Top 10 Classic Tom and Jerry Episodes

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1 Kitty Foiled

Pure tom and Jerry mischief one of the only times a cartoon didn't need a plot

2 The Little Orphan

It was a really funny episode but then nibbles had to go and ruin it or is it tuffy which is which. It's n wonder why he's hated by amny

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3 That's My Mommy

This episode is awful! There was a suicide joke in the middle of this episode

I hate this short especially that duckling

I just LOVE this episode! - funnyuser

I love it.

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4 The Two Mouseketeers

This episode literally gave me nightmares, with Tom getting executed with the guillotine and all, but nonetheless, it definitely stood out.

The most classic Tom & Jerry episode, no doubt. Amazing episode that everyone should watch. No. 1. - AlGalaxy

This is actually my second fave. Where's the one where Tom paints Jerry white and sells him, then the owner buys the "white" mouse. I always laugh so hard when white Jerry dances to that music. If you want to reply to this, say +EadlumKirke.

Fantastic episode. Love Jerry and Nibbles.

5 Cue Ball Cat

This episode is so classic. And being an avid fan (owning every episode except 2 hopefully some of you got that) The episode has no plot except Tom hates Jerry and starts to fight him using his surroundings. No bombs in his house, guns at the bowling alley, none of it. Just classic, pg cartoon fun.

I love the part where the soda machine burped tom out, and when tom went duh

Funniest Episode also this episode contains toms longest scream

Great classic episode. I love it. - AlGalaxy

6 Little School Mouse

Much better than Professor Tom. Charming, and good to see Jerry's comeuppance at the end.

When I was a kid, I hated it. But now I realize it was a brilliant cartoon.

Good but only part I hate is Crybaby Nibbles

I hated it

7 Solid Seranade

This one was definitely legendary - Mcgillacuddy

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8 Pecos Pest
9 A Mouse In the House
10 Texas Tom

Episodes of best Tom and jerry texas Tom

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11 Blue Cat Blues

One of the deepest and darkest messages in cartoon history

Who would put this on a best list

This episode should be number one!
It literally ends the series with our main characters committing suicide!
It features Tom drinking alcohol!

12 Quiet Please!
13 Mice Follies
14 Barbecue Brawl
15 Mouse For Sale

Hate this one

16 That's My Pup
17 Just Ducky
18 Touche, Pussy Cat

No. 2 most classic in my mind to The Two Mouseketeers. Great episode. - AlGalaxy

19 The Yankee Doodle Mouse V 1 Comment
20 Little Quacker
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1. Blue Cat Blues
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