Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time

Anime, as a medium, has given rise to a multitude of powerful characters, each with their own distinct abilities and backstories. From legendary warriors to mythical beings, the strength of these characters often transcends the boundaries of their respective worlds. The sheer diversity in their abilities and the creative ways in which their strength is portrayed contribute to the enduring popularity of these characters.

Some characters draw their strength from rigorous training and martial arts mastery, while others are bestowed with supernatural abilities or magical powers. There are also those whose strength is derived from their unyielding willpower and determination, making them formidable opponents in any battle.
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1 Goku (Dragon Ball) Goku, the protagonist of Dragon Ball, is renowned for his extraordinary strength and limitless potential, often surpassing his limits in battles. His ability to transform into various Super Saiyan forms makes him one of the most formidable characters in the anime world.

Goku is a character who always wants to get stronger and fight stronger opponents. This would be impossible if he were already the strongest. He is intentionally written as a character who overcomes adversity and reaches new heights.

If he were the strongest person in existence, there would be no reason for him to exist. In that regard, Goku is inspirational. However, his life would be without meaning if he had no one who could give him a run for his money.

If Goku were the strongest character in anime, all of Dragon Ball Super would consist of him farming and raising his family.

2 Saitama (One-Punch Man) Saitama, from One-Punch Man, possesses unparalleled strength, capable of defeating any opponent with a single punch. His strength is so immense that he constantly searches for a worthy adversary to find excitement in battle.

Number one for two reasons: he can kill anything with a single punch, and he's universal at the very least. He could defeat the Omni King since Zeno would never expect it because he doesn't look menacing at all. Also, nobody knows his full name, so Light Yagami couldn't kill him. The rest he could simply beat with one punch.

He is the strongest, by definition. He can defeat anybody with only one punch while being invincible at the same time. Son Goku? Saitama defeats him with one punch. Alucard? He can regenerate all he wants, just to be destroyed to a crisp with one punch. Nothing can hurt him.

He has different weaknesses than any other character. How does he pay the bills? Why doesn't anyone know him, or better said, why isn't he famous? And how does he avoid the awful boredom of winning every fight with just one punch?

He usually isn't even serious while fighting and fools around most of the time. Despite this, he is capable of destroying the whole planet with just one simple punch.

3 Vegeta (Dragon Ball) Vegeta, a key character in Dragon Ball, is known for his intense rivalry with Goku and his relentless pursuit of strength. His Saiyan heritage and numerous transformations, including Super Saiyan God and Blue, make him a powerhouse.

Why is Vegeta ranked behind Naruto? He is only slightly weaker than Goku. During the Saiyan saga, he had enough power to easily destroy planets. This is demonstrated when he effortlessly destroyed Planet Arlia with a power level of 18,000 - although power levels are meaningless. Since then, he has gotten thousands of times stronger and is capable of performing Superman-like feats with ease. (Superman would beat him in a fight, though.) He is even able to hold his own against gods, but not defeat them.

Sure, my opinion here is pretty biased towards Dragon Ball Z, but I don't think Naruto - who is ridiculously powerful with his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and all - would be able to hold a candle to Vegeta.

4 Whis (Dragon Ball) Whis, an angelic attendant from Dragon Ball, is a mentor to Beerus and possesses godly powers that far surpass those of Goku and Vegeta. His ability to manipulate time and ultra-fast speed make him nearly invincible.

Whis should be #1, and Beerus should be #2. The reason is that Beerus proved he was stronger than Goku in the movie. Beerus stated that Whis is his teacher, which is why Whis should be number one.

List Goku, Vegeta, Vegito, Gogeta - name them all - they won't touch Whis. In the movie, Beerus and Goku were the only fighters, while Whis was merely wandering around looking for food. If he had fought, Goku would have likely died. Whis let Beerus do all the work.

If King Kai and all the other Kais are afraid of Beerus, it's only because Beerus is the God of Destruction. They aren't scared of Whis because they know Beerus will handle everything. Beerus also said the strongest person he's fought was Whis, not Goku. Goku was the second strongest. That's why Whis is number one, Beerus number two, and Goku number three.

5 Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto) Naruto Uzumaki, the hero of Naruto, is a ninja with immense power, known for his indomitable spirit and the power of the Nine-Tails fox within him. His mastery of various jutsu and Sage Mode makes him a formidable force in the shinobi world.

