it. Both on a personal level and as a global giant in the industry.

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3 Amica Amica Mutual Insurance Company, founded in 1907 and headquartered in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the United States. With over a century of experience, Amica has expanded its offerings to include home, life, and marine insurance, as well as umbrella liability coverage. Known for its exceptional customer service and financial stability, Amica has consistently received high ratings from independent insurance rating organizations such as A.M. Best, Standard & Poor's, and Moody's. As a mutual insurance company, Amica is owned by its policyholders, which allows it to prioritize the needs of its customers and maintain a strong focus on customer satisfaction. This dedication to customer service has earned Amica numerous accolades, including multiple J.D. Power awards for highest customer satisfaction in the auto insurance industry.

Excellent customer service and, prices Auto body shops say that AMICA treats customers very fairly and is one of the best insurance companies to deal with.

Simply the best. Better than all the rest. Better than anyone. Simply the best. JD Power winners 15? Years in a row. Unheard of. Small quiet carrier.

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4 John Hancock (Manulife) Manulife Financial Corporation, commonly known as Manulife, is a multinational insurance company and financial services provider headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1887, Manulife has grown to become one of the largest life insurance companies in the world, serving millions of customers across the Americas, Asia, and Europe. The company offers a wide range of insurance products, including life, health, and disability insurance, as well as wealth and asset management services. In the United States, Manulife operates under the brand name John Hancock, which it acquired in 2004. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Manulife continues to evolve its offerings to meet the changing needs of its clientele while maintaining its financial strength and stability. The company's dedication to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability has also earned it numerous accolades and recognition within the industry.

Tested and proven. Service is their priority...

5 AAA AAA Insurance, a subsidiary of the American Automobile Association (AAA), is a prominent insurance provider in the United States, known for its comprehensive range of insurance products and services. Established in 1902, AAA Insurance has since expanded its offerings beyond its initial focus on automotive insurance to encompass home, life, and travel insurance policies.

The company's financial strength, combined with its long-standing reputation for reliability and efficient claims processing, has solidified its position as a leading choice for insurance coverage among millions of Americans. AAA Insurance is also recognized for its membership-based model, offering members exclusive access to additional benefits and discounts on various products and services, further enhancing the value of its insurance policies.

So far much better than Hartford. The reviews on Hartford are terrible and on AAA much better. There will always be some negatives but AAA had many more positives than Hartford.

Terrific coverage and wonderful customer service!

Great customer service, always willing to help.

Great rates and services.

6 Aflac Aflac Incorporated (American Family Life Assurance Company) is an American insurance company founded in 1955 by brothers John, Paul, and Bill Amos. Headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, Aflac is one of the largest providers of supplemental insurance in the United States, specializing in policies designed to help policyholders cover costs not typically addressed by primary insurance, such as deductibles and copayments. Known for its iconic Aflac Duck mascot, the company has garnered significant brand recognition and has expanded its operations to include Japan, where it has become a leading insurer. Aflac's diverse range of products includes accident, disability, life, hospital indemnity, dental, and vision insurance, catering to the needs of both individuals and businesses. The company has consistently been recognized for its commitment to customer service, innovation, and corporate social responsibility, earning numerous accolades and consistently ranking on Fortune's list of the World's Most Admired Companies.

I love my aflac. I was burned in a fire a few years ago and it paid for short term disability and for my burns and hospital stay. I don't know what I would've done without my aflac. I am thankful that I had aflac thru work for 16 yrs. The best insurance to have.

The only insurance company on Ethisphere's list of most ethical companies for the past 7 years, with the highest loss ratio, paying $0.66 on every dollar of premium they receive. I could go on!

Aflac is listed 118th on the Forbes list. They also pay pretty quickly, and their rates don't increase because a claim was filed. Can't beat that!

