Top 10 Best Coldplay Songs

For over 20 years, Coldplay has been making music that touches millions of people around the world. Their songs are filled with beautiful melodies, emotional lyrics, and Chris Martin's unforgettable voice.

From the epic "Fix You" to the gorgeous "The Scientist," these songs show why Coldplay is one of the best bands in music history. They're the kind of songs that stick with you long after they're over, with lyrics that speak to your heart and soul.
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1 Fix You

I was new to Coldplay. A friend recommended that I should listen to "The Scientist," and I did one day.

That thing absolutely blew me away. Then I went to discover this band - I had heard Yellow before but didn't care much about the band. Then I found a song with an odd title (on YouTube), "Fix You." I was a bit confused, then started the song...

It started off nice and slow, with the soft organ playing in the background. It was so soothing. Then the chorus came. The chorus was very melodic and enjoyable. Then the guitars started... chills ran down my spine.

The next thing I knew, it was 3 a.m., with the soft harp playing in the background.

2 Viva la Vida

When I listen to Viva la Vida, I feel like I'm the king. All the sensations and emotions in this song make you directly enter the song as if you are the king.

Coldplay is wonderful, and I love many of their songs, but for me, Viva la Vida is the best. As others have said, you can really connect with it. You feel like you are the king. It has some of the best lyrics of any Coldplay song, and Coldplay is lyrically brilliant. I love the strings in a rock song, and Martin's voice is amazing in this one.

But the reason I love it most is because of its meaning. Love is a powerful emotion, and therefore many songs are written about it, including Fix You, a song about losing your loved ones. But Fix You is still a song about love, while Viva la Vida is a song of the aftermath - a song of reflection, power, regret, introspection, and the telling of an incredible story through a completely unique song. It should be above Fix You at number 1.

3 The Scientist

I was torn between voting for The Scientist, Viva la Vida, Fix You, and Speed of Sound because they are all good in their own ways, but I settled on The Scientist because it is just a beautiful song. Words can't even describe it. It just has something unique that none of their other songs have. If you are ever feeling depressed or sad and just need to let your tears out, listen to The Scientist. Although it is a sad song, it talks about appreciating the past and how wonderful it used to be, which is showcased in the music video.

4 Clocks

Clocks go out and something, something... I have literally no idea what he is saying in this song, other than the opening lyric and a few other lines throughout the song. But the music is enchanting. The piano riff, piano riff, piano, piano riff, piano riff, piano, piano riff, piano riff, piano, piano riff, piano riff (when reading this, think of the opening melody to the song and read it in that rhythm. It'll make sense when you read the "piano riff" lines above). The opening just hooks you right from the beginning, leading to a beautiful piece of soft rock gold. As well as the prominent bass guitar heard among the repetitive piano riffs and the soft percussion, the instrumentation is impeccable, and Chris Martin's tender vocals complement the song's soft nature perfectly. It is certain to be stuck in your head for hours!

5 Yellow

There's a reason Coldplay is famous. There's a reason why Chris Martin said in 2000, before they played it at Glastonbury, "Hopefully this time next year you'll sing along with it because it'll be a hit." It was a hit. It affected people in a way that no other Coldplay song has done. Not Paradise, Clocks, Viva la Vida, The Scientist - none of those, not even Fix You, have changed anything like this song has. Had any of these been Coldplay's second single, the band wouldn't be anywhere near as famous as it is today.

It starts with Jonny Buckland's electrifying guitar riff. You can hear the drums and Guy Berryman's bass. Buckland's riff provides the whole thing with the base it needs. I honestly think the best thing about Coldplay is how they use guitar. They make unique tunes that really sound simple. Yellow builds simple things together to sound so well-harmonized that it doesn't need a climax. You could say that comes 10 seconds in. The whole thing sounds so...together. And then Chris Martin's vocals fit so well on top. The whole thing is a masterpiece, and it's by far Coldplay's best song yet. They've made some other fantastic tunes, don't get me wrong, but Coldplay is the Yellow band. This song showed what they could do prior to their best album in 2002.

