Why America Shouldn't Have Anything To Do With Religion

When I read the list of Changes America Should Make, I couldn't believe how lopsided this TheTopTens user is towards forcing religion down everyone's throats. For starters, she thinks that religion should be taught in schools. There's a reason why that doesn't happen anymore, and it's that atheists didn't think it was fair to be taught a belief, because you can teach reading and math but you can't teach a belief. Besides, that would eliminate science class, because religion is the opposite of science, but we need science in order to invent no things and create cures to diseases. Religion already slows down science, and science could cure many people who were dying and are now dead, so making the next generation only believe in religion will kill a lot more diseased people. One of the main reasons science and religion conflict are because of the Theory of Evolution, which GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER wants to get rid of. The Theory of Evolution makes eponentially more sense than "God" creating humans and you can't argue that. Also, one point on the list says stop atheists from banning religion in politics, but we have an economy that runs fine without "God" poking his head into it. When you're the president and you're trying to make a point, you state the facts, maybe give a prediction, but the point would sound stupid if you added a biblical belief to it. These are all of the reasons that GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER is dead wrong about what this country needs.


Give me one good reason why Evolution is more believable than creationism. And also, the Bible clearly stated that things should be washed in moving water. Because all people didn't read the Bible back then, they washed things in standstill water, and there were many deaths and infections. Science didn't discover the moving water thing for what? 1,500 years after? If they would've looked in the Bible, millions of lives could be saved. The Bible has been the motivation for many scientists. Columbus saw that the Bible said the earth was round, so he didn't believe others who said it was flat and that the ocean just suddenly ended. This gave him the courage to explore. Also, the man who discovered ocean currents read that God said there were Paths in the Sea. His quote: 'If God says there are paths in the Sea, I am going to find them. ' And he did. The Bible pointed out many scientific facts way before they were discovered. And ever since irreligion has been increasing in this country, our economy has been failing, political correctness is running rampant, and we won't last much longer unless something is done. Don't believe me? Just you wait and see, smarty. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

Firstly, there are still deaths from unhealthy water sources in many countries, be them rich or poor, or be their attitudes science-based or religion-based. With science, we have learned that these deaths result from water-borne microbes, which we have analysed the physical properties of down to the smallest molecules with microscopes, with light of various specific frequencies, and with chemicals. The religious perspective argues that illnesses were caused by small demons, which we had no way of confirming the existence of at the time. So how could religion offer a cure?

Secondly, Columbus intended to investigate in the name of both science and religion. His voyage intending to prove that the Earth was a sphere, however, was driven by science. There was much more scientific evidence for it than there was in the Bible, including the disappearance of the Sun below the horizon, but then its reappearance as your perspective changes, as well as the shift in the wavelength of light. People also lived close enough to the coastline at the time to accurately determine by observation that rivers linked to oceans. The Bible was simply written from said observations and not from assumption.

Plus, there's so much else which the Bible has not referenced and science has. According to religion, Earth is the centre of everything. We now know otherwise, having been into space if my argument is not convincing enough.

And that's your one good reason in a nutshell. - PositronWildhawk

That had nothing to do with evolution. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

Didn't have to be. It's just proof that you're skint. - visitor

It's simple. The reason evolution is more believable than Creationism is the amount of evidence behind evolution. - Cazaam

Since you're still looking for an explanation of the Theory of Evolution, I will tell you this: When the only life was fish, there were no land animals. How did they get there? Slight mutations in DNA and genetic codes eventually changed the fish so drastically that they grew legs because of some mutation, so then they began to walk on land. And this type of thing has been happening for billions of years, and eventually primates evolved, animals that have binocular vision, opposable thumbs, and more similarities with humans. After a few mutations, the Australopithecus humans evolved: Humans before homo sapiens, which we are. Also, scientists have dug up skeletons of previous humans, which is how they know they existed. And how would "God" create humans from scratch when you have these previous humans and primates as proof that there were humans or humanlike creatures before "God" supposedly created them. - Songsta41

God was an absolutely ENORMOUS role in America's creation. Abraham Lincoln believed in him. If he didn't, chances are, we'd either still have slavery, or the southern states would be isolated still. As we push Him from politics, our country falls apart. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

I'm sure Lincoln ended slavery in the name of principles and what's right and wrong. Whether or not he believed in god is irrelevant. - Songsta41

Looks like a heated debate is going on here, haha! Anyway, I'm here outline my reasons why I believe in evolutionism.

1) More believable.
2) Genetic Mutation - Certain strains of Tuberculosis bacteria are becoming more and more resistent to most of the drugs we used for treating TB. Only one explanation of this is genetic mutation and thus evolution.
2) Due to high amount of industrial pollution, the white peppered moth ( which used its white color prior to pollution for camouflage) started to decrease in number as they couldn't camouflage in the blackish, polluted and smoky air. Predators started noticing them easily, and their number started decreasing rapidly. After a number of years, a black colored variant of peppered moth ( possibly a mutant) came into the scene. They easily camouflaged in the smogy air, and thus they were saved from further decrease in population (this is natural selection and evolution's example. )
3) Nethandral's skulls and their fossils - The biggest proof of human evolution. The common ancestor of humans and Nethandrals splitted into two evolutionary paths. One was the Nethendrals and the other is the one which finally after many genetic changes, evolved into us homo sapiens. Sadly the Nethendrals didn't survive, but left their skulls and fossils as a proof that humans evolved too, like other animals.
4) Dinosaur fossils - I can't believe people can ignore this fact. Numerous fossils have been discovered related to dinosaurs. Could humans survive if they lived side by side with dinosaurs? The reason of dinosaur mass extinction could have easily wiped out humans too, except that we were in some form of a small animal, which burrowed holes into the ground and lived there to save itself from the calamity (this is the animal which was the ancestor of all mammals living today, including humans).
I've many more reasons, but I think I should end my reasoning here. - Kiteretsunu

Very interesting - visitor

Do the Evolution by Pearl Jam pretty much sums up what I wanted to say. - Songsta41

Looks like to me that your trying to force atheism down everyone's throats - CityGuru

There is more evidence behind evolution, but the beliefs of creationism that exist are very strong and give many believers strength and guidance. Therefore, I think people should be able to believe what they want to believe but not try to prove other beliefs wrong. - EvilAngel

Hold on wouldn't having religion being taught in all schools (instead of any specific religious private school like a Christian school or something) technically be against The First Amendment because in public schools and non-religious private schools there are children who may not believe in the same religion as someone else or no religion at all and if one religion is shoved down our throats then it would be offensive towards those children and they'd feel like they're forced to believe something that they don't really believe. - Anonymousxcxc