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1 Comfortably Numb

When I was a kid, this song came on the radio while my mom and stepfather and I were driving home from a long drive. It was dark, and my parents were singing along, loving every second. I asked them to change it. I told them I didn't like it, I don't like this song. "I don't like this song, I don't like being numb.." In my mind, the mind of a child, the only numb I knew was from the dentists office or that stuff they spray on your bee sting..

My mother turned around in her seat, I'll never forget it as long as I live, and told me..

"Don't worry baby, you'll change your mind when you get older."

This song has so many meanings to me, holds so many memories for me, it can make me smile and make me cry and make me feel like I'm going crazy..

Definitely my number one.

One of the greatest songs ever with every aspect, if not the greatest. This is the four of the Pink Floyd members showing their finest creativity. Its evolvement from the demo versions to the studio version and then the live versions is legendary itself. The Live versions are even better with that second solo, with the best in my opinion being the PULSE unedited version. And I'm sure David's upcoming Live in Pompeii version will be as equally great.

The thing about Pink Floyd: not all songs are that good, but when they do a really great song like comfortably numb, no other band can match the combination of lyrics, instrumentation, harmonies, musical talent in every band member. Pink Floyd at its best, not even the Beatles can match it...the crescendo of this song, the only other song that (maybe) is at the same level may be Stairway...

I get thrilled every time I listen to the solo forom Pulse. It's just the way I want music to be. Perfect. The best song by Pink Floyd with no doubt. Song - not symphony - It loses with many things they did. This time it was a song not Atom Heart Mother or Dark Side of The Moon. Treated separatly - the best. Pink Floyd shouldn't be treated this way - it was not a "song" type band... Lp's - listen to them as one song, mabe some day you'll understand

2 Time

A classic. Everything here in this song is fantastic. That said, you are an actual chad if you listen to the beginning without turning down the volume a little bit.

This song is breath taking. A couple days ago I laid down on my bed and played this song. Right when the clocks started ticking and the drums came in I honestly passed out. I woke up 2 hours later shocked of what just happened. Not understanding (coincidentally) how time just went bye.

Every line is just so meaningful, definitively my favourite Pink Floyd song of all time, if not one of my favourite songs of all time.

Comfortably Numb and Another Brick in the Wall are great songs, but songs like Money, Breathe, and Hey You are the top in my mind.

The lyrics will depress you. Will make you think how you've wasted so much time just waiting! It will give you chills like no other piece of music! The passion and agression as the second verse starts just following that damn epic solo is godly. What a masterpiece!

3 Wish You Were Here

How I wish...
How I wish I was born in 1960 to live the most impressive years of music.
Such a perfect song, with beautiful vocals from the great David Gilmour.
This is a music you can listen everyday!

The joy, peace, and flat out amazingness from an Pink Floyd is almost to great to comprehend. But Wish You Were Here is the very best and no song compares to it rock greatness, ever time I listen to this song I think nothing put pure emotions coming from the always great David Glimour voices. I want this song to play at my funeral. Greatest Pink Floyd song greatest song ever by the best band ever. Thank you and always keep calm and care on.

Survey is called the best but none fan can choose the best one, because one week you feel like this song is best but another week you find another best because you got little bored from the previous. I chose the song that I've been listening to the most time! Also this is the only song that had lyrics before music. We can't forget sid because without sid there would not be any Pink Floyd!

I'm not even from that decade, I'm into fifty years ahead music. And despite that I get a weird sensation when I listen to this song. Its like the song has a spirit, its like its alive. What happened? Is this the true secret of music? This band is mythical. A treasure of mankind. Probably the greatest one, since music is eternal and it's the most sublime form of art we got...

4 Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5

I expected Comfortably numb and wish you were here to be top two, but In my opinion, they stand against Shine on you Crazy diamond. This is the best work done by Pink Floyd. No song can match, the lyrics, the music, the emotions, the length of course. Shine on you crazy diamond is better, better than Hey Jude by Beatles, better than Hotel California by Eagles, better than Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and better than Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. Not everybody has a traumatic son, Not everybody is lost in money and fame, Not everybody is lost in dual personality but everybody has lost a dear friend, a friend who was shinning and lost now. Shine on you crazy diamond is best song because everyone can lose themselves in their past and think about the time they spent with their best friend. Shine will always be shinning, always be my favorite song, always be me keeping my best friend to shine even when we are distance apart. It's eternal, it's the best and I think the best of all floyd ...more

When I was 12, my dad gave me the Wish You Were Here album to listen to. This was my first rock song and a really life changing moment. It is still my favorite: the way the intro seems suspended in time with that fantastic deep synth pad, Gilmour's amazing blues solos, the thrilling moment when Mason comes in on drums, and the best lyrics Roger has ever written. The end of part 1 drifts off into infinity. Part 2 is also incredible. The song is really touching when you understand the Syd Barret context. Top class.

