Full-fledged List Analysis: Reasons Why Books are Better than Movies

NuMetalManiak What are some good reasons that books can be better than movies? You might find some here. Or you might not?

1. You Can Imagine Things The Way You Want To: Books are interesting ways to get your mind into all sorts of things I guess. You can imagine a familiar story in a different limelight.
2. Movies are Bad for Your Eyes: Only if you're too close to a screen or watch too many.
3. More Imagination for the Reader: Uh, already a duplicate item.
4. Books Improve Your Vocabulary: Which you can see from the print, moreso than the movies in words. Although learning new vocabulary may be learned via a dictionary instead.
5. It Doesn't Get Split Into Two Parts: Well only the big-time book-into-movie movies get split up, possibly because of production issues.
6. Books Are More Detailed: Erm, you mean in words I guess. Pictures? Not in most books.
7. Longer Enjoyment: Well you can get longer enjoyment in movies too so what's your point.
8. Books Hold More Memories: Anything can hold memories. Anything.
9. Characters In Books Cannot Be Ruined By Bad Acting: I guess this could be true. Although there are characters that are bad regardless.
10. Books Last Longer: Well think about the memories item. Wear and tear could also play a factor, since books are paper and movies are a different kind of story, hmm...
11. Books Help in Developing Various Activities: I guess so.
12. Movies Have Limited Storytelling Time: Somewhat true, but should a book-to-movie be that close to representing the book?
13. Books Are Educational Assistance: Erm, so are certain movies, actually.
14. Books Are Totally Portable: Well you can't bring a whole theater showcase with you, but you can actually bring a DVD.
15. Reading A Story Makes It Stay In Your Mind Longer: Well one thing I can say is after watching a movie in a theater, it really does linger in my mind for a while. Books a little less.
16. Books Stimulate the Mind Better Because They Force You to Use Your Imagination: I guess that's a fact.
17. Reading Is Usually Cheaper: Well, it does depend on the book price. Some authors may be greedy.
18. Movies Can Be Extremely Sexual: Only if you deliberately watch porn movies. But there are also porn books too.
19. A Lot Of Movies Focus On Being Commercial, Compromising On Quality: I'm not sure if this is a decent argument.
20. Books Are More Convenient to Carry Around: So are DVDs.
21. Usually In Books You Get to Know the Characters Better: I think this one is also moot.
22. As an Author, You Control Everything In Your Book: Well, if you decide to be an author that is.
23. Movies Burn Your Brain Cells: This list will burn my brain cells if I see items like this.
24. You Can’t Burn a Movie After Your Favorite Character Dies in It: And how does this make a book better than a movie? Do you mean that if you hate that a character dies, you burn a book? Also you can burn a movie.
25. Books Do Not Show Dirty Scenes: Read what I said about #18.
26. Even Ugly Characters Can Look Nice: Only in your imagination.
27. Books are More Amusing Than Movies: Only at amusing parts I bet.
28. You Are Smarter If You Read Books: That is certainly subjective.
29. Books Help You Get Into University: If you mean textbooks, I guess. The cost though.
30. Books Don't Have Ads: Well all the ads in a movie show up before it starts, then there's no ads anymore. Not a good point.
31. When You Buy a Movie It is Hard to Edit but When You Buy a Book It is Easy to Edit.: And why would you want to edit a book someone else wrote? Just to be a jerk to the author or write some bad fanfiction? At least you acknowledge that a movie can be edited.
32. Books Don't Need Dumb Trailers: Trailers do get people excited for movies though.
33. Sometimes Movies Cut Out Some Details, Also Sometimes They Change Some of the Characters Traits: Again, production means are the issue here. You can't expect producers to do everything for a character. Don't be nitpicky.
34. Books are Also Great Babysitters: Depends. Most kids being babysat would do all sorts of different things.
35. Books Provide the Background Information That Movies Can't Provide: Well this would actually really help the books.
36. It Improves Our Knowledge: You can improve your knowledge with just about anything.
37. Anyone Can Make a Book but Only Directors Can Make Movies: I mentioned producers earlier...
38. Books Describe the Characters' Emotions Better: Well due, books are more descriptive.
39. Reading with a Friend: Watching a movie with a friend isn't all that different.
40. Books Have All the Details that the Author Wants: Because all those details were what the author wrote.
41. Books Can Be More Exciting: So can movies.
42. Books Don't Require Electricity: Finally, a legitimate point. Although with the technology age, books are available online too.
43. You Can’t Throw Movies: Yes you can, they come in DVDs.
44. In Theatre They Don't Pause the Movie When You Have to Go to the Toilet Whereas You Can Just Put the Book Down: Another actually good point.
45. Movie Theaters Can Be Cold, Loud, and Noisy You Can Read a Book In Your House Comfortably Cuddled On Your Couch In Silence.: Yet another good point. These are the good items on the list. Wordy, but good items.
46. Books are Better Help: You know there's motivational videos and other types of helpful electronic stuff, right?
47. Books Have Nice Covers: So do most movies.
48. Books Help You with Your Eyesight: Well, sort of. Burying your eyes in a book is silly though.
49. Movies Crush Your Brain: No they don't. Unless you're looking too into a movie plot that much. Then again, looking too into a book plot can have the same effect.
50. Movies Fry Brain Cells: Not only is this a bad item, it's also a duplicate.
51. Movies Have a Budget but for Books Their Budget is Your Imagination: Actually, there's probably a budget involved for publishing and selling a book.

Well this list could've been pretty cool, but a lot of points made can be applied to movies. When you think about it, they aren't so different after all.


I would think this list would be better has reason why books are better than movie adaptations of said book.
Books are only movies you read afterall - germshep24

"42. Books Don't Require Electricity: Finally, a legitimate point."
This still would be a weird reason to like books more, although true. - visitor