Pokemon Conspiracy: Bulbasaur is actually two creatures coexisting in one body

styLIShT Along with Charmander and Squirtle, Bulbasaur is one of three starter Pokémon of Kanto that is the first pokemon in the national pokedex. It has a Grass/Poison type combination. My theory is that Bulbasaur is actually two creatures mutually coexisting together in one body.

Here is the explanation.

Bulbasaur has two parts: the animal part and the plant part.

I think we can all agree on Bulbasaur having animal properties. He has eyes, a mouth he can chew with, he eats pokéblocks sometimes and he can talk with his mouth. When evolving, he grows up to be more mature.

He also has a seed on his back, which has plant properties. It can perform photosynthesis, has vines, and when it evolves, it becomes a flower (therefore, it grows up to be a mature plant).

This has to do with a phenomenon called mutualism. For those who don't know, certain animals have evolved to help each other survive. For example, there's a certain elephant (or hippo, I'm not sure) species who has a certain bird species on his back all the time. The bird calls out danger and eats parasites off of the elephant's back, while the elephant protects the bird from danger and looks for food. These species have evolved to help each other out even better, to be more successful when surviving.

Bulbasaur could be the same thing: mutualism. On every Bulbasaur's back, there always grows a plant. These two species have evolved to help each other out better. But not only does the plant whip at enemies when the animal asks for it, there's something bigger.

As most of you know, photosynthesis is done by plants. It turns water, CO2 and sunlight into glucose and O2. Animals burn this glucose using the O2 they acquired from breathing, and turn it into energy, CO2 and water (yeah, you're breathing out water).
This creates a cycle, with plants and animals. Bulbasaur is the whole cycle in one package. It's an animal and a plant who go through life together to improve chances of survival. Also, it can obtain resources like water using its animal body.

This makes sense and there's already another official example of a pokemon living with a plant attached to its back with paras, which has a parasitic mushroom on its back that it seems to be able to command to use some attacks. Bulbasaur's plant seems to be able to coexist with it throughout evolution while the mushroom on paras takes full control of paras when it evolves, which is said in its pokedex entry.

There's also another theory you can come up with that the plant on Bulbasaur is actually Oddish, since in episode 10 of the Pokemon original series, Bulbasaur is seen to protect the wild Oddish from Ash and his friends, but that would pose a lot of questions about the anatomy of Oddish, which I don't want to get into right now.


I always thought he was a frof - TwilightKitsune