Rant: The emoji movie; DO NOT SPEND MONEY TO WATCH THIS!!!

Phillip873 NOTE: I have not seen this movie yet, as I will probably wait for it to be accessible for free, because I am not paying to see this cash grab. This is just a rant on why I think this movie is ALREADY terrible.

ANOTHER NOTE: This is a very unorganized rant. It's probably a ramble at some points, I might fix it later but it is past midnight for me as of now.

This film AGGREVATES me for a lot of reasons! It represents everything WRONG with animated film. I haven't seen it yet but it's already so predictable judging from the WOWing 8% on rotten tomatoes. And the fresh scores are calling it just "meh" (I'm so sorry for that). Even the optimistic people confirmed it was bad! I don't even WANT to see it in theater ironically, because it means I was played as a fool for giving my money to Sony to see it. All of the trailers didn't make me laugh, the humor was just insulting poop humor and the cliche "soundtrack stops at punchline" type jokes.

This movie completely rips off "Wreck it Ralph", which is in fact a great movie. Why? Because the plot is "Guy doesn't wanna be who he's supposed to be, so he goes on a journey to resolve this". But instead they take all the charm, great characters, and creativity out of it. Also that one emoji (I think her name was jailbreak) is a direct rip off of wildstyle from "The Lego Movie" (one of my favorite animated films of all time) and they don't even try to hide it, just look at the character design! This film is also insulting to me. As a teen, it feels like they are advertising it as "HEY LOOK KIDS, EMOJIS YOU KIDS LIKE EMOJIS RIGHT 😂😂😂😂 HEY NOW ITS A MOVIE GIVE US YOUR MONEY PLS THX 😂😂😂😂!!!!!"

But hey, they are still gonna make a ton of cash, and do you know why? Because it's a cash grab movie. It's designed to be something that families will go to, not caring if it's good or bad, just to shut up the little ones. There are people seeing it "ironically", which is very moronic, because you are literally giving your hard earned cash, just to see a film you know will be terrible! They won and got your cash, you lost. They probably don't care that they have less than 10% on rotten tomatoes or have a 1.4 on imdb AND are above the top 50 LOWEST rated movies on there, because people still went to see it, and they got the 💰 .

I'm just rambling now, if you want to see a film like this, but it's great, go rent or watch "Wreck it Ralph". If you want to see more recent great animated films, I recommend "The Lego Batman movie", "Zootopia", or "Moana". Just DO NOT spend your hard earned cash to see this movie, even if it's ironic, just wait for it to be easily accessi


It's a good thing a lot of people agree (it's one of IMDb's lowest rated ever). What also ticks me off is that I might have to go see it with my mom and her friend (THEY ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE IT BECAUSE IT LOOKS "FUNNY") - Phillip873

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