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Like the last two episodes we continue onwards to the 2000's which many of these you highly remembered very well while others are ones you have may vaguely remember or are new to with that said the 21st century cartoons ladies and gentleman of the first decade.

#50 Clone High: Underrated MTV one and doner that actually was genius. Yeah it was controversial in the fact of the portrayals. Still though it was a well written show, and some recognizable voice actors like Will Forte who would go on to be on Saturday Night Live. This show did do a great job in that department of getting talented actors and or actresses later down the line.

#49 Kim Possible: A bit low on the list I know I have not watched that much of Kim Possible, but it has a big following, and from the episodes I did see an enjoyable later Disney show from that decade.

#48 The PJ's: I don't know I didn't like the show that much I can see why this lost to Kill Of The Hill back in the day when it was brand brand new in the late to early decade entering the 2000's. Eddie Murphy ended up doing his last great role when he played Shrek in Donkey after this soso cartoon.

#47 Dave The Barbarian: An Okay Disney Cartoon not better than the one two spots above it, but its wasn't that bad though.

#46 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: One of the best cartoons to spawn from the Big Pick in which this new block called Fridays that would basically showcase this and another popular cartoon that the audience loved the most in seeing. Since debuting with the now lost footage of how much different Billy and Mandy originally looked it has become a well known show from the 2000's for sure I don't know anybody who didn't love this show.

#45 The Spectacular Spider-Man: It was on very briefly towards the later end of that decade, but I have only heard great things of this short lived version I unfortunately didn't get to see much of.

#44 The Weekenders: An underrated Disney show that was of quality i'd say great voice actors, but I can't say I have seen that much but it did do decently well in the early portion of that decade.

#43 Phineas and Ferb: Hard to say if its 2000's since much of its popularity was more the later decade. Good cartoon, and I can see its appeal as a Disney cartoon.

#42 Jackie Chan Adventures: I gotta be honest I didn't know Jackie Chan had a cartoon based show, and thus I know nothing of this, but those who do love it seem to love in high regards.

#41 Rocket Power: Yeah I'd say this show was more 2000's despite debuting in 98' Rocket Power was a show I did enjoy even before I became a huge fan of sports this was my introduction to extreme sports I guess to put it in better words. I can see why people don't love as much as a much older cartoon, but it was good when I was younger, and it had what fought was of the most underrated kids games in Rocket Power Beach Bandits.

#40 Teen Titans: Way too low on the list this is the Teen Titans I grew up with that had excellent story, and while it sorta tried to appeal to Anime with its odd like style of animation it still was a good comical show done right unlike its successor that is absolutely awful. It spawned a movie which was very good there's not much to say recommend this show to your kids, and not that awful rebooted one that airs to this day. What I like most about the season is there all based on each character's arch in some way or another as a team.

#39 Paranoia Agent: Sounds like a forgettable Anime to be honest. I'm sure why its on the list I have zero people bring this up of its own decade nevertheless.

#38 Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: I love that show, and it was before Cartoon Network went all jumping the Shark with crazy ideas a few years later. Back when they changed their logo to just ''CN'' this was one of their new really awesome creative shows. What I didn't like is that they had to rush the final season, and the last episode has only been seen on TV once, and I remember it to this day. Could of been better yes, but hey what I way to end a very creative show of Craig McCracken's few masterpieces.

#37 Mucha Lucha: I've seen its a intriguing cartoon I'd say at most not exactly better than some of the shows ranked way low for this decade.

#36 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (03'): Probably the most underrated of the TMNT cartoons overall this 03' version I liked in ways that it kinda tried to be like the classic 80's, but more surreal in tone which I liked a lot about it.

#35 American Dragon Jake Long: Yeah this show had its cool moments, but at times was inconsistent, but I did enjoy this show.

#34 Death Note: As time goes on Death Note just becomes such a cult hit even to Anime diehards or even those who have not seen much of anime would tell you the creative tone this show has had. I was hooked from the very first episode, and let me tell you who doesn't love a notebook that kills. Gets crazy here and there, but phenomenal anime for sure and it should much higher on the list especially some of these others shows i'm about to see.

#33 Dragon Tales: I saw an episode, and its okay not better than many of the shows we have just seen, and furthermore I find it interesting the Kid from ReBoot ends up being our big star of this educational tale.

#32 Clifford the Big Red Dog: Yeah Clifford is a more preferable quality educational show I could see, but again more towards the tail end of the list of the 2000's decade.

#31 Bleach: Bleach is about right where its at on the list honestly, its good and at times it can be just okay in one setting. Its weird for me to comment on Anime as I watch very few, and this was one of those.

