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1 Skincerity Skincerity Product Image

I have used every skincare product on the market with very little to no results, and then I was asked to try Skincerity, with no where else to turn for help wiyh my unhealthy skin... Why not... Well after a couple of days my skin was bright, tone was incredible and my skin has never been this soft ever... After 2 months my roseacia started to clear up and for the first time in 25 years I am foundation free and love my skin... Thank you Skincerity, you have a loyal customer for ever

Skincerity is the best product I have ever used and I saw a noticeable difference in just days. It is help for everyone but especially those with special needs/skin issues (i. E. Wrinkles, lines, dry skin, acne, fine lines, scars, blackheads, dry heals/feet, cuts, crows feet, brown spots, etc). I became a distributor because I believed this product would sell itself (and I was right). If you want radiant, cleaner, softer, healthier-looking skin, do give it a try and you will see (and feel) for yourself. Michele Bourque, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

there is only one patented nightly breathable Masque, "SkinCerity". Oh did you know it is for the skin on all parts of the body, and did you know you can also apply it to children for mosquito bites? How about the athletes foot? Yes, that too. It will stop the itching and rejuvenate the skin. Now are the bed bugs the next comfort one can get from SkinCerity. Let me tell you folks the stories we hear on daily basis is just getting better. What an experience to learn something so new so easy and so diverse for its applications. Old or young, male or female makes no difference. Now where should I keep it, medicine cabinet or on the cosmetic table? Actually one belongs in the first aid kit. So how many do we need on hand... go and figure it out... don't forget your friends and relative well for once you can share this one with everyone... no cross contamination... ACETON wow how much more easier does this get... who knows tomorrow is another day

I have sensitive skin that disagrees with most creams, oils, and ointments out there. Except SkinCerity! I can use this product everywhere on my body; face, arms, tummy, legs, feet. Anywhere I apply it my skin becomes healthier.
Dryness reduces: 'Take that' Alberta winters
Stretchmarks fade: bye-bye baby-maker marks
And wrinkles diminish: Hello silky sexy me!
I believe in this product so much that 'yes', I became a member of the NuCerity team and 'yes', I am sharing my results with anyone who is interested and whom I think can benefit from it. Mostly though I'm sharing with people that have skin ;-)

2 Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser

This premium collection of age fighting products delivers 11 benefits you need for younger-looking skin. It cleanses, exfoliates, freshens, moisturizes protects, smooths, help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, firms softens energizes and rebuilds.

I have combination Type of skin and my boyfriend's sister is a Mary Kay Director she introduced MK 3in1 and in a week my dull skin showed a brighter complexion and smooth texture it really cleanse my pores and very safe to use to.No harsh after effects it leaves a healthy glow I'm using it twice a DAY. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS. I used other products which are chemically NOT good for our skin and THIS one is safe. Plus gives you a good result with money well invested. Those suffering from acne try this

Timewise skin care lines in Mary Kay is the best products that works together.

I couldn't find a cleanser without leaving my skin still dirty. I had to use a cotton ball to finish my routine and use it with a toner after washing my face. It's all in one leaving my skin fresh and totally clean. The other products used to build some breakouts still until I fried Mary Kay it was something amazing I never tried before and now I wouldn't change it for nothing. My pores cleaned to bottom under the surface of my pores to avoid build up of bacteria. I use it twice a day and some times 3 if going to the gym and last for ever.

3 ROC ROC Product Image

Any of these products are exceptional

I have used roc eye cream for over a year now. Trying many brands some very pricey, the roc is simply amazing you will notice a difference quickly. I am 59, this is a wonderful time of life, looking my best is still my goal.

I have only just started using any face product (55yrs) and bought the complete roc system 6 weeks ago and have seen amazing results around my eyes and lips especially.

I'm going to be 66 next month & I've been using RoC night cream for 4 years & my skin is still pretty good for my age... Many compliments on my skin! They stopped making the one I liked the best but I use the other one which is ok.

4 Cetaphil Gentle Daily Cleanser Cetaphil Gentle Daily Cleanser Product Image

I have sensitive skin I have tried number of products before but this is the one that suited best for my skin. I will now not take a chance for try anything else for my beautiful skin that I got after using Cetaphil.

