Song Legends {Episode 10} - Money (Pink Floyd)

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"Money" is Pink Floyd's first single from the 1973 album "The Dark Side Of The Moon".

When I first heard this song I thought it was a protest type song but I'm glad it isn't because it would be hypocritical to protest against money considering how much they have. Instead, I see it as an honest song about how people, including themselves, view money. It does sound like some sort of protest song but I realize now it's deliberately ironic and that makes the song humourous, at least for me anyway. I think everything they say in the song is true, about how people view money as something to protect and treasure instead of giving it away and sharing. I imagine the band had the same problems, given that many of the lyrical themes in this album are about more personal problems. I like the lyrics a lot, I think they are a very clever combination of a touch of humour (at least I think so, it may just be an angry song) and a more serious issue.

The cash machine sound effect loop is very cool and, of course, matches the theme of the song. The idea that it's a cash machine suggests that someone is being given money, which suggests greed and a hunger for money (an example of how good Pink Floyd are at using sound effects and instruments to display an emotion). The riff for this song is iconic now and although simple it kinda has a pleased-with-itself sound to it. I'm not sure how I explain that lol but i think it's to do with the bounciness of it. The saxophone and guitar solo is very good as usual for Pink Floyd and it's got an amazing beat. I've also had a look at the technical side of it through research and I'll be honest I've no idea what it all means so I'll leave it to you to look it up (something to do with the time signature thing-y, I don't know).

I've always been impressed by Gilmour's vocals because of the variety in his singing style. In this song it kinda reminds a bit of Joe Strummer's singing (I often see apparently "dissimilar" similarities between music artists) and he sings in a more punky way in this track. I wouldn't say it's one of his best vocal performances, I like it more when they have the harmonies like in many songs which I find amazing. I love the vocals in almost all Pink Floyd songs though and this is no exception.

It's only a three verse song and so it relies on the instrumental section to lengthen the song which, as you'd expect, they do very successfully. I would like it to have another verse or two but other than that it's fine.

The most successful single from "The Dark Side Of The Moon" and it reached number 13 on the charts. It's a very well known song and a classic go-to song for Pink Floyd from what I've seen. It saddens me to see this song do better than the other single Us And Them but I can see Money has more mainstream appeal. The album as well was really popular so I'll give a 10.

My Opinion:
Every song on The Dark Side Of The Moon is a 10/10. A masterpiece of an album and this song is, surprisingly for some, not one of my favourites on it. Still very, very good though.

That's 59/60 leaving second behind One. Maybe if Pink Floyd bribed me it would get a higher score (see what I did there).


It's one of the best songs ever - of course I love it. I agree with the review in general and yes, this song deserves its praise.
For me the highlights are (the most unique elements):
1) the iconic bassline
2) the cash machine sound effect
3) the unusual (odd) time signature they used to make music sound a bit different - it's in 7/4 time and only the guitar solo is in the usual 4/4 time
4) the sax solo that is pretty unusual in a rock song but works great - Metal_Treasure

Good post - Skullkid755