Which console, mathematically, is the greatest of all time?

Video gaming. Possibly one of the biggest industries on the planet. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Sega, Atari, and Philips, to name a few, are vying to create groundbreaking games and consoles that blow the competition out of the water. But which console is the true "Greatest of all time"? That's what I intend to find out today. For this list, I will go off of three criteria. They are sales, games, and I always like to finish off with Google Trends. Also, I am only using the top 50 items on the list.

Before I begin, here are the 17 consoles that I could not use due to them either being an add-on or extension of another console, already being on the list, or just plain not being a console.

-Wii U- On the list at #16 and #21
-PlayStation Portable- On the list at #20 and #45
-Wii- On the list at #5 and #23
-PC- Not a console
-Xbox One X- Extension of Xbox One
-Xbox One S- Extension of Xbox One
-Nintendo DSi- Extension of Nintendo DS
-New Nintendo 3DS XL- Extension of Nintendo 3DS
-Nintendo DSi XL- Extension of Nintendo DS
-GameBoy SP- Doesn't exist (The Gameboy Advance SP, however, does exist)
-Gamecube- On the list at #10 and #34
-GameBoy- On the list at #22 and #36
-Nintendo 3DS XL- Extension of Nintendo 3DS
-Atari- Same thing as Atari 2600
-New Nintendo 3DS- Extension of Nintendo 3DS (sorta)
-Nintendo DS Lite- Extension of Nintendo DS
-Sega CD- Extension of Sega Genesis

Additionally, there were two consoles which just weren't popular enough or were too obscure to have data for any of the three lists. They were the Mad Catz M.O.J.O. and the Apple iPlay.

First, sales. I simply searched up their sales and put them all in order. Simple stuff. For some reason, the GameBoy and GameBoy Color's sales were combined. Together they sold 118.69 million units. I did manage to find that the GameBoy sold 64.42 million units worldwide. So I subtracted that number from 118.69 million to get 54.27 million, the number of units the GameBoy Color sold.

Secondly, the games on the console. What's a good console without good games to play on them? Not the number of games. God knows that I'm not going to count Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival as equal to Super Mario Maker. So I am going to use the top five games (According to TheTopTens.com), find the average rating for each game (According to Metacritic), and then use those averages to find the total average rating for all of the top 5 games. The highest average rating will be number one. The reason I'm only using the top five games is that we all know the torture it would be to individually take every Wii game and find the average ratings for every single one... Uck. My brain hurts just thinking about it.

Thirdly and finally, Google Trends. If you don't know, Google Trends is a free website that lets you see the popularity of a certain search term or topic since 2004. It has an extremely convenient feature that compares two to five things side by side. It also averages out their popularities for me so I don't have to! One problem remains. When comparing two things, and ONLY when comparing, will it give you an average. But comparing means you get the average compared to the other topic. So I have to compare everything to one constant thing. This is where I can get creative. I think the fairest way of doing this would be to compare all of them to another, slightly lesser known video game console. So I'm going to choose the infamous Philips CD-i. Also, I decided to use the Custom Time Range feature to set a range of the day the console was released to either the current date (9/23/18) or the day the next console in the series was released. I've split it into six main series: Microsoft home consoles, Sony home consoles, Sony portable consoles, Nintendo home consoles, Nintendo portable consoles, and Sega consoles

Now, on to the final list. I added up the placings (1-50) of each console on each list and divided it by the number of lists it appeared in, to get an average placing in each list. The lower the number, the higher the placing.

To see the final list, as well as all of the other lists I used in the process, use this link:
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