#30 Futurama: I'm actually kinda surprised how this show considering I expect it to be much higher than be barely top 30. Futurama is a show I viewed initially overrated, but actually start to appreciate its significance in pop culture. Simply for the hilarious memes, and also it actually holds in quality stronger than other adult oriented shows higher on the list.

#29 Undergrads: Another one and done type of MTV show, had a cool concept like Clone High. Yet at the same time it might be a little too high seeing i'm not sure how people actually remember it that well.

#28 Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: I liked the movie that started it all kinda similar to Foster's a few spots back only I'd have that above this show. Jimmy Neutron is between good to weird at times in the show. It gets pretty predictable each and every episode how Jimmy finds a way out, and in all honestly it help Spawn Big Bang Theory in a way. It also got that terrible Planet Sheen a decade later, but overall this show just had that 2000's fell in a good way.

#27 Ed, Edd n Eddy: Another show like Death Note that deserves top 10 maybe top 5, and that's Ed, Edd n Eddy. After the disaster that was The Brother Grunts Danny Antonucci needed to revival his career as a creator, and luckily he went with more of a kid approached program that did it just right. It does have that precursor animation from that show, but not as revolting, and much more tolerable overall. Great characters in this Cul-Da-Sac, and I just enjoyed the show from beginning to end when they had that movie special that ended the show properly. Not a lot of these shows get a ending while this one did get the right treatment.

#26 Code Lyoko: Wow is this show underrated I oftenly confused for anime its not, but if I had to give best french animated shows this would be my #1 why creative premise, unique characters, great theme song, it feels like the world of what a game programmer endures only in their actual lives they most stop this X.AN.A who kinda this Virus who almost at times nearly wins, but always finds a way to be defeated.

#25 Inuyasha: I caught an episode on Adult Swim when I was randomly up in the morning I found boring, and I don't see why its so high up honestly.

#24 Metalocalypse: I like this show, but my bias would have this literally towards the top which is where it came which I was surprised by seeing I fought this got the tiniest love possible especially on Adult Swim. Its got the Metal, a bit of the goofiness as well where the band pretty much rules their own world I like season two the most where these band of assassins try to kill them, and nearly succeed.

#23 Robot Chicken: I have said this on a previous list but Robot Chicken seems like one of the best of those satire based shows out there still going. It pokes fun of all things pop culture nobody is safe and Seth Green wants it to keep going if its not already the best of its own programmed channel late at night. You never see that type of animation anymore either stop motion is something I lived since Nightmare Before Christmas was my earliest exposure to it.

#22 Courage the Cowardly Dog: If Ren & Stimpy isn't one of the most disturbing cartoons ever then watch Courage. Seriously I can't believe something like this as dark as it is made it on Cartoon Network. After the success of its pilot episode that appeared on What A Cartoon it got its rightful animated series in full swing. Almost every episode had that memorable scary like element in the mix. whether that was intentionally bad CGI looks or just what is going on here? Courage is rightfully terrified as he should be. Like all the episodes though he mostly comes out on top although every season endings just had that conspiracy like cliffhanger if they actually survived of what resolution left unanswered.

#21 Naruto: I can get behind the concept of ninjas, but something about this Anime just had me turned off immediately and I can't explain why I just have no love for this beloved franchise.It has a massive following I just don't care that much for it which surprise many weeaboo's as to exactly why I have no likings for Naruto.

#20 Batman Beyond: The closest thing to the animated series as it get folks, it kinda has the same elements as its predecessor only there are some episodes that aren't that amazing, but Beyond is an epic cartoon left a major impact in the superhero department of its fans.

#19 Yu-Gi-Oh: I prefer this card based Anime over that other one of the 90's simply because I love the characters more in Yu-Gi-Oh than I do in Pokemon. This well be up for debate, but I loved its theme song way more too it just had that orchestra feel listening to the 3 minute theme it is amazing.

#18 Justice League: DC was high rolling with great cartoons, and this was another golden classic at that time airing on Toonami I wanna. This and Unlimited (or they might be the same thing) just create storytelling, and much better than the old cheesy formation 3 decades in the past.

#17 One Piece: I am amazed this show is still since being on for two plus decades. I have seen it not consistently, but it is a pretty good anime, and it has a big significance in the 2000's. Pirates or one of my not big things, but with this show I actually enjoyed the premise of what these pirates would do unlike the Disney films, but that's for another time. I'm just glad its higher than Naruto at least.

