Miku Popularity and How you can Change it

Okay, I will say it right now. I'm not find of Hatsune Miku. She is one of my least favorites (ONE OF, not my least) and I don't like her voice (well, I kinda like her dark append). However, she's still the most popular Vocaloid. I see that she's gained popularity when she was first released, but why does she still have popularity? Shouldn't it have died down when other Vocaloids came in? I'm not saying Miku shouldn't be popular, but why aren't other Vocaloids as or maybe more popular than her?
Well, let's see. Miku has an adorable appearance and a cutesy voice (not necessarily a good one, but you know). The more popular she gets the more great songs she gets. Then she gets even MORE popular because of these songs. Her voice is one that many people can listen to carefree. Her voice is sweet and fun. But do people even realize that there are other Vocaloids out there?
The first Vocaloids in V1 are : LEON, LOLA, MIRIAM, MEIKO, KAITO.
Then we have V2: Sweet ANN, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin/Len, Prima, Gackpoid, Megurine Luka, GUMI, SONiKA, SF-A2 Miki, Kaai Yuki, Hiyama Kiyoteru, BIG AL, Tonio, Lily, VY1, Ryuuto, Nekomura Iroha, Utatane Piko, and VY2.
Next is V3: Mew , SeeU , Tone Rion, OLIVER, CUL, Yuzuki Yukari, Bruno, Clara, IA, Aoki Lapis, Luo Tianyi, galaco; prize ver., MAYU, AVANNA, ZOLA PROJECT, Yan He, YOHIOloid, Merli, and Macne Nana.
I didn't include the private Vocaloids. Anyways, as you can see, there is a HUGE selection of Vocaloids. Miku isn't the oldest one, but she's pretty far back. With so many new Vocaloids coming out, why do people still stick with her? I personally think it's not fair for other Vocaloids that are just as good and better than Miku, like Tonio, MAYU, and Clara. Other Vocaloids have a great chance for becoming popular. But Miku ruins that chance with her own popularity. The reason I'm ranting about her is because other Vocaloids should become more popular. More popularity = more songs, then they might get even MORE popular because of those songs (like I said earlier about Miku). However, we need to spread this message!
My favorite Vocaloid is Luka. She's popular, but not as popular as Miku by a long shot. Now look at the least popular Vocaloids like Mew and Tone Rion. Compared to Miku in popularity, they are like a piece of gum under a table while Miku is the ruler of the earth. But we can change this! If we all work together, we can make a difference by showing others that there is more to Vocaloid than just Miku! I know there are plenty of Vocaloid fans who whine about Miku not being popular. "Whenever you look up Vocaloid, Miku is the first thing that pops up! I hate that!" But the thing is, they never DO anything about it. Now maybe if we can work as a team, we can do something!
Here is what YOU can do to help!
•Spread the word! If you have a favorite Vocalojd that ISN'T Miku, tell your friends, family, your teachers, or even a random stranger about them! Don't be shy to let the world know that you love Vocaloid.
•Here is an idea for people in middle or high school. Write down these instructions on a piece of paper:
Hi (name of teacher)! If you have some free time, here is something cool I have to show you!
1. Go to YouTube.
2. Search up "(name of Vocaloid) Vocaloid songs".
3. Click on any of the songs you see.
4. Listen and enjoy!
You might be wondering what this is. You see, the voice is computer generated. It still sounds cool, though! (Name of Vocaloid) is a Vocaloid. There are many Vocaloids that have their own voices which are computer generated. Some of them can sound amazingly real! There are Vocaloids that sing in Japanese, English, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese! Maybe you could take interest in Vocaloid!
Sincerely, (Your name)
You don't have to out your name but you can if you want. Place the letter in their mailbox, on their desk, or in their locker.
•Play Vocaloid music in public! Bring a radio or stereo out and blast your favorite Vocaloid's music!!! Maybe some people will wonder what it is and get interested!
•Ask strangers to listen to your favorite Vocaloid (with headphones/earbuds). Ask them if they know who is singing, and tell them all about it!
•Hang posters up in the street of your favorite Vocaloid, or put letters in peoples' mailboxes asking them to look into your favorite Vocaloid.
•Tell people across the internet about Vocaloid, especially anime lovers, since many Japanese Vocaloids have anime designs.
•Put an ad in the newspaper about your favorite Vocaloid.
•Maybe make a website dedicated to your favorite Vocaloid!
If you have any ideas yourself, try them! Do whatever you can to make your favorite Vocaloid popular. That way people will notice other Vocaloids besides Miku. Even the popular ones like Rin, KAITO, and GUMI deserve chances!
Hm. Maybe I should put some of my favorite Vocaloids in order:
Aoki Lapis
Luo Tianyi
Um that's all!

So, to sum it up:
•Miku is not the only Vocaloid.
•Now you know all the Vocaloids in order (without updates or appends).
•You can make the other Vocaloids more popular than Miku by doing things like the ones I showed.
•Now you know some of my favorite Vocaloids.