Naruto is a monster when it comes to pure strength. In his own respective universe, he is stronger than anyone else, such as Sasuke, who destroyed a meteor with one hit. Madara, who took down an entire army using only physical attacks. And Itachi Uchiha, who could torture someone for three days and three nights in the time of a second. Rock Lee, who was able to hit and then hit again without even touching the ground, in a blur, for many minutes, means that he could basically float above the ground using speed alone and hit his enemies for several minutes. Gaara, who created a sand shield that took a nuke the size of a city, and Minato, Naruto's dad, who was able to teleport to a mark that he had put on someone before they had been killed.

Naruto has feats like falling off a tower face-first and not being scathed in his second strongest form. When he had used up all of his energy, he was still able to blow up a valley and his opponent's arm in it. Naruto was able to sense the difference between identical clones in every way by sensing emotion. He was stabbed in every limb by a blade but was still able to get up with the blades intact.

To cap it off, Naruto is definitely the strongest anime character - except for maybe Goku. But the Dragon Ball Z universe shouldn't really be on this list because they are so overpowered and unfair compared to the others.

6 Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece, has the ability to stretch his body like rubber thanks to the Gum-Gum Fruit. His relentless determination to become the Pirate King and his Haki abilities make him incredibly strong.

Nothing needed. Number five for sure. He can bend the very laws of physics to his will. He takes no damage unless hit by a blade, and let's be honest here. Almost no one on this list has ever used a blade.

Luffy is, for one, a powerful character capable of destroying rocks with a punch. He also has Haki, which allows him to harden his body for defense and use Observation Haki to dodge attacks. Even if he can't dodge an attack, his body is still made out of rubber. So, unless someone can bypass this trait, they cannot hurt him.

Additionally, Luffy has various gears that make him faster, more durable, and stronger. He also has a unique ability to improvise attacks that work against his enemy. Because of this, I don't think Goku could ever be serious with him. Likewise, Saitama would probably also become serious until Luffy changes his demeanor.

7 Beerus (Dragon Ball) Beerus, the God of Destruction from Dragon Ball, wields godly power capable of obliterating planets and entire civilizations. His combat skills and near-immortality make him one of the most feared beings in the universe.

While I think the day will come when Goku may surpass Beerus and Whis, he hasn't done so yet. Never mind the fact that Beerus can blow up a planet just by tapping his finger. If you watch the last Dragon Ball movie, he fights Goku in Super Saiyan God form.

Even after they finish fighting, Whis talks to him about how he hasn't had to use that much of his power in a long time. That level of power is not even more than half of his true potential. We haven't seen the full extent of Beerus' powers ourselves, and yet every other character on the show is scared of him!

I love Goku. He and Vegeta are my favorite characters by far. But if we're talking about the strongest anime character, Beerus and Whis should be first and second.

8 Madara Uchiha (Naruto) Madara Uchiha, a legendary shinobi in Naruto, is known for his unmatched strength and mastery of the Sharingan and Rinnegan. His prowess in battle and strategic mind make him one of the most fearsome characters in the series.

Madara should obviously be at the top. Not only does he have extraordinary powers, but he also cheated death easily. Even in the latest episodes (episode 393 or higher), he defeats all the tailed beasts by simply looking at them and uttering a few words.

As a living person, he is even more unbeatable and far stronger. The fact that he is single-handedly dominating a war is enough. Additionally, he can summon meteors that can take out a city and wipe out two mountains by just unsheathing a single sword.

Madara's brutal philosophy on manipulating people is awe-inspiring. He molds Obito, who was the nicest kid growing up, known for helping the elderly and such. Madara states that it's easiest to control those types of people because once they witness the horrors of the world, they immediately fall into darkness.

And if they don't fall, Madara will simply create the darkness in their hearts for them. He is truly evil, merciless, and unstoppable. He only died because God's son killed him. Otherwise, he would have ruled the world.

9 Vados (Dragon Ball) Vados, an angelic guide from Dragon Ball, serves as a mentor to Champa and possesses immense power surpassing that of most gods. Her abilities in combat and her vast knowledge make her an incredibly strong character.

She's stronger than Whis and is the daughter of the Grand Priest. Lastly, she somehow gets over living with Champa.

She's currently the most powerful being in the entire DBverse, though Goku is still my favorite.

She's the sexiest, most powerful girl in the entire existence of anime.

10 Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) Ichigo Kurosaki, the main character of Bleach, is a Soul Reaper with immense spiritual power. His unique abilities, including his Hollow form and Bankai, make him a highly skilled and powerful warrior.