Thanks to Cetaphil products.

This is absolutely the only thing I've ever cleaned my face with that didn't make my face break out.

Very natural ingredients, my dermatologist specialist recommended it. Great for a nice simple cleanser with no additives/fragrances.

It's practically perfect and what I love best is how Cetaphil lays low and doesn't advertise that product. To me that means that I can trust it more than anything and I never get annoyed by the commercials. I love Cetaphil, it's a lot better than proactiv I don't think proactiv works.

5 Amatokin Wrinkle Cream Amatokin Wrinkle Cream Product Image

Everything it's cracked up to be and I'm so glad it has finally been approved in the U.S. Trust me, once the public finds out about Amatokin, the Botox industry will disappear.

Nice formula to fullfill your beauty skin

6 SK-II SK-II Product Image SK-II (pronounced S-K-Two) is a Japanese cosmetics brand launched in the early 1980s based on a compound derived from yeast. It is owned by parent company Procter & Gamble (P&G) and is sold and marketed as a premium skin care solution in East Asia as well as North America, Europe and Australia.

Nice skincare, without fragrance and color, but unfortunately it contain paraben.

I don't need makeup to have smooth clear ageless skin. People keep getting shock when they get to know my age. The natural fragrance of the product is invigorating & calming to get me through my stressful life.

Makes my skin glow...

It's a great skincare ever

7 Lumedia Age Spot Remover

The best age spot remover on the market, hands down.

8 Proactiv Solutions Proactiv Solutions Product Image

Proactiv was great on my skin. Many people say if you stop using it it will breakout your skin, but it you don't use it your skin will break out anyway. I stopped using it for over a year and my skin looks terrible. I will be ordering my proactive in the morning. I think we should stick with what works best for our skin when we find the right products.

I have a very sensitive skin and I'd used many skin care products, but it didn't give any effects to me. One day, my friend introduced it to me. So I ask my mum to buy one. Until now I'm still using it. It really works on my face. Thank you Proactiv

wonderful product cleared up my youngest daughter to the oldest in the home being myself

I have been using Proactiv for years and it is the only skincare product that effectively clears my skin and keeps it clear, bright, even, and youthful looking. I highly recommend Proactive.

9 Arbonne Firming Cream

My niece sent me a sample of the RE9 system. Within two weeks I saw a big difference & so did others. I called Emily & ordered the whole system. For my first order, she passed her 35% discount on to me. Second time, I bought it when the 50% off sale was on. First set lasted from April to December, so when I crunched the numbers, I realized I was actually saving money using RE9 vs the only other brand I'd found that worked well. Only Arbonne RE9 works better AND it's made with natural ingredients, unlike that other brand which had questionable ingredients. My sister & a different niece were so impressed by my skin, they decided they needed to use it too. Their results have been just as impressive.

I've been using Arbonne pure, safe and beneficial products for over 2 years. It's botanically based versus chemicals. I have accumulated numerous before and after pictures of family and friends also using Arbonne. No animal testing, animal by-products, mineral oil, parabens, soy or whey. Gluten free and certified vegan. The RE9 facial kit will last 7-9 months. A great bargain for your money. Love, love, love.

I cannot believe the difference I have noticed in my skin! I have recently discovered arbonne products and I am amazed with the quality. Lots of the skincare regimes I have tried in the past have actually irritated my skin and made it worse. I'm loving the entire RE9 system range and the makeup is just heaven; flawless, without looking caked in it!

I have tried all the over the counter skin care products on the market. I am 66 years old and aside from spending money on the costs of putting their products on the market and all the middle men, Arbonne supercedes all of them.

10 Tropic Organic Elixir Oil

This Oil is amazing not only in helping your skin to replenish its self and look beautiful again by reducing redness, dryness and imperfections whilst helping to tighten and tone. It contains the most natural of ingredients and is mild enough to use on the most sensitive of skin types. Love this oil

The most amazingly smooth and powerful facial serum that is 100% organic. Can be used on the face, neck d├ęcolletage - amazing results in suppleness, smoothness and age defying. This is my hero product. I love the whole range but if I was forced to choose ONLY 1... Then this would be the 1

Miracle oil for my skin nails hair and also good for my doggies ears, he gets eczema in his ears and it calms the skin for him. I love the scent of it esp at bedtime.