#16 Samurai Jack: In terms of quality Cartoon Network's best show ever. I watched from 1-4 recently getting ready for season 5 I just love everything about this show this Samurai in in this world of Blade Runner, and his fighting for his life to kill the man who trapped him there in Aku. The show unfortunately got canned, but was thankfully revived in 2017 and you bet I was gonna watch Season 5, and it was pretty interesting take how Genndy would end the show. I gotta admit I cried when I saw the last episode Aku is finally dead, and Ashe one of the daughters of Aku ends up dying too while Jack is left alone in silence great show don't makes this into a film please no.

#15 Venture Bros.: Its inspired by Hanna Barbera's Johnny Quest which was good for that time, but is admired for bringing this pretty much a spoof of that done right I feel. Its been on since 2004 and still on today its clearly a great work by Adult Swim that they give it its success of this really original spoof of that with superb storytelling.

#14 The Fairly Oddparents: I use to like the show its best moments were of the 2000's the highest peak being either the power hour or the Nick special film Channel Chasers. After that the show took a wrong turn for the worst. Its quality went way downhill adding filler characters.

#13 Static Shock: I mean its good, but i'm sure if its better than Batman Beyond. I'd put near the high end, but probably switch the two where they sit.

#12 Danny Phantom: Great cartoon this is Butch Hartman's greatest hands down. Everything about is incredibly original, and the quality of episodes hold up much better then Fairly OddParents. This is a show I would be very careful of rebooting especially Nick is a wild card if it goes one or the opposite way.

#11 FLCL: I can't say I have seen this, but i'm not sure it deserves to be quite so high up.

#10 Full Metal Alchemist: Now this anime is great, likable protagonist, great characters yeah this would have to be up here at ten i'm fine with that.

#9 Megas XLR: I have not seen anything of this show like the other anime i'm unsure it deserves to be this high up let alone top 10.

#8 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: I have a problem with this being the definitively best anime of this decade that I highly disagree with. While its not bad, but with if I was to pick the best one of this Death Note should switch with this one for sure.

#7 Dora the Explorer: I mean it was fine for what it is, but I guess I see its significance in terms educational purposes at seven is pretty laughable.

#6 Family Guy: I loved the show until mid season 8 that was when the show started to go down the tubes. The cutaway random gags are original, but other than that its that type of dumb humor that can be done either well or just really wrong way of telling you the joke, and in this case at Six that's tough seeing it had a vital impact in that decade when the show was still good.

#5 The Boondocks: One of the best written Adult Swim shows in more of a target for the African american setting had been gone since 2014. Recently though it could be revived said creator John Witehrspoon. If that's the case sounds good, but than again its probably what's best for Adult Swim at this point sense they seem to have one great cartoon left on their lineup currently. Boondocks i'm not if I'd say five per say was still a well done show that I'd recommend.

#4 Aqua Teen Hunger Force: This infamous spinoff of Space Ghost Coast to Coast was able to capture stupid humor, and it worked well for the early seasons, but it just kept doing the same exact dance over and over, and thus looking back at it its too high on the list there's nothing new here really. I mean look at the main characters are all food related literally.

#3 Invader Zim: Incredibly risky and dark show by nickelodeon, but man was it entertaining in the process of it all ashame they had to kill off so fast when the popularity was there that early not many shows can do that in a split second like this did.

#2 Avatar The Last Airbender: I absolutely love this show from the start to the end, some viewers may find the story element boring at times, but it sets up for what will happen next its the same deal with Dragon Ball Z is it not? Once again we got scars of all lives with that absolutely trainwreck of a movie M. Night did do justice how awesome this cartoon was.

#1 Spongebob Squarepants: I would not put this #1, but at least have it in the top 10 due to its popularity being big at the time. Also its quality of work would go from the very beginning to the first movie then things pretty go down the tubes after that and probably should been done, but no it runs for two decades.

Shows I fought should of made the countdown...

Ben 10 - Granted the franchise went downhill after the first series, but for being the first I can see why it was successful.

Camp Lazlo - It has a lot of the voice talents from Rocko's Modern Life, and its actually a pretty good cartoon at that time.

Codename Kids Next Door - How this didn't make the list i'll never know a classic cartoon from Cartoon Network in that decade for sure, and everybody like the other one Bill and Mandy everybody knows Codename Kids Next Door.

ChalkZone - A very inspired show of Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings with a metal guitar riffs that is a cool combination. Very underrated show at the time that got not many looks and ended up finishing on Nicktoons instead.

My Life as a Teenage Robot - Probably the last great Nick cartoon that I really liked and watched a great portion of as well. (Before The Loud House would air)

The Proud Family - A lot of Disney shows I didn't expect to see, and this one I fought would be in that mix as well.

There the list that wraps up the trilogy of commenting cartoons... or does it?


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