Favourite song ever. This is the song that got me into Pink Floyd. Of course everyone knows Money, and another brick in the wall... But this is the song that made me wanna listen to every single floyd album within a single weekend. I remember I listened to this song for the first time on the way home from the last day of highschool. Everything about this song blew my mind. I remember hearing the saxophone solo and just wanting to sit down in the shade of that warm summer day and just let this song continuously blow my mind. When I finally made it home the song finished: I remember I replayed the song and just laid down on my bed and falling into a trance. Definitely one of my favourite experiences with a song.

Why is "Comfortably Numb" number 1? That song is awful. It is only 4 or 7 minutes (depending on which version you are listening to) of boring minimalist sound that really sounds like it was thrown together with no direction to fill up the album. I know that might make my choice of "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" seem hypocritical, but it is a bit more complex, a lot more interesting, and the lack of direction makes more sense. This is the song that puts me in a trance, not "Comfortably Numb"

5 Echoes

Without Echoes there wouldn't be Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, or The Wall. Plus it also has very powerful lyrics and hypnotic intrumentals/sound effects. Echoes shines brighter with every listen. It will eventually outshine Shine On You Crazy Diamond if you listen to Echoes enough. A great beat comes in at 70. Nice bird chirpping and really cool wind. Too bad music isn't like this anymore. Definitely defines Pink Floyd and shows off their progressive and psychedelic capabilities at the same time. I would totally recommend this to anyone who is patient. The rewards are tremendous if you listen all the way through. I would rate this song a 12 out of 10.

This is quite possibly the greatest piece of to ever have been recorded. Extremely well thought out, amazing guitar solos, catchy riffs, thought provoking lyrics, tremendous tone and countless other positive adjectives are to be said about this masterpiece. Plus it syncs up perfectly with the ending of 2001 a Space Odyssey, one of the most innovative films to date, directed by the magnificent Stanley Kubrick. There is really no way of putting in to words how much I love this song, it is often overlooked by casual music listeners due to its length but which is really too bad. Plus it goes great with Psychedelics.

Pink Floyd is the best band in the world, no doubt! It is extremely difficult though to call the very best song by Floyd. I myself am somewhere in between Echoes and Comfortably Numb. Both songs are incredibly powerful and absolutely breath taking! Comfortably Numb is probably the obvious choice for a lot of people, because Echoes can be hard to accept as it is not all harmony, but that is excactly what makes it so fantastic. It is a song that consists of all of the most powerful aspects of music and that makes it a complete masterpiece!

I believe that the best version is from Live at Pompeii. If you have only heard it on Meddle (which is also amazing! ) you are in for at treat!

Since Comfortably Numb is already in first by a decent amount I'm gonna go with the song that started the fantastic chain of great albums and music for Pink Floyd during the 70s. The transitions between all the parts of the song are spot-on and of course the production is perfect since it is a Pink Floyd song. Don't let its length frighten you because every moment of it keeps you interested. This is one of the most well developed songs I've ever heard, and also the powerful lyrics. Everything blends together well in this song. One of the best on Pink Floyd's massive catalog.

6 Dogs

My favorite song of all time. This isn't sunshine and rainbows, this song is dark, depressing, and at times it could be even considered brutal. It doesn't pretend like it's all going to be all wholesome and happy if you live a life like the dogs in Animals do. You'll probably get ground down in the end, you'll probably be found dead on the phone. You'll probably be dragged down by the stone.

And the music is also fantastic. The solos are amazing, the mixing and putting it all together is some of their best. Everything in this song is top-tier. There's not a ton of bands I would be willing to listen to a 17 minute long song for, because it's easy to make it just boring or something to dread. But with Dogs, I actively look forward to listening to it.

This song is incredible. It always surprises me how little attention gets. Its such a cool mix of fast paced music and lengthy sections, and it somehow manages to last 17 minutes long while keeping a constant theme throughout the song. Oh, not to mention, Gilmour's soloing is incredible.

