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1 Fang

He is my all time favorite character. He is jealous of Dylan when Fang finds out that Dylan is sleeping in Max's room. He loves Max more than anything and will do anything for he no questions asked

Famg seriously bothers me. He goes off without the flock to "protect them," and writes MAX a goodbye letter. Not anyone else in the flock, just Max. Nice sibling... Then he always tries to play off as dark and mysterious, but he talks ten more times than any other character (besides Max) and nobody else ever gets mentioned. Also, he's apparently the strongest, but then he gets hurt the most? Ughhh. Sorry for ranting, I just saw the Maximum Ride movie, and (excuse my language) I am absolutely angered!

2 Max

To honor (or dishonor...) the movie, I'm going to comment on every single person here. So Max is a pretty good female lead. She is rash, and doesn't really take 'no' for an answer. I like that about her. But after book three she becomes more agreeable, cares more about relashionships and her looks, and wants to save the poor dying fish and penguins. Ughhh. Max. Just let them die. And after they got rid of all of her flaws, they even make the one thing that she's terrible at (cooking) one of her skills. All the sudden she can cook and she looks pretty and is extremely smart and perfect. THAT'S NOT MAX. BOOKS ONE-THREE IS MAX! Ughhh, James Patterson. Really?

3 Ari

I like Ari. Sure, being brought back from the dead three times is a stupid author choice, but blame JP. He's a good character and I like when it shows his character depth in the stories.

4 Angel

She bothers me. She has the most powers, but can't even realize the proper time to use them. If the scientists really wanted them to save the world, they would've programmed the powers into Max, the more wise and obvious choice.

It feels like a personal offense whenever someone says bad stuff about Angel. Imagine if you had all those powers at that age. She just made a few mistakes, that's all.

5 Gazzy

He's cute, but they never talk about him. He is a good character who is smart and funny, but also very determined. It's admirable - his love for his family I mean.

6 Iggy

Iggy is probably my favorite character because he doesn't really give up, and he has a lot of character in him! I mean, he's blind but thankfully they don't make him complain at all or put unnecessary drama about him and his blindness in the books, which I appreciate! He gets irrated easily, and is pretty sarcastic, so he has a good mix of flaws and stuff. Only problem (like Nudge and Gazzy) is that he's rarely mentioned.

Why is he lower than Gazzy and Angel! I understand Ari, Fang, and Max being above him, considering they are more of a main character than Iggy... But still! Well he is my favorite and deserves full recognition for his awesomeness!

7 Nudge

I really like her! She is underrated, definitely, but she has good character. The one thing I liked about the Maximum Ride movie was her. She had good character development and had more of a personality compared to the books. Although she doesn't talk much in the movie, that wasn't really her thing. But in the books you'd think that she would talk more, because that's Nudge's thing. She talks. But she doesn't, she is barely mentioned and Fang talks WAY more than her. And he's supposed to play the creepy quiet dude.

8 Jeb

Not much to say about him. He is pretty much an evil scientist who plays good-cop bad-cop the entire series. His personality is always switching, and they can't even maintain his loyalty to the flock for one chapter. He could be better if they written him better.

9 Mr. Martinez

She's okay. She plays a motherly role that we don't get to see in the movie. In the movie she is more of a doctor than a mother, which disappointed me. But she cares for Max and she wants to do what's best. I like her character.

10 Total
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11 Ratchet
12 The School

Not really a character and not really deserving a spot for the best character. But the whitecoats are terrible people who shouldn't experiment on people.

13 Phoenix

She is the daughter of Maximum Ride and Fang! Already I can tell that she is going to be just like her parents.

14 Dylan
15 Holden Squibb
16 Mike
17 Ella

Eh. She is okay. She's just there, but not really a good or bad character. She's just a character.

18 Fax
19 Star
20 Anne

I felt kind of bad for her. Max hated her right when they moved in, and she tried to provide them shelter and food. Max acted like Anne was evil before it was revealed that she really was evil!

21 Akila
22 Kate Tan Wei Ying
23 Maya
24 J.J.
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