'American Capitalist' Album Review

Before I even start, I know a lot of people aren't going to be reading these (or maybe even just this one lol), but if some people do, just know that I might not do these very consistently, but I will try. I don't have a lot of free time these days, so no promises, especially given how inactive I am. (Now to the actual review)

Five Finger Death Punch's album American Capitalist for a long time has been my favorite 5FDP album, however recently it has gotten some close competition with War Is The Answer. Overall, it is a very solid album with only a couple songs that are at worst mediocre. The album also has their first #1 single, being Coming Down.

1. American Capitalist
The album starts of strong with American Capitalist, a catchy song with good riffs and a great solo. The chorus is hard not to sing along to, unless you don't know the words. One other thing I would like to mention is the last part of the guitar solo, it might be considered the breakdown, but I think it is too short for that. This section is particularly great, especially with the drums, making it the highlight of the song, in my opinion. I should also note that yes, this song is satirical.

2. Under and Over It
Ah, Under and Over It. A classic. This is the song I always imagine as: 'If you've heard a Five Finger song before, it's probably this one.' Of course, that doesn't mean that is true, it's just what I imagine. This song is the 'life of a rock-star.' One lyric to mention that relates to this is: "I'll take my sanity, you take the fame." And yet again, a fantastic guitar solo, debatably(not sure if that's actually a word) the best part of the song, although this isn't the only defining quality.

3. The Pride
By this point, you probably start to notice a little bit of a theme to the album, the theme being 'America.' Although ironically, after this, the theme isn't really explored any more. I will not deny, this song is very catchy, and I love singing along since I pretty much know all the words. But this is probably on the lower side of the album for me. I would say my favorite lyric is probably: "Dimebag, Tupac, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop." This song's chorus is also very strong, appealing to even an average listener.

4. Coming Down
In my opinion, this is the pinnacle of 5FDP's work. Even though it is a 'cliche' topic, it still speaks to me a lot. The song has fantastic guitar riffs, amazing drum work, especially the kick, and top notch vocals from Ivan. Another amazing guitar solo as well, not only all of this, It has a very touching music video, which you will find is quite common from some of Five Fingers work: Coming Down, Remember Everything, Wrong Sid of Heaven, etc. My personal favorite song, Coming Down is without a doubt some of their best work. It just gives me chills every time I listen to it.

5. Menace
After this point in the album is where you start to get to songs that are a little more on the mediocre side. Although yet again, a catchy chorus which makes it a worthy listen. Simply about someone just trying to help people and get through life, but everything he does is wrong, and eventually he decides that he is done with that. "I'm tired of trying to please, the world that spins around me. (Why!?) This time I'm doing it, for me and me alone."

6. Generation Dead
This is personally, in my opinion, one of the more underrated songs from Five Finger Death Punch. For one, it again has great riffs, and two, the bass is clear enough to really enhance the song. Another great chorus, but I think the verses take the cake on this song. 'But you trip the blind and then you curse the leper. Do you really want my true opinion? You've taken more than you've ever given!' Another mention goes to just after the guitar solo, his voice really shines in this part.

7. Back For More
Back For More is probably the song I am most indifferent on. It doesn't have any really strong parts, but also doesn't have anything bad about it either, kind of like the perfect balance. Unlike the other songs, the solo isn't especially great, at least until the second half, where it is probably the best part of the song. Overall, not great, but definitely not bad either.

8. Remember Everything
Wow, talk about an emotional song. I can say without shame this is the only song that has ever made me cry, and I am not the kind of person to cry. I can't really say I relate to the song extremely well, especially given that I'm still pretty young, but even just imagining being in this person's shoes is heartbreaking to me. After all the things in life they've done, all they can think of is how they didn't do enough, especially for those they love. And all they ask is forgiveness, but it's probably too late. "Oh dear Mother, I love you. I'm sorry, I wasn't good enough. Dear Father, forgive me. Cause in your eyes, I just never added up. In my heart, I know, I failed you. But you left me here alone"..."Dear Brother, just don't hate me. For never standing by you, or being by your side. Dear Sister, please don't blame me. I only did, what I thought was truly right. It's a long, and lonely, road. When you know you walk, alone." Sorry for listing so many lyrics, but it just really captures the emotion of the song. It's something I can't describe with my own words. Especially the vibrato when he says'sister,' and 'road,' during the second verse. Without a doubt, the only song that comes close to Coming Down on this album.

9. Wicked Ways
Probably the only weak song on the album. Although not actually bad, it is definitely the most lacking. That being said though, I can see why someone would like this song. The riffs are not bad, and the chorus is a little catchy, but the most redeeming quality would be the verses. Because of this, I don't have to much to say about this song.

10 If I Fall
The acoustic riff in this song is one of my favorite riffs, probably ever. That doesn't mean the rest of the song is lacking though, they still brought a lot to the table on this one. Another very catchy chorus, with very complete verses as well. Mentioning the riff from before, I wish so badly they had made a whole song based on that riff, or at least with it being the center of the song. If a version like this existed, it would probably be in my top ten songs from this band.

11. 100 Ways To Hate
Definitely one of the more lackluster songs on the album, in my opinion. When I was younger, I liked this song more, and I'm not exactly sure what has changed specifically since then, but I don't like it as much anymore. Still not a bad song, but not the greatest. If I were to guess what parts made it not so good, I would probably say the beginning when the vocals start, until the first verse. The verses and chorus in this song are pretty good, not gonna lie, but the rest just sounds kinda lame to me. 'Hate, hate, hate..' it's not particularly bad, just something that to me doesn't work in this song.

  1. American Capitalist: 9/10
  2. Under and Over It: 8.5/10
  3. The Pride: 6/10
  4. Coming Down: 10/10
  5. Menace: 6.5/10
  6. Generation Dead: 7.5/10
  7. Back For More: 6/10
  8. Remember Everything: 9.5 or 10/10
  9. Wicked Ways: 4/10
  10. If I Fall: 7/10
  11. 100 Ways To Hate: 5/10

I hope you enjoyed reading my first album review, feel free to share your opinions or ask any questions if you have any!
Again, sorry for posting lyrics so much, but to me it feels essential for certain songs to really show what I mean.