A timeless masterpiece, unprecedented musical work, unprecedented lyrics and a strong message that lingers in you long after those 17 minutes of absolute heaven fade out with one of the most powerful finales of all time. Dogs is the best piece of music I have ever listened to and everyone owes it to themselves to listen to this progressive-rock masterpiece. It is literally the perfect song.

This song represents why I love Pink Floyd. Not the radio songs which only get votes from casual fans. All the great soloing and sound effects, another great Jazz Fusion Rock epic even more compelling than Shine On You Crazy Dimond, and hilarious puns exposing politicans as being puppets. Everything from the intro to the funky synths in the middle, to the ending of guitar adrenaline. This is truely epic!

7 Hey You

This just one of the greatest pink Floyd songs of all time from one of their best albums. It's quite melancholy and indeed very deep. The theme of the song is that Pink (the main character of the Wall) who has constructed a metaphorical wall around himself, isolating him from his family and those who love has been driven to the brink of insanity. He wishes to destroy the wall and come back to society. He is begging those outside to save him from this madness. Hauntingly beautiful is the best way, in my opinion, to describe this masterpiece.

1st track of the 2nd disc of 'The Wall'. The song starts off with a solo acoustic guitar playing in the classical style, the melody resembling the middle section of A Pillow of Winds, with the fretless bass (similar to the opening of "Pigs") joining in shortly after. Next to join in is the Fender Rhodes electric piano, David Gilmour's vocals, and overdubbed acoustic guitar and drums at the start of the second verse. In the middle is a guitar solo which is played over the main riff of the song "Another Brick in the Wall". After the solo, Roger Waters takes over on lead vocals for the rest of the song.

When I first heard this song, I couldn't stand it. It was my least favorite classic rock song. I would always hear it on the radio and never bothered to listen to the song all the way through. I didn't really have an appreciation for slower songs, but then I started getting into Pink Floyd, and noticed this one was considered to be one of their best songs, so I gave it another try, and realized it's actually not that bad. It's amazing in fact! It's now one of my favorite songs. Never be too quick to judge a song.

Ah, what a great song. It'll never grow old. Its got that quality, just, dammit, I can't find the word, but it's the perfect Pink Floyd song, hands down. The guitar solo, the intensity of the song, it all just seems perfect together. Plus, its on Due Date which I reckon is the funniest road movie in a long long time

8 Money

This is not the best Pink Floyd song, but I will always like this song a lot because it was the song that got me into older music. I used to like pop music a lot. But then I heard about The Dark Side of the Moon and how awesome it was, so I bought it to see what it was like. I listened to small parts of the songs and decided that I didn't like it. I was going to delete it when I decided to listen to Money. I instantly loved it and listened to the whole album and loved it also. Then I started to buy other Pink Floyd albums and other bands too. Then I realized that pop music wasn't very good and it was just mainstream stuff with no emotion. I really like prog rock now. I'm thankful for this song because if I never listened to it, I might have never learned about Pink Floyd and what real music is.

One word to describe this song: trippy. And walking basslines aren't something that most people associate with the word trippy, which just makes it all the more trippy. And then you have the 7/4 time signature. The time signature of champions. This song is like one of those really cool, really weird dreams where nothing makes sense but yet it all does. This is the real pink floyd. Although I do really like wish you were here, I think its one of the most overrated songs in history. It's a very nice song that's easy on the ears. Pink floyd is NOT easy on the ears, and therefore wish you were here is, in my opinion, very out of character for them. But songs like money are just so COOL.

This is the best song that Pink Floyd did as a band as a whole, with each member contributing so much instrumentally. With a groovy, iconic bass line, a steady drum beat to go with it, some really cool keyboard sounds, and a brilliant saxophone/guitar solo in the middle, it's such a complete song. It should be in the Top 5.

Wow! I expected this to be number one or two! That being said, picking the best Pink Floyd song is borderline impossible and we're all basically just splitting hairs...

9 Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2

One of the most, if not the most overrated song in the Pink Floyd discography. It's not necessarily a bad song, but doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the top tens.

There are so many better songs that deserve a chance, and any true hardcore fan would agree.