Ichigo can travel slightly faster than the speed of light, a feat that is nearly impossible for any other anime character to accomplish. If he uses this speed advantage against Naruto, circling him over and over like he did with Byakuya in the "Save Rukia" arc, he would likely be stronger than Naruto. It's worth mentioning that this was when Ichigo was arguably at his weakest in terms of Soul Reaper abilities. He has massively improved his abilities both as a Soul Reaper and a Visored since then. So, it's not hard to believe that he could outperform both Naruto and Luffy.

Despite all this power, I would say that Ichigo can't defeat Goku or Vegeta. They can travel many times faster than the speed of light, while Ichigo can only travel slightly faster. Moreover, the difference in the massive amounts of Ki in Goku and Vegeta compared to Ichigo's energy and stamina is too great. As much as I love Bleach, I can't see Ichigo winning against either of them. This is why Ichigo must be ranked fourth, below Vegeta, Goku, and Saitama (from weakest to strongest).

The Contenders
11 Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail) Natsu Dragneel, from Fairy Tail, is a powerful Dragon Slayer wizard with the ability to consume and control fire. His fierce loyalty to his guild and friends drives him to continually grow stronger.

Many people underestimate Natsu because he is in Fairy Tail, and the anime isn't the best out there. However, as Rogue stated before, Natsu's power knows no bounds. Erza also mentioned that he gets stronger depending on the opponent's strength.

Essentially, he is a character created from a book that has limitless power. He defeated an immortal man whom even Acnologia couldn't kill. Zeref became a god of time and space, yet base Natsu defeated him.

The interesting part is that we haven't even seen him at his strongest, and we probably won't, due to him not transforming into E.N.D. This is unfortunate. While Fairy Tail has its share of inconsistencies and plot armor, that doesn't change the fact that Natsu has incredible power.

12 Alucard (Hellsing) Alucard, the powerful vampire from Hellsing, is virtually immortal and possesses immense strength, speed, and regenerative abilities. His vast arsenal of supernatural powers and weaponry make him nearly invincible in combat.

Alucard can't be killed unless he wills it. He said himself, "Only a man can kill a monster," and I don't think Saiyans are humans. The only way someone could kill Alucard is if he is really that bored and believes that a specific human is worthy of killing him. So, with him being omnipresent and nowhere at all, there is no way for him to be killed. Anything non-human immediately loses. It would take Goku blowing up a lot of dimensions and destroying Alucard many times before he would run out of energy enough for Alucard to either eat him or put a bullet in his head.

The best candidates are either Naruto or Ichigo, in my opinion. I assume Alucard would find Naruto too childish and tell him he's foolish before killing him. Ichigo, however, has higher chances. He is willing to do what needs to be done to save people and is a little more grown up than Naruto. However, I'm not sure if Ichigo can still be considered "human."

13 Light Yagami (Death Note) Light Yagami, the central character of Death Note, wields the Death Note, allowing him to kill anyone by writing their name in it. His intelligence and strategic thinking make him an extraordinarily dangerous individual.

Number three for sure. He can write anyone's name and kill them in a matter of seconds. He could be number one, but he would have to get past the Omni King and Saitama. Nobody knows their full names so far, so he would get squashed.

I read the list from top to bottom and agreed with most of it until I saw Light Yagami. I laughed at first, thinking, "This guy is so average compared to all the superpowered freaks above." But then I started realizing just how powerful Light really is. This is a list for the strongest anime character, right? I'm not going to argue that strength comes from the mind. No, I'm going to say that Light can simply write a name down, and that person is dead - over and done with.

As much as I respect the other people on this list, they have their drawbacks. For example, some take five episodes to draw up power. Others sacrifice themselves in battle for their friends, which is noble but counterproductive to winning the battle, which is the whole point of this poll. Overall, Light has the easiest chance of winning. Write the name and stay hidden for 30 seconds. No one can muster enough power in 30 seconds, which is what anime has proven to us. It's kind of silly, really, but I stick with this view. Much respect to the others, but I have to throw my vote this way.

14 Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto) Sasuke Uchiha, from Naruto, is a ninja of exceptional talent and power, known for his mastery of the Sharingan and later the Rinnegan. His quest for vengeance and subsequent journey for redemption showcase his formidable skills and resolve.

One Rinnegan alone is powerful enough, but Sasuke has two. I understand Naruto, but Sasuke has never really used all of his power. As kids, he could've killed Naruto had he wanted to. I would've put Sasuke at least in third place. I like Vegeta too, but Sasuke could easily kill Vegeta and Trunks as well.

The fact that he is Naruto's rival makes it even more sensible. He isn't in the top 5, which is nonsense. Certain people are out of order. Sasuke killed his own master, took his brother's eyes, and nearly killed the 5 Kage. Think about it: if the Raikage hadn't hit an off-guard Sasuke, Gaara would've died, no doubt. Could Naruto do that? No. Naruto got destroyed by the Raikage until he got Kurama mode. Sasuke didn't even need that extra power to be even with him.

