Coldplay you, are a rock, upon which I stand.

Music is fundamental to my life. Playing the piano is one of my largest passions and has been a big part of my family for generations, and I must say that I've grown a lot in the area since I began eight years ago. I've just always been a musical person.

However, no band, no composer, no artists have struck me like Coldplay have.

I got into Coldplay after my mom went for a walk and left the TV on. It was playing an episode of SNL with Coldplay for the music, and I went in and watched. I started listening to their hits on Spotify, got albums, and just spiraled to the obsessed girl I am now. Coldplay is the wind beneath my wings, the earth beneath my feet. I love Coldplay more than words can say.

One great thing about Coldplay is that they're so diverse. While many bands have one type of music, Coldplay has a brilliantly large range. Even in one album, just think of the difference between Politik and Amsterdam in A Rush of Blood to the Head. Heck, even some songs have diversity between parts, such as Up With the Birds. Whatever you're looking for in a song, Coldplay can offer it. And if you're just looking for good music, Coldplay really takes their time and develops works to the best they can be. They aren't mainstream people doing it just for the money, but a true band, a group of people who follow making good music.

Chris Martin's voice is AMAZING. His range is wide which gives opportunities for better songs. When he goes to a lower voice, such a in many points in Violet Hill, it gives songs a deep, serious feeling. Even on a middle, sort of neutral scale, his voice has so much power and dynamic, and the sound is just beautiful. When he stretches his voice to go high, it gives an emotion-packed feeling of kind, good intentions with pure power behind it. Emotions are also something that overflows in every song. In We Never Change, you can hear a crying, heartbroken lurch towards the end in one "We never change do we?" right before the 'change'. I can't explain it, if you are a Coldplay fan or will look up the official audio of the song (which be honest, nobody will do) you can easily hear it. The passion there just grabs your heart and twists it. You crumble inside.

The instruments and the composition of Coldplay's work is genius. Chris Martin's voice is certainly a treasure, but think of any Coldplay song. In almost all of their songs there is nothing without instruments. For example, take Fix You, which is at the top of the list now. If you sang the beginning part of Fix You in the song's tempo, with no backing music, it would sound awful. Half the time, you wouldn't be singing. It would go When you try your best but you don't succeed..............................when you get what you want, but not what you need.............................and so on. The instruments in Coldplay hold the piece up like they should in music. If you have a song that sounds good without instruments (and going acapella or whatever they do in Pitch Perfect doesn't count), it's not a real song. It's at most a crummy rap. However, Coldplay's instrumentals are beyond brilliant. They're innovative, stunning, and just beautiful.

Take Low. This is probably my favorite Coldplay song, at least on the album, because of the instrumental part. They incorporate so many instruments, not necessarily while he's singing, but in the many breaks. THERE'S A GLOCKENSPIEL, NEED I SAY MORE? Seriously, how many songs out there, especially rock songs on the more upbeat side of a band that isn't usually so, can incorporate a glockenspiel or xylophone or whatever that thing is and have it sound good? I know I'll get hate comments for this, and there will probably be many people saying "Well, there's a glockenspiel on this one Beatles song that nobody knows, it's a B-side for an unpopular single..." but still, think. Have you heard many rock songs that can have a faster glockenspiel part? Coldplay just flows into music as a whole. Their minds are so creative and innovative. It isn't just in that one song. From the songs with mostly just piano such as O or Everything's not lost to songs with many instruments such as Viva la Vida or Low, Coldplay always makes an instrumental part that holds up the whole song.

Coldplay has helped me more than words can say. I am misophonic, which means I can't stand a lot of sounds like chewing or sniffling, and it makes life hard. Coldplay is what I turn to in my darkest moments. It puts a smile on my face or understands my sadness. It reminds me of the good in the world. Coldplay is sometimes the only thing that keeps me from seriously wanting to become deaf, chopping off my ears and using them to plug the holes in my head that would remain. (I am not sure how this would work. I have never attempted it or thought it through because of Coldplay.)

I could put a truckload of Coldplay lyrics with some words changed to Coldplay at the end of this post, trying to be meaningful but somewhat funny with my idiotic sense of humor and terrible- I don't even know what that would be called, but you've obviously forgiven me if you clicked on the title to this post and I don't want to blow that. (If you don't know what that means. why are you on this list? Seriously, look it up.) However, it's true that no words I can say would be equal to Coldplay's brilliance. Coldplay brings me to another world, fills me with light. Coldplay is what makes me whole. What can I say? Coldplay is just the best of music, the meaning behind sound's existence. Coldplay is the center of light, life, and beauty in art.