Best Rock Drummers List Is A Joke!!!

Crazydudewithabeard I recently came across a list showing the greatest rock drummers of all time. The worst list I have ever read. As a drummer I have extra knowledge on the subject than people who have never touchded a snare drum let alone an entire kit. It's more than just the sound. It's not just playing fast and having a lot of solos. Drumming is an art and the list just proves one major thing: THE GREATEST DRUMMERS HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN!!!!

Before I give my opinion on the list, here is the top five: 1) Shannon Leto, 2) Yoshiki Hayashi, 3) The Rev, 4) Neil Peart, 5)Joey Jordison. All I have to say is WOW! Before I trash the list I would like to note that I do not blame the creator of the list because he may have made a great list with the REAL legends in the early spots, or maybe he did. I don't know though.

Let me start with the positives, although there are not many. Neil Peart and John Bonham in the top ten and maybe even Danny Carey is a good thing. The positive is done. Now it is time to trash this pathetic list. Let's start out with the man that has been named, or voted, the greatest drummer of all time. From 30 Second To Mars, Shannon Leto.

I don't like the band 30 Second To Mars, so maybe I won't give a fair opinion on Leto, but I have never heard a 30 Second To Mars song that the drums just blows me away. He might be Top 100, but putting him in the Top 3 is a joke. He is no Bonham, Peart, or Moon. Yoshiki Hayashi is another joke. Get him off the list. Nothing he has done has impressed. Get these Japanese freaks off the list. The Rev had real talent. Had he lived longer, he could have worked his way into the top ten. However, the influence is not there. Top 30, but not Top 10.

Neil Peart at number four is ridiculously low for him. He could do everything. He made great, steady, complex beats, crazy drum fills, and organized drum solos. By organized I mean something that sound great and constructed instead of random and sloppy. The drum solo in "Tom Sawyer" is among the greatest of all time and "La Villa Strangiato" is a legendary drumming performance. His drum set is more iconic then most drummers! He is 57 right now, but could out-play 20 year olds.

At #6 we have....OMFG!!!!!.....JOHN BONHAM!!!! How in the world can John Bonham be so low!!!!!???? He didn't have a huge drum set like Peart of Terry Bozzio, but he made his "small" drum set sound as big as other drum sets. "Moby Dick" is the most recognizable drum song ever. He did more with one bass pedal than any drummer could do with two.

Keith Moon is #12 on this list, which is another joke. He was the backbone of The Who, one of the greatest bands of all time. He plays an eighth note ever 1/8th of a second!!! That's faster than machine guns!!! However, it was organized and something that put everybody in awe. Another problem with the list is that Ringo Starr is way too low at #31. I know many people will disagree because his early work was stuff ten year olds could play, but his influence is undeniable. He made some of the greatest fills of all time. He had only one drum solo which appeared in "The End." It's simplicity is what makes it amazing.

I know the list is all opinion, but here are some other ridiculous positions.

  • Carl Palmer (#65)

  • Ginger Baker (#47)

  • Terry Bozzio (#80)

  • Bill Bruford (#77)

  • Ian Paice (#48)

  • Mitch Mitchell (#72)

  • Stewart Copeland (#34)

Drummers from the 1960's and 1970's were the best drummers because they made the drum matter. It all started with Ringo Starr in 1963 and when John Bonham died in 1980 the "Golden Age For Drumming" was over. There was a time when drumming was an art, but now stupid, emo teenagers try to play as fast as possible and now they act like they are the greatest. When I heard The Rev I was thinking great drumming is finally back, but when he did the "Renaissance of Drumming" was over.

Screw Joey Jordison, Travis Barker, Shinya (?), Kai (??), and TOMMY LEE!!!!!

My Top Five

  1. John Bonham

  2. Neil Peart

  3. Keith Moon

  4. Bill Bruford

  5. Ginger Baker



As a drummer I agree. Although I think Neil should be No.1 on your list, Keith Moon at 2 Bonham at 3 and Stewart Copeland at 4. Then probably Bill Bruford - visitor

Your top five makes ALOT more sense. - Biotendo

Yours is way better! - visitor

finally some1 who apprecietes ginger baker and mitch michell. I personally think that digital dream door did an awesome job with their list they. mine is a little different.
1.neal peart
2.john bonham
3.keith moon
4.terry bozzio
5.carl palmer

- russian

thank goodness there are some people out there with understanding. - visitor