6 Paradise

Another really amazing song from Coldplay, musically - with the classical and alternative merge - amazing! Lyrically, it tells the tale of a little girl whose perception of the world is quite different from reality. Every time I play this song, it has to be more than once... or twice... Okay, more like five times.

When I first looked into Coldplay, I thought they were going to be okay. I thought they would be fun but not the best. Two things changed that.

Those were the two best songs I have ever heard.

The first one was also the best one: "Viva la Vida." I liked it because it sounded awesome and also because, when I read more about it, I found that it is probably about the French Revolution.

The second one was more catchy and sounded lovely: "Paradise." I love it.

Coldplay is now my favorite band!

7 Speed of Sound

This song is just pure... just... wow. Pure heaven and bliss. The piano beginning just blows you away into some kind of heaven, then yanks you back into the song with the soothing, flowing vocals by Chris and the incredible beat of the drums. It takes you for a breathtaking ride through the music of Coldplay.

The piano absolutely blows you away in the introduction. Unlike the other songs made by Coldplay, this song excels at build-up and maintains its climax until a dramatic end.

I know I'm going to get bucketloads of hate for saying this, but this song, in my opinion, is better than Clocks. There's just something unique and captivating about this song. Around 1:06, with the introduction of the bass, the song rocks better than any other Coldplay song. That said, I still love Clocks.

8 A Sky Full of Stars

This is my eighth favorite song, and here's why. I know a lot of people say this song is overrated, and compared to some songs, it is in a way. But this song is also a great mood booster, and it is also one of the grooviest songs there is.

I'm actually disappointed to see this song in 21st position. This is undoubtedly the best Coldplay song ever. It's a song that touches your heart and makes your soul want to sing along.

The lyrics are truly awesome:
" a sky full of stars, I think I see you..."
"...I want to die in your arms..."
" get lighter the more it gets dark..."

Thanks, Chris, for lending your voice to this song and making it a masterpiece for all time!

9 Violet Hill

This song is absolutely amazing. To me, it's a blend of violence, bitterness, love, and regret, with a powerful melody and powerful lyrics about a quite hostile world. To me, it's a kind of prayer, telling people you care about not to "let you go" and to face that world with you. It creates a beautiful (and violet) dark picture in my head.

"I took my love down to Violet Hill. There we sat in snow. All that time she was silent still." This song is absolutely beautiful. It lifts me up, fills me with joy and misery, and breaks me when I hear its last words. I can listen to it 100 times in a row. I already have, at least a thousand times. It's the best Coldplay song!

10 Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

How is this only number 7? I feel like this happens a lot. People come here and vote for songs by artists they don't know particularly well. The mainstream numbers end up high on these lists just because the people voting don't actually have any experience with the variety of the artists' work.

Meanwhile, stellar pieces like Every Teardrop is a Waterfall only get 3%.

If there were a way for people to hear color, then this song would be the most colorful. I know that seems weird and cheesy, but seriously, listen to it. It just screams "color." The only problem with this song is the "meh" songwriting around the start of it. But seriously, that is a small complaint because the synths in this song are unique and vibrant, and to be honest, my favorite part of the song is the synth intro.

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11 In My Place

After some thought, I really think this song is Coldplay's best. It's so perfect. The guitar lines, the drums, the vocals - everything else about this song is smooth and well-done. For a while, I thought Viva la Vida was my favorite song, but after listening to it for a few months, I got bored with it. Whenever I think about Coldplay, I think about A Rush of Blood to the Head, and whenever I think about A Rush of Blood to the Head, I think about In My Place. So perfect, so emotional, so good. Best Coldplay song right here, folks.

12 Talk

The guitar riff is what makes this song so original, not to mention catchy. That's really an understatement. The drumming more than complements it. It is almost its own. Chris makes a great lyrical choice and wisely uses the same melody progression as the guitar riffs. In conclusion, the bass line can easily be heard and adds another element, different from the rest. You could basically listen to each individual part separately and hear the same song four different ways since it has four different layers, each original. And finally, listen to them all together - so I was wrong. It's five ways.

