Best Divergent Factions

The Top Ten
1 Dauntless

I honestly think that Dauntless is the best faction. They are badass and carefree. They train hard and work hard, and they basically define "Faction before blood."

Dauntless is surely the baddest and coolest of all. Ready to face any damn challenge without a sense of fear. If needed, they can protect the entire society.

Dauntless is all about brute strength, instincts, reflexes, intelligence, and pure badass skill. You can't compete with one.

Ha! I'd totally be with them if I were brave and good with weapons.

2 Erudite

Erudite is my favorite faction.
It's the result I got when I took the test at the end of the book, so I'm happy about that. So, yeah. Awesome!

Not considering how they tried to kill off all the Divergents, their faction was by far the best. They had high-level technology and were curious about the world around them. And they are the Ravenclaws of Divergent, so they are the best!

Maybe their thirst for knowledge can turn into greed sometimes, but knowledge IS power. Most problems can be most easily solved with some intelligence, which is really worth a lot.

Just think, if you take away Jeanine, Erudite has done nothing wrong. They have, for the most part, helped the rest of the Divergent universe to excel. Without their knowledge, where would this fandom be?

3 Amity

Amity takes the unity from the other factions and combines it with just being nice and helpful! As I see it, it's the best possible outcome of someone's aptitude test.

Being nice, helping others, and farming are the most awesome in my book!

Their whole thing is making sure everyone's happy. What's not to like?

You should just be happy.

4 Candor

Candor is the best because they're always honest, and you may be offended when I say Peter is the best character, but that's just FACTS.

We have amazing characters, ice cream, and are allowed pets. We believe in honesty, so if a Candor says they'll do it, they'll do it. In Candor, lies are not allowed, which is great for those who need the truth. Candors know how to detect lies (awesome skill) and like debating. They always speak their mind and will not shut up. You will always know the facts. This is what I like about Candor.

Candor members, those who stay anyway, don't lie.

We are honest. But we also had Baby Peter.

5 Abnegation

Abnegation is the best! You literally spend your whole life helping other people. There's nothing that beats that. Plus, the uniform is SUPER comfortable.

Abnegation is the best because they help each other and are very respectful.

Abnegation is #3, not 5.

6 Factionless