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htoutlaws2012 In this first episode we watched the top 20 Disturbing moments in kids shows this time around we will go into similar territory, but a bit interesting with the top 20 Unintentionally Disturbing Kids' Characters From Around the World. Going into the video I knew known of these... well maybe the first one kinda, but not really let's begin.


#20 The Boohbahs: Also known as Teletubbies only slightly more disturbing by appearance.

#19 The Puppets - Wiggles: Wow this is very low on the list, but these things singing makes even more worthy.

#18 Fofao - The Island of Dr. Moreau: Yeah, but that would the equivalent of the modern day pedophile you encounter in real life most likely next!

#17 Sasuga Minami - Miburi TV: For a supposed kids show about dancing not sure why there's cussing in the episodes in context of it in the Japanese audience. I would not say disturbing more so dumb really.

#16 The Flute - H.R Pufnstuf: That Flute does seem a little bit odd, but there are more weirder.

#15 The Groke - The Moomins: Maybe I don't get it much than others, but his pretty Totoro only in dark pitch Black ohhh creepy (not).

#14 Mr. Blobby - Noel's House Party: Get that thing as 100 feet away from me right now. I do not want to look at Blobby, nor touch him give me a restraining order this instance!

#13 Mummenschanz - The Muppet Show: Yeah they were very out of place for a Muppets show that is for the most part don't include those type of acts where the kid may seem lost as to what they are watching exactly, a TV show, or magician from Las Vegas which is it?

#12 The Phone - Telechat: A talking phone speaking french ugh.... then to show that the end talk about daily nightmares.

#11 Morso: That face is just ugh... yet is it a show, that is the remaining question unanswered.

#10 Karbonkel - Ik, Mike, Loreland: An ugly witch 10 ugh... whatever I say next!

#9 Ananas - Telefrancais: A moving pineapple you don't say, well that's something you just do not do when coming with a fruit that kids well refuse to eat any Pineapples because of this alone.

#8 Hartley Hare - Pipkins: Apparently this show is good okay.... anyways the creepy looking rabbit makes sense he has a disturbing voice that begs to talk to the general audience while jumping to take you're souls.

#7 The Walrus - Pingu: That looks way out of Place in an animated show like Pingu.

#6 Psalty: At first I got confused as if Psalty was the rabbit, but no its the song book, and while it may not look disturbing to me now unless somebody looks menacing then sure, but top 10 not sure about that.

#5 The Puppets (again) - Peppermint Park: This show tried too hard to be like Sesame Street problem it would be there deceiving look. Based on the two the puppets from Wiggles deserves this spot to be honest, but this one is not far off from that its more so personal preference from what I think is more disturbing.

#4 Wizbit: Here's what is screwed about this one, Wizbit is suppose to be the protagonist right. Well why does she sound all villainous like then, and looks terrifying for kids.

#3 Rat'afak Plachta - Slniecko: What is that first of all, it moves fast yet ahhh its taking my soul the more I hear, and see that appearance how is that not #1.

#2 Nobody - Sesame Street: Its a pair of rubber bands, and it talks huh... that is disturbing, but #2? What is number 1?

#1 Mr. Noseybonk - Jigsaw: Well ugh.... This guy would murder me in my dreams like Freddy Kruger, One look at that face is enough. Its definitely up there, but three was the most worthy to me.

That is the list, they did have a sequel to follow up this video which instead of 20 there were 10 extra ones that ended up getting put in which I may do another time, but yeah that was very interesting seeing all these odd ball shows that nobody has heard of, and then you see you're like wow how did the censors allow this to happen to those poor kids having nightmare fuels outta this. I'm the outlaws, and all see you next. Until then please check out any previous episodes you may have missed, and or curios of any other blog posts I do check them out.


Some of these are horrifying - visitor

Nobody makes be want to stick a knife up my ear...on second thought, ALL OF THEM DO. - TristGamer

Kinda odd to believe how most of these came out of Britain and Europe. - visitor