13 Charlie Brown

First, the music in this song stood out immediately. It has such a triumphant, yet heartfelt feel to it. Once I learned what the song is about, it became even better. It's a very touching story (part of an even bigger story, which is the entire album), and the music fits the story so well. It's just perfection.

This song is amazing. By far, it's the best song on the album, which includes Paradise and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, both of which are in my top 5. That's how good this song is. It needs to just explode and become huge because, while I usually like to keep my favorite songs to myself, this song is so good it needs to be heard by everyone.

14 Swallowed in the Sea

This has to be the best song ever written by Coldplay. It is absolutely deep, touching, and beautiful. The sad part is that it is also their most underrated song. I can't believe that Paradise could top the magical atmosphere that this song has. It's brilliant and a real all-time masterpiece. It's a shame that so many people can't see this. I feel this captures the true Coldplay spirit (of course, not leaving aside all the beautiful songs that follow this one), and it's beautifully expressed in this marvelous song. (For the record, I'm part of that group that believes the first three albums are the best.) No matter what, they will always surprise and amaze me, even though their new style is quite different from what it used to be. Thanks, Coldplay, for giving us magic like this. You guys are the best band and the reason I can't stop listening to music.

15 Trouble

For me, it's the best. If Jeff Buckley were still alive, he would have covered it because he would have loved it so much. I would swap it with Viva la Vida, and you'd have a top 5 that is on par. If you're looking for the best combination of lyrics, music, and feeling, Trouble is it.

Personally, I also like Charlie Brown, In My Place, and Violet Hill, but actually, they're all damn good. However, Viva la Vida is not in the top 10. It's in the same category as Teardrop/Waterfall (uplifting party song).

This song is just beautiful. I've just listened to it about a hundred times, and I think I could listen to it about a hundred more times. It makes me want to cry, but in a good way, because you want your life to be a Coldplay song. Reality just isn't good enough anymore when you listen to them because they're ten times better.

16 Amsterdam

It was so hard for me to pick. Amsterdam just chills you, using that beautiful piano along with the rest of the instruments. As if the melody alone weren't perfect enough, Chris Martin explores the deeper areas of his voice to sing gut-wrenching lyrics. Every time I listen to the song, chills run down my spine, and I feel almost as if I'm going to be sick... in a good way! I can't even begin to describe what this song means to me. I can't believe it's so underrated!

Really, really underrated. Amsterdam, like most Coldplay songs, is emotional, but this is a cut above their other stuff like Fix You. Chris Martin's piano steals the show and is the highlight of their strongest album, A Rush of Blood to the Head, which is saying something when you consider that this album contains classics like In My Place and The Scientist. This song deals with loss remarkably and truly represents the band at its best.

17 Strawberry Swing

I don't know what's wrong with the voters here. With due respect to all the songs, this song is one of the most melodious songs I've heard. The lyrics are damn awesome. Man, this song lifts me to a whole different world. It's a pleasure to hear this song, and you want to hear it over and over again.

The lyrics and the music are so beautiful that it's humanly impossible to describe how good a song it is. It's #1 material, in my opinion. Should be in the top 3, AT LEAST.

An amazing song. It takes you on an adventure. It sits with you and helps during a tough time. It follows you back when you think of old times. It is there to remind you of those you love and the happy times. It is both a song for the happy and the sad. It is beautiful.

You can sit and listen to this song over and over. It's simply delightful. A beautiful piece with so much meaning behind it, and so much you can give to it as a listener.

18 Shiver

This song is incredible. I don't understand how it's at #20. It's so powerful. The chords are amazingly beautiful, and the melody fits on top of it perfectly. The whole flow of the song is fantastic, and the chorus is so impactful and meaningful. There's no question that this is the best Coldplay song.

This song is so peaceful and is one of those songs that makes me feel relaxed. Aside from the harmony of it, if you look into the lyrics, it is actually a beautiful song about unrequited love. Chris Martin's voice is also yearning in this song, and it will make you feel emotional.