7 RiverSource (Ameriprise) RiverSource Insurance is a prominent American insurance company, specializing in life insurance, annuities, and asset management services. Founded in 1894, RiverSource is a subsidiary of Ameriprise Financial, a leading diversified financial services company with a rich history that spans over a century. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and prides itself on its customer-centric approach, offering customized insurance products tailored to the unique needs of each policyholder. Known for its strong financial strength ratings and commitment to customer satisfaction, RiverSource has earned a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy provider in the insurance industry. With a comprehensive range of coverage options, including term life, universal life, and variable universal life insurance policies, RiverSource continues to serve as a reliable partner to its clients, safeguarding their financial future and ensuring peace of mind.
8 Allstate Insurance Company Allstate Corporation is a publicly traded insurance company headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois, and is considered one of the largest and most reputable insurance providers in the United States. Founded in 1931 as a subsidiary of Sears, Roebuck & Co., Allstate has since evolved into an independent entity, offering a wide array of insurance products, including auto, home, renters, life, and business insurance, as well as retirement and investment products. Boasting strong financial stability, Allstate consistently ranks high in terms of customer satisfaction and claims handling, making it a preferred choice for millions of policyholders nationwide. The company is widely recognized for its innovative marketing campaigns and its easily identifiable slogan, "You're in good hands with Allstate." As of 2021, Allstate was ranked 79th on the Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.

The best customer service when you most need it!

Best coverages with best rates.

9 Pemco Insurance Company Pemco Insurance is a Seattle-based insurance provider founded in 1949 by Robert J. Handy, initially catering to the needs of public educators in Washington State. Over the years, the company has expanded its offerings and now provides a comprehensive range of personal insurance products, including auto, home, renters, boat, and umbrella policies, to residents of Washington and Oregon. Pemco is renowned for its customer-centric approach, emphasizing personalized service and tailored insurance solutions. As a mutual insurance company, Pemco is owned by its policyholders, which allows the company to prioritize the needs and interests of its clients over those of shareholders. Pemco's commitment to community involvement and local support is exemplified by its various charitable initiatives, such as the PEMCO Foundation, which awards grants and scholarships to promote education and safety in the Pacific Northwest. The company has received numerous accolades for its exceptional customer service and financial stability, consistently ranking among the top insurance providers in the region.
10 State Farm State Farm Insurance is a large group of insurance and financial services companies based in the United States. Founded in 1922 by retired farmer and insurance salesman George J. Mecherle, State Farm has grown to become one of the most prominent insurance providers in the country. The company originally started as a mutual automobile insurance provider for farmers in Illinois but has since expanded its offerings to include homeowners, renters, life, and health insurance policies, as well as banking and investment products. Headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois, State Farm employs over 58,000 individuals and operates a network of nearly 19,000 independent agents who serve customers across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. As of 2021, the company ranks 36th on the Fortune 500 list of largest corporations by revenue and holds the title of the largest property and casualty insurance provider in the United States by market share. State Farm is well-known for its strong financial stability, extensive product offerings, and commitment to customer service, which have contributed to its enduring success and reputation as a trusted insurance provider.

State Farm is the #1 auto, fire, and individual life insurance provider in the US. They have twice as many customers as their nearest competitor - there must be a reason for this. They offer over 100 products so it can be a one stop shop. They have agents who have skin in the game so they care and customer service is the top priority. Insurance coverage is never apples to apples. For example, State Farm offers permissive use on their auto insurance (many companies do not) and actual loss on their homeowners policies (many companies have a cap) so if their price is a little higher then this may be why. If you have to pay a little more for peace of mind and sense of security then do it. We all pay in excess of $100 for our cell phone and television bills for the month. Why wouldn't you pay over $100 to insure your brand new Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, Acura, Honda, Dodge, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover, etc?

State Farm is the best. My agent really cares about my family and our finances. When my son started driving, my agent took time to show him a video regarding texting and driving and the consequences that this had on other young people. Very powerful video. She also offered rewards to my son for driving safely. This is only one of many wonderful things they have done. They will always have my business.

Best rates in the industry. I worked for the #1 on this list before coming to State Farm, and the only reason I left was because we kept getting crushed by State Farm. I would recommend that you get a quote from State Farm and sit down with an agent who can go over your coverage with you.