Just so amazing to find products that are Vegan friendly, Organic, Natural and don't test on animals as they have the leaping bunny logo. Just love Topic

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11 Seacret Skin Care

At 50 my skin has never felt so amazing. I don't like spending too much time getting ready to go every day. With Seacret the quality of clean and moisturize is simple. Mud soap to wash and face moisturizer and I'm done. Body butter keeps me feeling great all over in this winter weather. My skin is smooth, soft and healthy. The mud mask for my face keeps my skin beautiful and taught.

Dry Dead Sea salts in the bath help my sore muscles, and the mud shampoo and conditioner keeps my hair soft and clean - no extras just simple and wonderful. I will not go back to another skin care line.

As an African American woman most products that I tried wasn't good for my skin type, so I didn't get the results that I was looking for and some even caused further layers of damage! Not to mention a waste of my money! Unhappy and desperate to find the BEST skin care system for my skin type, I almost gave up, UNTIL I was introduced to the Seacret Skin Care System / Products! I'm FINALLY getting the results that I so desperately was looking for! LOVE the products & company... the ABSOLUTE BEST on the market!

My wife and I have experienced the incredible results gained from using the Seacret products. While many of the products have an instant WOW factor it is the lasting improvement in the health and vitality of the skin which is the most impressive. People with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne and others have also seen real and lasting improvement often when generic or prescription medications have failed.

At 49, my skin never looked younger. The Dead Sea minerals and the peptide technology of the the age defying line are the best blend to do the job! It truly works and you don't have to wait for months for results. After the first week you know it's working! And with the Recover Day Mask wrinkles are reduced after 14 minutes! I love Seacret Skincare. It's really the best I've tried. I've tried many!

12 Arbonne Anti-Aging RE9 Arbonne Anti-Aging RE9 Product Image

The RE9 is AMAZING! Besides clearing my skin, it is a preventative for wrinkles. I'm 22 and I found my bread and butter.

I Love the new nightly resurfacing pads called Genius! A great boost to skincare!

Love how my dark patches have begun to fade in only four weeks

Amazing products! Clinically proven

13 BEAUTICONTROL Dramatic New Anti-Aging Creme

This innovative product contains 2013's top new anti-aging ingredient replicated from the immortal jellyfish as well as many other ingredients to regenerate your skin. Not only does is super-fuse my skin with moisture, plump my skin, leave my skin feeling smoother, younger and more radiant, it creates the optimum environment to produce my own collagen and elastin! This product works at the deepest levels and can be used on all skin types. Perfect!

AH-MA-ZING! Immortal Jellyfish Peptide, need I say more? They never DIE! Imagine your skin repairing itself like brand new! 1st time I tried it over foundation, just under 1 eye at a meeting. Came home 30 minutes later saw a difference in the dark circle being less apparent. Then I took off my makeup -! So much less dark! You have to try it! Just 1 of the MANY terrific items we have! I have been using for over 25 years and frugal, so I am a wholesale consultant. Try it!

Immortal Jellyfish Peptide is REMARKABLE, AMAZING! You must try this! I tried it on top of makeup and within minutes I could see the improvement! Try it on 1 side of your face, withing minutes you will see results! Maria Deal 25 year user.

Such wonderful products. You can actually see it work before your eyes.

14 Tropic Tamanu Balm

This products does what it promises and I love that there is now a handy little travel size. Works on everything from Eczema, Psoriasis, scars, cuts, bites, stings, burns. Instant relief! Every medicine cabinet should have one!

This has cleared my psoriasis & eczema on my kids, brilliant for treating any skin problems or irritations use it on me, my kids & even healed my dog's sore ear. You need one in your medicine cupboard

Miracle product which has multiple uses. One in my medicine cabinet and the travel one in my handbag. Wouldn't be without it.

Brilliant product astonishing results

15 Eclipsage

Eclipsage is the best option for the treatment of blemished and dark skin. Must try Eclipsage for a smooth and sparkling and wrinkle free skin.

16 Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Formula Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Formula Product Image

Great exfoliation not drying leaves skin feeling clean great value around $7.00 at walmart and other drug stores.

