RCM Reacts: Look What You Made Me Do Music Video

Previously on my blog post series (RCM reacts), I react to the song Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift but on this post I'm going to be reacting to the music video of Look What You Made Me Do, this post is basically the part 2 of that post.

On my previous post, I said that the song Look What You Made Me Do is one of the best songs on 2017 and I think Look What You Made Me Do is an intense, dark and fierce song.

The music video is amazing, It fits the song perfectly

At the beginning of the music video, you will see a dark things like graveyards and one of the graveyards said "Here lies Taylor Swift's reputation " then below the graveyard the zombie Taylor Swift wearing the same outfit on the Out of the Woods music video. This is my favorite scene in this music video because it fits my personality and It's a little bit gothic to me which I love, I love dark things and It's not really scary for me even when the zombie Taylor Swift show up, and i think this part is dark

The next part of the music video, Taylor Swift is on the bathtub with lots of jewelry. I think their is nothing special about this part, and to be honest this part is a chiche in a music video, I'm not saying this part is bad, I'm just saying that their is noting speical about this part and this part isn't really necessary in this music video.

The next part of the music video, Taylor Swift sits on a golden chair with snakes, I think this symbolized her drama with the couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian because when Kim Kardashian expose Taylor Swift that she lies about not giving her husband a permission to use her name for his song famous, Kim call Taylor Swift a snake and a lot of people call her a snake. I think it's necessary to put snakes on the music video, I don't like or hate this part, i only feel that this part is necessary.

The next part of this music video, Taylor crushed her golden car. This part is not really necessary for this music video but this part is great and artistic

The next part of this musi video, Taylor Swift is in the cage. This part is really necessary because of the line " Lock me out and threw a feast"

The next part, Taylor Swift have a cat mask and swinging the bat that she's holding then she take of the mask. I think this part is fits the line " The world moves on, another day another drama,drama,but not for me all i think about is karma.

This next part is just a short part in this music video, Taylor Swift with a motorcycle. I think this part is cool and she looks cool on this part.

The next part, I can't understand what's going on in this part, Taylor Swift is probably a leader of a lot of realistic robots. She looks sexy in this part but I can't understand waht's really going on, if you know, please say it to me I want to know.

The next part, is Taylor Swift walking and her backup dancers are getting ready to dance. I didn't really care about this and I forgot that this part exsited in this music video.

The next part , Taylor Swift is standing beside the T tower and the "old" Taylor Swifts is trying to go above the T tower to take the "new" Taylor Swift's place/To make the "new" Taylor Swift go back to the "old" Taylor Swift. This part is really interesting for me for some reason.

The next part, Taylor Swift is talking to someone on a phone saying "Sorry, The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now, Why? Oh Cause she's dead. This part is necessary for me because of that lyric and This is my 3rd favorite part on this music video.

The next part, Taylor Swift and her backup dancer dancing. The dance moves are okay, I just don't like it that much.

The last part of the music video, Taylor Swift makes fun of/ dissing herself. I love this part and this my 2nd favorite part of this music video because Taylor swift says the B word for the first time in her music video because she didn't swear in her music video before and I think it very interesting to see celebrities making fun of themselves than celebrities getting mad about their haters.

This music video is awesome, but I would not call it the best music video ever. This music video is one of my favorite music video

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The music video smells liek testickles - AlphaQ