You walk in the door, and are immediately greeted by a friendly face, and a basket… You take a few more steps, and then, you’re in paradise. The smells, the colors, the choices! Then to top it off you’re treated like a VIP by every employee in the store. I feel like the proverbial kid in a candy store, only I never remember liking candy this much.

Everywhere you turn there are more colors, more kits, more smells, more smiling faces. Employees are handing out samples. I. Love. Samples. And the kits! Did I mention the kits? Smoky Eye kit, Naked Eye kit, Big, Beautiful Eye kit… The pallets are rich in colors and textures, the singles are stunning, the lipstick is ravishing, the eyeliner inspiring, the nail polish is exciting, the perfumes are intoxicating… The employees are attentive, suggesting things, leading me around to show me the next, exciting thing, they’re treating me like I’m special. I love feeling special. It’s better than Christmas.

You take home your kits, and your colors, and they teach you how to do it like they do. Before you know it, you’re becoming a master of makeup, trying things you never would before, because now you know how to do it. Your self esteem improves along with your looks. And I guess smelling good all of the time doesn’t hurt either.