State Farm sold its first auto policy in 1922 for $11.17, and 20 years later, it became the #1 auto insurer in the United States - a distinction it still holds today. State Farm serves over 80 million accounts throughout the United States and Canada.

The Contenders
11 CDPHP CDPHP (Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan) is a not-for-profit health insurance company based in Albany, New York, United States. Founded in 1984 by a group of physicians in the Capital Region, CDPHP has since expanded to serve over 400,000 members across 29 counties in New York State. The company offers a variety of health insurance plans, including HMO, PPO, and Medicare Advantage, as well as dental, vision, and life insurance. In addition, CDPHP operates its own medical group, CDPHP The Foundation, which provides primary care and wellness services to members in the Capital Region. CDPHP has been recognized for its exceptional customer service and has received numerous awards, including the J.D. Power Award for Highest Member Satisfaction among Commercial Health Plans in the New York Region for five consecutive years.
12 Farmers Insurance Group Farmers Insurance Group, commonly known as Farmers, is a leading American insurer, providing a comprehensive range of insurance products and services to individuals and businesses across the United States. Founded in 1928 by John C. Tyler and Thomas E. Leavey, the company initially focused on providing automobile insurance to farmers, who they believed presented a lower risk due to their rural lifestyle and limited time on the road. Headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, Farmers has since expanded its portfolio to include homeowners, renters, life, and commercial insurance, as well as financial services. As a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group, Farmers benefits from the financial strength and global expertise of its parent company. Farmers has earned a reputation for its commitment to customer service, efficient claims processing, and innovative products, which are tailored to meet the unique needs of its diverse clientele.

Farmers' 20,000 employees provide car insurance, motorcycle insurance, recreational insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance, and other financial products to more than 15 million customers.

Farmers pays you when you have a claim but they don't turn around and cancel you after you use your insurance, like a lot of the other companies do.

The best company out there. Not for everyone but claims are really taken care off. Service through agents not 800 number. Always there for me.

I had two insurance policies with Farmers, and after Hurricane Harvey I was paid completely on both in a very short time with no hassle.

13 Travelers Travelers Insurance, officially known as The Travelers Companies, Inc., is a leading American insurance provider headquartered in New York City, New York, with its main operations center in Hartford, Connecticut. Founded in 1864 as the St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Travelers has a long and storied history of providing comprehensive insurance solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations across the United States. The company's diverse product offerings include auto, home, and renters insurance, as well as commercial lines for businesses of all sizes. Travelers is distinguished by its strong financial ratings, innovative insurance products, and commitment to exceptional customer service. As a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 2009, the company stands as one of the largest and most reputable insurers in the United States.

Perfect company with great people who truly care about you and your family's things.

Best customer service I've ever had, every time. Been with them for over 10 years.

Very good company to deal with and priced right!

Very helpful and friendly! Great prices too!

14 MetLife MetLife, Inc., short for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, is a leading global provider of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. Established in 1868 and headquartered in New York City, MetLife has a long-standing history of providing financial security to individuals, families, and businesses. With operations spanning over 40 countries and serving nearly 90 million customers, MetLife offers a wide range of products and services, including life, dental, disability, property, and casualty insurance, as well as retirement and savings products. As a financially robust company, MetLife consistently earns high ratings from independent rating agencies for its creditworthiness and claims-paying ability. In addition to its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, MetLife has been recognized for its corporate social responsibility initiatives, focusing on environmental sustainability, community development, and diversity and inclusion.

After experiencing a house fire that resulted in a total loss of the home and a vehicle in the garage, I spoke with an independent arson investigator. He told me, "There are a lot of insurance companies out there, a couple of good ones and a whole lot of bad ones. You've got the best!" I found his words to be very truthful. Metlife handled our 2 million plus claim with compassion and professionalism. They have earned my loyalty for life!

The best insurance company for the price and the coverage!

One of the best for me!

Just spoke with an agent, and their quote saved us $500.00 on auto insurance. Homeowners was a little high. Very nice to get an honest quote from.

