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1 Scorpia

I think this is the best of the 9 original Alex Rider books. It has great depth, excitement and a brilliant back-story to Alex's past. Russian Roulette, despite not really featuring Alex, is also excellent - certainly the darkest and most grown-up. There are many parallels between Roulette and Scorpia.

Having just read Never Say Die, I would certainly say this is almost as good as (or maybe equal to) Scorpia.

In my opinion, Crocodile Tears and Snakehead are the two AR books which are not as good as the others.

2 Scorpia Rising

Amazing read, an incredible finale to the main plot of the series. It is a roller-coaster of emotions, with exiting and tense moments and heartbreaking ones ( read the book and you'll see what I mean). The villain is pure evil but at the same time has a story of their own and it also includes probably my favourite character in the series, Julius Grief. He is a clone of Dr. Hugo Grief made to look like Alex through plastic surgery, and last appeared in point blanc, which was another incredible book. Here he returns for revenge, but this book really emphasises his character (in a good way).The face-off between him and Alex in the rain is amazing and just everything about this book is just fantastic. I can't say any more. READ THIS THRILLING BOOK! ( make sure you read the previous novels first though.)

3 Russian Roulette: The Story of an Assassin

The best character development by far out of all the Alex Rider books. A very different take compared to all of the other books, and the story develops much more interestingly. The cyclical structure really brings home the reason why Yassen is the way that he is, and his parting comments to Sharkovsky (I won't spoil it) reinforce this. Very cleverly written with the gradual change in his personality, yet you empathize with him as you can see why he becomes the character we know from the other books. You just need to read it to see how good this book is, as I cannot express in words the subtle incredible nature of this book. Far and away the best Alex Rider book. Give it a read.

4 Point Blanc

It has a great plot in the book and has great stereo typical villains such as Mrs stellenbosch who is my favorite villain. It also has many mysterious deaths such as Michael Roscoe and the Russian business man.

The best one and there's not anything anyone can say that will change my mind.

It definitely stands out from the others. Great book.

5 Crocodile Tears

This should of been the number 1 book. I love the alex rider series but this book must of been written with a magic pen. So much tension and fear. Love it.

Crocodile Tears is action from the moment Alex arrives for a Scottish new years party to the epic showdown between him and McCain at the end of the book. Possibly the most violent of all the books, Alex somehow survives impossible odds in one of the highest stakes I've ever seen for an Alex Rider book. Would have voted 1 but doesn't have much character development.

6 Ark Angel

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Yes. This book is brilliant. Stormbreaker, Snakehead, Crocodile Tears, Point Blanc, Russian Roulette, Scorpia Rising, Scorpia, are great. But Ark Angel topped all the lists except for this one.

Ark Angel blends rich villains, high stakes, constant action as well as just the general awesomeness of an epic space battle at the end of the book. Truly fantastic.

The best book by far. Recently finished it and it was such a good book with such a good villain although it is rather weird that the running joke in the book is that Paul has asthma

7 Snakehead

Definitely the most action packed and tense of the entire series. All of the books have believable plots (except maybe skeleton key), but Snakehead takes a real world problem such as refugees and illegal organ donation and amplifies it to a point where I wonder how Alex could possibly survive.

I have read all 10 book in the series and 4 short stories and Snakehead is by far the best book produced by Anthony Horowitz.

Excellent book. It should be number one. It takes a real-life problem. This book is remarkable

8 Stormbreaker

It was a good starters book and was a easy read.

9 Eagle Strike

Non stop action combined with the best and most inventive villain in the series leads to Eagle Strike, the forth book in the Alex Rider series. The chain of events that leads to somebody (not saying who) being shredded in a jet engine is truly phenomenal.

Ever since I read this book when I was in Grade 6, I strongly felt that this was the best Alex Rider book. I liked the story so much that I would read it more than doing in class work sometimes.

I love all Alex Rider books and this one was equally amazing! After I read Russian Roulette though,it gave me a totally different perspective on Yassen in this book and I feel he shouldn't have died! Damian Cray was also a great portrayal of a villain,who had good intentions but was kinda mad.

10 Skeleton Key

Such a great villain and a great book where Alex finally works for another organisation. The CIA. What makes it my 2nd fave is that I rally think that Turner and Troy were just rather irratating people with no real depth.

The Contenders
11 Never Say Die

This is Brilliant. The reunion between Jack and Alex is beautiful, for me Top 3.

I'm excited for this book to come out! I love this series.

12 Nightshade
13 Secret Weapon
14 The Gadgets

Really great and addictive fun will have the most amazing time ever!

Great book. Really shows the Gadgets and their importance.

15 Undercover
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