19 Don't Panic

Easy and fun to play on acoustic guitar. Truly original and stands on its own. Electric guitar riffs during "we live in a beautiful world" make this such an enjoyable listen. Not to take anything away from the title, but Coldplay could have easily titled this Beautiful World. Yeah, Beautiful World would be a really nice title in my opinion.

This song, so beautiful, simple, and haunting at the same time, always strikes me right in the soul like a jolt of electricity when I hear it. The almost-surreal sound drifts to you like a dream and then leaves you too quickly. It leaves behind the complexly simple lyrics and melody in your memory.

20 Life in Technicolor II

Along with "Don't Panic" and "Strawberry Swing," I feel as if this song has been overlooked in the making of this list. "Life in Technicolor II" holds some of the greatest sounds ever produced by this band and gives off a feeling of excitement and anticipation of waiting for something huge to come.

With the rest of this album, it takes us back to a time of glory, grandeur, and ultimately, downfall.

This song is, sadly, very underrated. Its lyrics and melody are fantastic and almost made me cry. Meaningful, relaxing, and simply amazing. It's a true masterpiece. Of course, I like many other songs like Viva la Vida, Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall, Paradise, Fix You (basically every Coldplay song), but this song deserves to be in the top 10. I truly admire Coldplay's music.

21 Warning Sign

This is my favorite Coldplay song of all time. Oh my God, it's so beautiful and definitely demands a listen from you if you've never heard it before. "And the truth is, I miss you..." Criminally underrated. Take care, fellow Coldplay fans!

Love the lyrics of this song. I also love the lyrics of Daylight. Both of these songs are so hope-filled and emotional.

I vote for the first three albums. I don't like Viva La Vida at all.

Beautiful chorus and just simple lyrics. This makes the song all the more easy to listen to and takes you somewhere without you realizing it. Very underrated.

22 Politik

This should definitely be a lot higher on the list, one of my favorites from the album. Can't get enough of it, definitely in my top 10.

This song shows Coldplay at their very best. A great song live, and the haunting change-up in tempo with soaring vocals at the end cuts straight through you. Great lyrics, pitch-perfect vocals.

It's not a "commercial" type track, so it won't be in the top 10 of a list like this, but it's clearly one of their greatest achievements and better than anything they have released since.

Possibly the best rock song of all time. I believe that if someone hates Coldplay, they have never looked beyond the singles and popular hits such as Clocks, Speed of Sound, Viva La Vida, and even Yellow. Before people judge Coldplay, they should listen to more than just their popular songs. Ghost Stories is great! Viva la COLDPLAY!

23 Something Just Like This

So simple in chords and rhythms, but this song brought so much emotion. That's a real masterpiece in the most simple form that Lennon-McCartney once made.

LAST PLACE?!?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!?! This song is incredible, not to mention extremely popular. VERY, very surprised to see it here.

At first, I wasn't keen on this one, but then I listened to it again and now I like it. Love the "do do doo, do do doo" bit. Sick.

24 Till Kingdom Come

LOVE THIS SONG. I don't know how this wasn't written on the back. I was listening to the CD, and after the 12th track, I was about to turn off the player when Til Kingdom Come came on. LOVED IT!

This is one of Coldplay's best and most underrated songs! It makes you feel like you're going in the right direction, and it calms you. To me, it really captures the essence of Coldplay.

Best Coldplay song out there. I listen to this, and it makes me feel extremely calm. This song should be in the top ten, undoubtedly.

25 Hymn for the Weekend

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS ISN'T HIGHER. This is in my top 5 songs of all time. I know that's a loaded statement, but oh my God, this song is perfection. Dreamy, floaty vibes, almost surreal. 20/10 in my opinion.

Highly underrated. Come on, people. This may be the best song ever. Perfect combination of soothing music and rhythm, and what an amazing voice. Coldplay is the best.

It gives me chills... this is the first song I'm listening to from Coldplay! And it's so cool. The video is awesome, as it's based on India!

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