15 The Hartford The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., commonly known as The Hartford, is an American multinational insurance and financial services company headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. Founded in 1810, it is one of the oldest and most respected insurance providers in the United States. The company offers a comprehensive range of insurance products, including property and casualty insurance, group benefits, and mutual funds. Known for its financial stability and strong commitment to customer service, The Hartford has consistently received high ratings from independent rating agencies such as A.M. Best and Standard & Poor's. As of 2021, the company ranks 160th on the Fortune 500 list and serves millions of customers across the country. The Hartford is also renowned for its philanthropic efforts, contributing to numerous community initiatives through The Hartford Foundation, which focuses on supporting education, community development, and arts and culture.

Over 200 years old and one of the largest insurance and investment companies based in the United States.

16 Nationwide Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, commonly known as Nationwide, is a prominent American insurance and financial services organization headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Established in 1926 as the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, it initially aimed to provide affordable auto insurance to Ohio farmers. Over the years, Nationwide has expanded its services and coverage to include a comprehensive range of insurance products, such as homeowners, renters, life, and commercial insurance, as well as financial planning and investment services. As of 2021, Nationwide is ranked as the 75th largest company in the United States in terms of total revenue, demonstrating its considerable presence within the industry. The company operates under the core values of integrity, trust, and customer focus, and is well-regarded for its exceptional customer service and innovative insurance solutions. Nationwide's iconic "On Your Side" slogan and blue-frame logo have been synonymous with its commitment to helping clients protect what matters most to them.

Nationwide has been in business for over 87 years and has a very high claims service rating. They are awesome with claims! They are the first on catastrophe scenes and the first to pay all their claims. They are a mutual company, not a stock company. That means they make decisions based on what is best for the members/policyholders who are part-owners in the company. Others are stock companies who are most concerned with what is best for their stockholders. Ask your agent which one your company is.

Nationwide has the best Agribusiness complete package compared to any other company. I was able to put my farming operation, auto, farm store, grain storage, and poultry confinement under one policy. I saved a significant amount of money with better coverage than I previously had with Farm Bureau. Needless to say, it's all under one policy and not 5, and all with the same date! It is designed specifically for the "Farmer/Business owner"! Check them out. You will be glad you did!

Nationwide has been a wonderful company to deal with for over 20 plus years. I have never had a issue with any claims filed over the years either under my home or auto insurances and every representative I have come in contact with have been helpful and very professional! Thank you Nationwide for never putting me through the horror stories I have heard others talk about when describing there experiences with there insurance company.

17 Geico The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) is a prominent American auto insurance company headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Established in 1936 by Leo Goodwin Sr. and his wife Lillian Goodwin, the company was initially created to provide insurance coverage specifically to government employees and military personnel. GEICO has since expanded its services to cater to a broader clientele, and as of 2021, it stands as the second-largest auto insurer in the United States, with a market share of over 13%. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway since 1996, GEICO is known for its comprehensive coverage options, competitive pricing, and innovative direct-to-consumer sales model, which allows the company to bypass agents and sell policies directly to customers. The company's advertising campaigns, featuring the iconic GEICO Gecko and humorous slogans, have become a staple of American pop culture, solidifying GEICO's status as a household name in the insurance industry.

I have had my insurance for 10 years with Geico. Twice my car was stolen, and they paid without many questions. For a personal reason, I changed to another company, but since then, I can't find anything better than Geico. The only reason I'm not with them now is that they don't offer business insurance and commercial coverage. When you pay for insurance, it's not just to give money to them. It's to get help when we have a problem. Most companies don't do that, and after you have an incident, they cancel your insurance. I really like Geico, and I wish to go back with them.

Geico's customer support is always extremely friendly! Anytime I need assistance, they are always very kind, and they want to make sure to help you with -ANYTHING- you could possibly need or want. As a bonus, they also have the best rate out there for me. But in my opinion, it's not about the rates, it's about the quality of their staff, and if they actually care about me as a customer or not. And Geico truly does.