I can't believe this song is in the top 10.. Seriously if you voted this song to the top 10 unironically then do yourself a favor and actually listen to the Pink Floyd discography. Putting ABITW, p2 above songs like Brain Damage/Eclipse, Pigs, Sheep, Breathe, and many others is so naive it's not even funny. If you just voted for it because you're a casual listener and it's one of the only PF songs you hear regular basis, then just admit that you're a casual listener, it's fine. But don't sit there and pretend you're some hardcore fan and then vote ABITW, p2 to the top 10.. and if you do then please know that you're not fooling anybody and actually go do yourself a favor and listen to some of Pink Floyd's work

Ugh, I had to vote for this to comment, whatever. I get it, it's a known song, and it is a good one, but ugh, there are so many Pink Floyd posers in here. I mean "best Pink Floyd" or "this song is Pink Floyd's most famous song". I cringed. This is not Pink Floyd's best song, go listen to some earlier stuff than just wish you were here, animals, dark side, and the wall. Like the Syd era or anything. There was one comment, saying this was the most known song, and that's why it's the best. You don't even know Pink Floyd.

The particular reason I like the song is when it plays on the radio, they play "The Happiest Days of Our Lives" right before, which acts as a segue. We hear Roger's booming, furious bass to kick it off, right before we get into funk/disco for the next 4 or 5 minutes. The music video for this (from the movie "Pink Floyd-The Wall") made the song all the better with the Scottish teacher on the railroad tracks (You! You! Yes you! Stand still laddie! ) and the reasons as to why Pink (the main character) acts as he does.

10 Us and Them

The best song on The Dark Side of The Moon, bar none! The compilation/fusion by Rick Wright of jazz and rock is sublime, and the organ sound is the best I have ever heard. These lyrics are the hardest hitting, most emotional and most meaningful on the album, and in general. Of course, not much needs to be said about the combination of Sax and Hammond! Most "fans" like "Money", but true fans love "Us And Them".

This is the song that shows how under appreciated the fantastic Rick Wright was, his solo and melodic tunes he plays in this song are the best of his entire career and the way his solo melds with the recordings is just genius. Not to mention the great layered lyrics that are to be expected from Roger Waters and a brilliant vocal and musical performance from David Gilmour what is there to hate about this masterpiece.

This was the last, yet subtle, anti-war song ending the 60s musically, socially, and politically--written at the end of 1972 and released in spring of 1973. Should be top 3 and if you don't agree, then you ain't hip or cool or knowledgeable. That is particularly directed toward those who are hip to be square and generation x and later cool wannabes. Now, I'm going to listen to some Zombie and Korn.

Are joking man? 15? Can I see worse?
This song is pure brilliant and belong to 3 on top ten list
This song had a lot of meaning. When I wake up at morning I always listen to this song before I go for breakfast, and god, this song really makes me realize that no one in this generation will beat this song, yeah Pink Floyd's rules

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11 Brain Damage

I love this song. It reminds me of the powers that Roger Waters really has. This should be higher on the list, since Waters himself sings the song, along with "Eclipse". Best song with "Money", "Time", and "Us and Them".

This song should definitely be in their top three. Just give it a listen because I can't name more than 2 songs better than this one from Pink Floyd.

First time I listened to this song was with headphones on full volume, in the dark. A song has never hit home harder.

This song is just brain-blowing! Every time I listen to it, it gives me shivers. "There's someone in my head but it's not me"

12 High Hopes

The Best Guitar Song of all time. Listen Once & you will get addicted to this song. I listen 5-8 times per day.
This is the best song of Pink Floyd. I rate it above Comfortably Numb, Echoes, Time or Shine on Crazy Diamond. I can't get why this song is so much underrated. The solo guitar in last 3mins of this song is, I would say the best of all time. You will find yourself lost in guitar tunes of Pink Floyd & vocals of David Gilmour.
No Song is better than this one. No Song.

Truly speaking, as all my other friends here have already said, to vote for a single Floyd song ahead of others is not possible. But still, I am voting for this song because of the breathtaking solo, beautiful lyrics, great voice of Gilmour as usual and most importantly this song certainly deserves to be in the top 2 or 3. One of the best psychedelic songs ever made in history..

Are you kidding me? The second guitar solo moves me to tears every single time. It is so mystically sublime it makes me float. The raw emotion poured into this song incredible. No, this song isn't top five material, because even second place would not do justice to it. Hands down, the best Pink Floyd song I have heard and quite possibly the best song I have ever heard.