Sasuke fought Danzo, Sakura, Kakashi, and still had the power to fight Naruto. Yet, Naruto had already rested in a cage and then was taken to his limit when he fought his so-called equal. Put Sasuke in the top 5, man. How could you even think about Naruto without thinking about Sasuke? Really.

15 Vegito (Dragon Ball) Vegito, the fusion of Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball, combines the strengths and abilities of both warriors into one immensely powerful being. His fusion results in a warrior with unmatched combat skills and power levels.

No information needed. This man will be above Goku and will have a fair ranking of seven. Why is he above Goku? Well, just imagine an Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego combined level power Vegito flying towards you. I would be shaking in my boots.

Vegito is stronger than Gogeta. This is stated in the anime. Also, Goku and Vegeta fused to form both Vegito and Gogeta. How in Kami's name are Goku and Vegeta above their fused counterparts? Goku outranks the Omni-King (literally the god of the universe), Vados and Whis (Angels), and Beerus and Champa (Gods of Destruction), as well as various other forms of SSJ Goku himself, even SSG Goku. This makes absolutely no sense. This list is a popularity contest absent of objectivity. As proof, lesser-known animes with overwhelmingly OP characters aren't even listed. This isn't a list of the strongest. It's a vote for high school prom king and queen.

16 Frieza (Dragon Ball) Frieza, the ruthless tyrant from Dragon Ball, is known for his immense power and numerous transformations that amplify his strength. His relentless pursuit of domination and ability to survive even the most devastating attacks make him a formidable adversary.

It's ridiculous how many characters Frieza can beat that he's ranked below. In fact, he's probably able to wreck 50% of the characters in the top ten while in the Namek arc and in his base form, all while relaxing in his chair.

Luffy? Naruto? Madara? Ichigo? Please. Frieza destroyed a whole planet with the point of a finger. He survived his attack that destroyed a whole planet while he was on it, as well as a Spirit Bomb to the face. Yes, he barely survived, but that's way better than Naruto, who barely survived an attack that just split the moon. And Frieza must be much stronger than that!

Of course, there are many characters who can still defeat Frieza, but Naruto characters can sit at the bottom of this list in comparison to Dragon Ball series characters.

17 Sage of the Six Paths (Naruto) The Sage of the Six Paths, a legendary figure in Naruto, is credited with creating the ninja world and possessing god-like powers. His mastery of chakra and the Rinnegan set the foundation for all ninja techniques.

Suspecting that Indra or one of his reincarnations would eventually attempt to take Ashura's power for themselves, Hagoromo left behind a tablet detailing his history in an attempt to make them reconsider. Only those who possess the Rinnegan can fully decipher the contents of the tablet, while a reader with other Dojutsu, such as the Sharingan, can still partially interpret the information.

However, unknown to him, Black Zetsu, a manifestation of his will through Madara, had altered the contents of his tablet. This allowed him to manipulate Indra's descendants, the Uchiha Clan, through the ages into resurrecting Kaguya and initiating the Infinite Tsukuyomi, a new power.

18 Edward Newgate (One Piece) Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard in One Piece, is renowned for his immense physical strength and the power of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit. His influence and prowess in battle earned him the title of the strongest man in the world.

In a show where blowing up a planet isn't practical, he has the ability to destroy Earth. If he were a DBZ character, every time he attacked someone, the planet would be left in a state of nothingness. I wish people would really think before they make these lists. Luffy, who is fifth on this list (and that's questionable), felt the need to prove himself to this man. Come on, people.

He held the title of the strongest man in the world, punching so hard that he cracked the air. His punches can make earthquakes and cause tsunamis. The entire world was terrified when he was on the move.

With the power he possesses, he could be a planet destroyer. Simply hearing his name was enough to deter even the world government. The world was his for the taking.

19 Zeref Dragneel (Fairy Tail) Zeref Dragneel, from Fairy Tail, is a dark wizard cursed with immortality and destructive magic. His mastery of forbidden spells and his tragic past create a complex and immensely powerful character.

Put this man above Vegito. He could easily kill Vegito because he is immortal. However, all the other people above him could just keep on killing him over and over and most likely never get tired. Zeno could simply erase him from existence.

He has the power to kill everything that goes near him, and then some. Even while he sleeps, he sends off waves that destroy even rocks. And it's magic, so Superman can't cheap-shot his way in here.