I have been with GEICO insurance company for over 21 years and yes I have had numerous offers from other insurance company trying to offer me a better rate. But the simple truth is GEICO insurance company has proven to be there for me no matter what, and that is why I am still with them today.

I use Geico for my insurance company!

18 USAA USAA (United Services Automobile Association) is a San Antonio, Texas-based Fortune 500 diversified financial services group of companies, founded in 1922 by a group of United States Army officers. The company primarily serves active and retired military personnel and their families, offering a wide range of insurance products, including automobile, homeowners, renters, life, and health insurance, as well as banking and investment services. USAA is renowned for its exceptional customer service and commitment to its members, consistently receiving high ratings in customer satisfaction surveys. The company operates under a member-owned structure, allowing it to return profits to its members in the form of dividends, reduced premiums, and other benefits. With its strong financial stability, USAA has established itself as a leading provider of insurance and financial services within the military community, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to supporting the unique needs of service members and their families.

We have been insured by USAA for over 45 years and due to their impeccable service we will never switch to any other company. We first got coverage while my husband was in the Navy. We are now retired and have never been treated better by any company. Claims are handled promptly and to our complete satisfaction. USAA is for us for life.

I have had USAA auto and homeowners insurance for over 30 years and will never change to another company. They have the best customer service of any company (not just insurance companies) that I have ever dealt with.

Parents had them for 30+ years and I will, too. Unbeatable rates and when I was in a major car wreck they made it easier, not harder.

Would not ever consider any other insurance company. Great service, and yes, I am a veteran.

19 Primerica Primerica, Inc. (NYSE: PRI), founded in 1977 and headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, is a leading insurance and financial services company operating in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The company primarily offers term life insurance, investment products, and other financial services, targeting middle-income households to help them achieve financial independence. As a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization, Primerica employs a vast network of independent representatives who sell policies and recruit new agents, empowering individuals to become entrepreneurs and create their own business opportunities. In addition to its insurance offerings, Primerica provides various financial services, including mutual funds, annuities, managed investments, and credit monitoring. The company prides itself on its mission to educate families on essential financial concepts, offering personalized financial solutions that cater to their unique needs and goals.

The only company that I have encountered that is willing to sit down with us and educate us on insurance, so that we can make the best decision. The information the representative gave matched the research I had done, as well as what other consumer advocates have said. It makes me wonder how many people are being sold something they don't need but benefits the agent or company more than the consumer. They offer VERY COMPETITIVE rates too! I am a Primerica client for LIFE!

Education of consumers is key to their financial landscape. PRIMERICA is the ONLY major company in America that does this as A CORE BUSINESS PRACTICE.

Their products are very competitive and customized for each client needs, especial life products that are provided on an affordable NEED BASE to fit the client's financial goals.

In addition to being a public traded company and one of the 30 outstanding companies making up the Dow Jones Index. PRIMERICA is and has been providing what American families need since 1977, integrity, product value, financial education, debt elimination, wealth building for generations and the GREATEST business opportunity in America.


Not only did they relieve my 80 year old Father of paying for unnecessary whole life insurance (from one of those other companies),but Primerica also saved my Father from bankruptcy. They freed up the money from the policy when he cancelled it (seeing as they keep it when you die) and we paid all his debt and lowered his monthly payments so he could live more comfortably.

This company truly took the time to explain my existing Policies to me. They were nothing close to what I thought I had. They were able to save me money and show me how to properly save the extra I was over spending! They care about the whole financial game plan of their clients not just insurance! I'm a Primerica Client for life:-)

20 Prudential Financial Prudential Financial, Inc. is an American Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 500 multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Founded in 1875 by John F. Dryden as The Prudential Friendly Society, the company has since evolved into one of the largest and most reputable insurance and financial service providers in the United States. Prudential Financial offers a diverse range of products and services, including life insurance, annuities, retirement-related services, mutual funds, investment management, and real estate services. With a strong focus on innovation and financial stability, Prudential Financial has earned an esteemed reputation for its dedication to policyholder protection, exceptional customer service, and comprehensive coverage options. As of September 2021, the company operates in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, serving millions of customers through its various subsidiaries and affiliates.