David Gilmour's best lyrics and most face-ripping solo. Beautifully melancholic, chilled out and flowing, yet still has intensity and a subtle drive to it. Only reason they quit after this song is cause they new they couldn't come up with anything better, and it's the perfect end to the pink floyd story with the lyrics documenting their journey, as well as other peoples through life

13 The Great Gig in the Sky

I use to prefer the long odysseys like "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", "Echoes" or "Atom Heart Mother"... but this thing is just inimitable! It's a perfect gem, that I can only compare to Beatles' "A Day in the Life" or Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations". It may be the best song ever recorded! It's at least in my top three!
Every fan of Pink Floyd should consider this song again... and which doesn't enjoy those perfect 4:44 minutes!

I love the song! The most amazing thing is the psychedelic effect that the masterpiece has on you. I wish the band were more recognized for the beauty of what they've done. They deserve more credit and more recognition and they are underrated. The Great Gig In The Sky is so beautiful. The piano, the beats, the vocals. Its such a great pleasure to listen to the song.

I've always been a Pink Floyd fan but for some reason I never heard this song until a few years ago. I heard it on the radio one morning and I heard the majestic music and creative art and I instantly knew that I was listening to Pink Floyd. It's amazing how that works. You can always tell if you're listening to Pink Floyd and Radiohead too.

I can hear another whole galaxy through this song. A test run which turned out to become a masterpiece. I imagine the end of the world and there is even a national geographic video with this song depicting an asteroid impact. Though the song is about a person who is dying and isn't quite scared of it, says Roger Waters.

14 Have a Cigar

A song of sleaze and suspicion, it paints a very strong image in my mind of Roger, David, Syd, etc, all staring at a salesperson with distrust, fearful of the capitalization of the music industry. It's a warning to all, and I love it.

Wow. I don't understand how this isn't higher. One of my favorite songs from Pink Floyd. I just love that opening synth!

Captures the emotion (or lack of) behind the sleazy music industry to the point of PERFECTION.

And did we tell you the name of a game, boy? We call it riding the gravy train.

15 Pigs (Three Different Ones)

I really like this one. This is without a doubt one of Pink Floyd's most aggressive and bitter songs. Like dogs, or the rest of Animals really, there's no sugar coating. In fact, there's even less.

The first of the three pigs are a rich greedy capitalist who just keeps using other people.

The second is Margaret Thatcher, who was the Prime Minister at the time.

The third and final pig is Mary Whitehouse, who was trying to censor sex, drugs and rock and roll on TV.

When they talk about Mary, they even introduce her by last name, and call her by her first name later in the song. That's how blunt we're talking.

No sugarcoating. No censoring. Just stating their thoughts.

Probably my favorite Pink Floyd song. From the great synth work, to the intricate bass lines and awesome/groovy guitar lines to the yelled out vocals this song is just amazing and should be as high up as it can be

This song is just great and the bass line is amazing. Two bass solos, funky riffs and fills and that progression in the end. What else can you put in a bass line Mr. David Gilmour? Just amazing!

PS - David Gilmour played the bass in this song.

I'm so sorry for those who vote on wish you were here, comfortably num, time, etc. They are good songs, but nothing compared to some legendary works like this songs, shine on you crazy diamonds, echoes, dogs...

16 Welcome to the Machine

It has amazing sound effects. This song is so underrated. The lyrics are amazing and the sound is awesome. When I first heard it, I was amazed. I was impressed. The sound effects mixed with the acoustic guitar are mind blowing. It's a shame that people don't full appreciate the quality of the song.

The vibe song gives off can certainty effect how the listener judges the song. Everyone has different opinions about it. But with this song I feel although it's a feeling all of us have felt. Everyone who's heard this understands it. This song is in everyones soul. Its familiar yet mysterious.

Pink Floyd is all about the synthesizers. They use them in the most unusual ways to get the right effects. Their creativity in this song is superb. Should be in the top ten most definitely. Actually, it's my favorite that is why I voted for it.

I don't see how this isn't Top 10... Easily one of the most emphatic Pink Floyd songs. It incorporates so much with the synthesizers and the acoustic guitar, as well as the message that is sent and what the song is really about.

17 Mother

This song is one I have heard over forty times, and it is more powerful with every listen. It should be in the top 5.

Not only is this song just so perfect, I also had an over protective mom. Makes me smile reading the lyrics.

17th? This song should be in the Top 10! It's got a beautiful folky tune, great lyrics, and an excellent guitar solo.