He also has immense magic to defend himself, e.g., force fields, demon/monster summoning, and will-bending. Unless you can survive being dead (lovely paradox for you), then you can't beat him.

20 Sosuke Aizen (Bleach) Sosuke Aizen, from Bleach, is a former Soul Reaper captain with vast spiritual power and exceptional intelligence. His mastery of illusions and transformation into a transcendent being make him nearly invincible.

He's a death god, which instantly elevates him above any mortal human. On top of that, he has never been defeated. He's only had his reiatsu temporarily sealed.

Not even the other death gods know how to kill him, as he has become immortal after fusing with the Hogyoku. He's an unkillable spirit with more reiatsu than any other captain. Aizen could kill any human or humanoid without them even being able to see him.

Aizen is an all-powerful god who has the ability to control all five senses. Plus, he is immortal. How can anyone expect to fight him and win?

Without Kisuke's special seal, Aizen probably would have defeated everyone and made his way to the Soul King. So, in my opinion, Aizen is the strongest.

21 Itachi Uchiha (Naruto) Itachi Uchiha, a prodigious ninja from Naruto, is renowned for his mastery of the Sharingan and exceptional intelligence. His complex character and overwhelming strength, combined with his tragic backstory, make him a legendary figure.

Itachi could just trap people in a time loop and let them out whenever he wanted. It's just that easy. Not sure if he can trap all the other people here on this list at the same time, though. Besides, Light could just write his name in the Death Note. Fifth last at best.

Technically, Sasuke was only "stronger" than Itachi because Itachi, the "Weasel of Glory" himself, was already dying of a disease and willed his emotionally troubled brother to land the killing blow on him. So yeah.

But I can't disagree with the fact that Sasuke, the "Porcupine-Overlord Uchiha," is either as strong as or stronger than Itachi.

22 Jiren (Dragon Ball) Jiren, a member of the Pride Troopers in Dragon Ball, possesses strength that rivals even the gods. His sheer power and determination make him a nearly unstoppable force in the Tournament of Power.

I don't think Jiren is the most powerful, but he's easily one of them. Jiren has easily thrown powerful enemies through the toughest material in the multiverse. He's also on par with UI Omen Goku in his full power mode, who shook an infinite void just by powering up! Jiren was able to match the MUI form, which was even more powerful than UI Omen.

Jiren could destroy the multiverse if he wanted to.

Easily the strongest character in the tournament. He's basically what Goku wanted to be: the guy who got strong all on his own.

23 Omni King (Dragon Ball) The Omni King, known as Zeno in Dragon Ball, holds the highest authority in the universe with the power to erase entire realities. Despite his childlike appearance, his ability to destroy universes at will makes him the ultimate being.

This man should literally be number two. Not only is he stronger than Goku, but he could destroy anything in the blink of an eye just because he felt like it. Goku is an ant compared to him.

This guy destroyed Future Trunks' timeline and acted as if nothing happened. No character has existed thus far who can defeat this guy. Once he was in a bad mood, so he destroyed six universes in one second and didn't give a damn about it.

Guys, he should be number one. Whis, Goku, or maybe everyone in the DBZ series will just fade by using his powers. Or maybe he'll just use his full power to destroy them.

Besides, if he just makes them fade, it will be no fun for him.

24 Champa (Dragon Ball) Champa, the God of Destruction from Universe 6 in Dragon Ball, wields destructive power comparable to his brother Beerus. His role as a god and his immense strength make him a significant figure in the series.

He's a God of Destruction. He competes with his brother Beerus, which is sometimes pretty funny and adds to his character. Finally, he's a God of Destruction over a universe.

He has to be in the top 5! He's as strong as Beerus and he is insane when he's mad. He would erase his team from existence just because they lost the tournament.

Angry and strong, he is definitely the guy that no one would like to face.

25 Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter) Killua Zoldyck, from Hunter x Hunter, is a prodigious assassin with extraordinary speed, agility, and Nen abilities. His upbringing in the Zoldyck family and his growth throughout the series highlight his impressive combat skills.

He should definitely be ranked higher than 99. After being tortured and trained to become an assassin ever since he was a baby, he can kill people without even breaking a sweat. Especially with Godspeed, Killua is basically invincible.

He is really powerful and definitely should be higher on the list! I love his character and abilities! I mean seriously! Once you watch Hunter x Hunter, you'll see what I mean! Plus, he's immune to poison! That's really cool!

He is already one of the strongest HxH characters, and he is still a kid. He went through the most brutal training since he was a baby, and he still has so much to learn. The coolest anime character ever.

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