Ranked second in FORTUNE's 2010 list of "World's Most Admired Companies" in the life/health insurance category, Prudential focuses on life insurance policies but also offers long-term care insurance as well as asset protection insurance, such as car, home, and personal liability insurance policies.

Their Financial Consultants are also very helpful and they discuss the details of the policy with high expertise.

The products and services are simply excellent!

The best company ever.

21 Progressive Progressive Corporation, commonly referred to as Progressive, is a leading American insurance company founded in 1937 by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. Headquartered in Mayfield Village, Ohio, Progressive specializes in providing various insurance products, including auto, home, renters, motorcycle, and commercial insurance. As one of the largest car insurance providers in the United States, Progressive is renowned for its innovative approach to insurance, being the first company to offer reduced rates for low-risk drivers, and pioneering usage-based insurance programs such as Snapshot. The company's commitment to customer service is exemplified by its 24/7 claims reporting and concierge service, which has earned it a strong reputation for efficient claims processing. Progressive's iconic spokesperson, Flo, portrayed by actress Stephanie Courtney, has become a recognizable figure in popular culture, further solidifying the company's status as a household name in the insurance industry. As of 2021, Progressive was ranked the third-largest insurer of private passenger auto insurance in the United States by market share, and it continues to expand its reach and services, aiming to meet the diverse insurance needs of millions of Americans.

Had this insurance for my car for over 2 years and I had excellent service in Vero, Beach Florida. It was very easy to deal with them.

Covered my vehicle and the other person. Also paid for car rental.

22 Cigna Cigna Corporation, founded in 1982 and headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, is a multinational health services organization that offers a comprehensive range of insurance products and services, including medical, dental, disability, life, and accident insurance. With a strong focus on providing integrated healthcare solutions, Cigna serves millions of customers in the United States and around the world through its extensive network of healthcare professionals and facilities. As a result of its 2018 merger with Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefit management company, Cigna has expanded its capabilities to better manage pharmaceutical costs and improve patient outcomes. The company is widely recognized for its commitment to innovation, customer service, and corporate social responsibility, making it a leading choice for individuals, families, and employers seeking reliable and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Cigna is a good company.

23 Auto-Owners Insurance Auto-Owners Insurance is an American insurance company, headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, that specializes in providing auto, home, life, and business insurance policies. Founded in 1916 by Vern V. Moulton, the company has grown to become one of the leading insurance providers in the United States, with a strong presence in over 26 states. Auto-Owners Insurance operates through a network of independent agents, offering a personalized and localized approach to its clientele. The company is known for its financial stability, having consistently received high ratings from industry evaluators such as A.M. Best and Standard & Poor's. Auto-Owners Insurance is a subsidiary of the Auto-Owners Insurance Group, a Fortune 500 company, and is lauded for its exceptional customer service, comprehensive coverage options, and efficient claims handling process.

Insurance agent for 32 years. Auto Owners is by far the best!

24 MassMutual Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, commonly referred to as MassMutual, is a prominent American mutual life insurance company headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts. Founded in 1851 by George W. Rice, the company has since grown to become one of the largest and most respected providers of insurance and financial services in the United States. As a mutual company, MassMutual is owned by its policyholders, allowing it to prioritize the interests of its clients over those of shareholders. The company offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including life insurance, disability income insurance, long-term care insurance, annuities, retirement planning, and investment management. With a strong emphasis on financial strength and stability, MassMutual has consistently received high ratings from major rating agencies, reflecting its commitment to meeting the long-term financial obligations of its policyholders.
25 Zurich Zurich Insurance Group AG is a Swiss multinational insurance company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The company offers a wide range of general and life insurance products and services for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. With operations in over 215 countries and territories, Zurich Insurance is one of the world's largest insurance companies, employing approximately 55,000 people worldwide. Founded in 1872, the company has a rich history and has evolved over the years to become a leading provider of insurance solutions globally. Zurich Insurance is committed to sustainability and is actively involved in supporting climate change initiatives, social responsibility, and environmental protection.
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