One of the best solos ever recorded. It is simple and perfect.

18 Run Like Hell

Catchy, kickass, and just plain fun to listen to. The guitar rocks, the beat rocks, and especially the vocals coming Waters. I always liked his voice. It is rather unique.

My second favorite Pink Floyd song, but I voted for it because Comfortably Numb is already No. 1. great song, love the guitar's sound.

I love other Pink Floyd songs but this is my current favourite. It is very uplifting and I love every bit of it!

My favourite Pink Floyd song. Also like how this song experiments with Disco a bit.
Awesome mix of Hard Rock and Disco

19 Eclipse

Most underrated song of Pink Floyd. Along with Brain Damage these are the songs that define Pink Floyd

This is the perfect song to listen to at the end of a trip or hike.

The lyrics are absolutely amazing! Best piece of poetry I've seen in any song

Come on so lyrics really get any more meaningful than thi? Absolutely beaitiful

20 One of These Days

It definitely takes more than one listen, but once you listen again and again and so on... you just might understand the musical brilliance of it. That's what makes them such a great progressive rock band

This song is easily one of the greatest songs ever. It has amazing bass, guitar, and effects throughout its length, and never fails to disappoint.

How is this, the Trial, Interstellar Overdrive and See Emily Play not in the top 20? This is the best song anyone has ever done. Perfection.

Why 20th. Why not 1st. This never gets boring. Doctor Who noises and terminator threatening to kill you, Pink Floyd knew of the film before it was created! =0

21 The Trial

I absolutely love this song! The way it ends the wall album, with Pink's mother, old teacher and old girlfriend visits him! It makes your remember the greatest album off all time

Needs to be higher. Once you completely understand The Wall, this should become one of your favorite songs on the album.

Blends genres excellently, has a fantastic melody and has a completely unique sound. I really wish it were longer.

"The Trial" was one of my favorite songs and this deserves to be on the top 7 on the list. Please vote this one!

22 Young Lust

Picking one Pink Floyd song as their best might just be the hardest thing I've had to do. By far one of the best bands and one of my favorites. There's just so many amazing songs to choose from but I think Young Lust has my favorite of the many amazing solos this band has created

It appears in 'The Wall'. Distinctive, raw hard rock sound, that stands out among Pink Floyd's few pieces in that genre.

Hello, this is TheTopTens calling. Are we reaching the logical part of your brain that keeps telling you to vote for this song [click] See, they hung up. And it's a stupid part of their brain answering.

This goes hard as hell by Pink Floyd standards.

23 Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 6 - 9

In my opinion it's better than part 1-5, even though 1-5 is still amazing
I love how the guitar gets louder near the middle of the song
And the end is relaxing and nice to hear.
Not the best but should be in top 15.

Honestly, this is the best part of Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Much more exciting and interesting than the first parts.

The guitar solo in this song sounds like the guitar is screaming. It's amazing work.

Very underrated compared to parts 1 to 5.

24 In the Flesh?

First its calm, but then with its strong beginning and its lyrics males you realize this is no normal music. This is the most epic type of music ever created. Besides it's so good it is repeated twice in The Wall. Just plain awesome

This is y far my favorite Pink Floyd song. I can't believe it is number 47. It deserves to be in the top 5 at least.Starts with deliberate slow drumbeats, the thudding is then accompanied by beautiful electric guitar that puts you in a trance, the music then practically stops when the amazing lyrics begin, which are made even more beautiful by the wonderful vocals.This song is brilliant.

I love this song, and it is incredibly underrated. The guitar in it sounds great, and I really like the lyrics.

Better than part 1. There is just something about the extra part added that is so great.

25 Learning to Fly

My personal favorite next to Any Color You Like which is also surprisingly low on the list. Learning to Fly makes me feel motivated, remorseful and excited all at once. It's beautiful. Perfect. Deserves better than 28 come on!

This song makes you feel like you can actually FLY. Just unbelievable, Gives you butterflies every time, damn its well written and the music takes it to another level. A song that is way too underrated.

The 2nd track from 'A Momentary Lapse Of Reason. ' In my opinion, the best song of Floyd. It's simply awesome. It mainly expresses Gilmour's feelings as the emergence of Pink Floyd's frontman after the departure of Waters.

Oh man. this song means so much. It just feels so amazingly freeing when you hear it, you just want to soar and float into the clouds to never come out again. this song should be second to Comfortably Numb.

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