17 Apriori Beauty Anti Aging Skincare

Simply the best by far when it comes to protecting your skin and pampering it.

18 Dr Rheims Cosmetics
19 Rodan + Fields Skin Care Products

After decades of sun burns to my very fair skin, by the time I was in my early 40's my face was covered in freckles, dark patches, lines, wrinkles, and monthly breakouts. I've tried many products that claimed to "fade" age spots and discoloration, reverse aging, erase wrinkles, etc. but I never saw results other than feeling that my skin was softer. Rodan + Fields products do what they claim. My favorites - Reverse Regimen with the AMP IT UP Roller, and I've used the Accelerator Pack for the more stubborn spots. I also use the Redefine Regimen, eye cream, lip serum, body cream, microdermabrasion paste, and foaming sunless tanner. I've never been a believer until I tried these products and they are amazing!

I was in the Beauty industry for 15 years and had the opportunity to try every brand on the market. I did not obtain the results I wanted until I tried The Reverse regimen. It gave me a glow and took away my dark spots. I then used the Redefine regimen with the multi-function eye cream. I am so pleased with the results. I had large pores and post acne marks which I tried to hide with make-up. The Rodan and Fields products are amazing and I see that the longer I use them, the better my skin looks. Very pleased.

I used the same skincare since I was 18, and was a consultant for them, for the last 4 years. I wouldn't even try another skincare because I didn't want to like it! My friends results from the reverse and redefine were incredible and I had to check it out, I am on week 4, of redefine and unblemish plus the multi function eye cream! My skin is amazing and the amp roller is A whole new ball game for skin! Next I am doing the reverse, my son even uses the soothe regimen on his eczema! Beyond happy! No dermatologist appointments for us!

The Unblemish regimen finally cleared up my adult acne AND cleared up all the old acne scars that were covering my forehead and chin. I am so glad I took a chance and tried this product. I also use their microdermabrasion paste three times a week to keep my skin smooth... I use the regimen only in the morning and a gentle face wash in the evening to maintain my results and keep my skin clear and free of blemishes.

20 Lumedia Facial Brightener Lumedia Facial Brightener Product Image

Put simply, Lumedia makes your skin look younger. Instead of just reducing wrinkles or age spots, Lumedia actually brightens the skin all around your face.

21 StriVectin Wrinkle Cream StriVectin Wrinkle Cream Product Image

Not only did I notice a big difference in under eye puffiness and the fine lines around my eyes, but many of my friends made comments too. I've revealed my secret and feel it is definitely worth the price.

I would also like to mention, this is a large tube of cream. It is very deceiving. You are definitely getting your money worth here ladies.

First developed as a stretch mark cream, once people figured out how well it worked on wrinkles, it became the most popular thing on the market by those in the know.

I received a sample in a gift with purchase bag. I have used it for one week and will be picking up a large tube. Love it. Moisturizes my face and it makes my face look bright and healthy right away.

Great product! I have sensitive and breakout prone skin and this product didn't cause any irritation. Helped with redness as well.

22 Lancome Paris

Brilliant on my dry sensitive skin, no breakouts and visibly clean soft skin. Happy days!

Best ever!

Love it but getting my budget. They are going to price our the 60+ group when we retire. So sad

23 Hylexin Eye Cream

I was pretty hesitant to try it out, since, woah... $95 is a lot of money. But I gave it a shot and used it exactly as instructed.

I was actually pretty discouraged at first because I didn't see a change, but then suddenly, in the third week of using Hylexin, I woke up and my circles were so much noticeably lighter I could cry.

I am 62 and have had dark circles under my eyes since I was born. I have been using Hylexin for about half a year and the dark circles have pretty much disappeared. The change was slow, but the wait was completely worth it. For me, one tube lasted about 6 months.

If I wake up with puffy eyes, I put a dab on, and they clear up in about a half an hour. Not only does it help with puffy eyes, it also adds an illuminating effect which I like and makes me feel younger!

The ultimate formula for reducing the appearance of serious dark circles. Hylexin takes care of my difficult to address dark circles so I look younger and healthier.

24 Luxiva Wrinkle Smoother
25 Aubrey Organics Natural Herbal Facial Cleanser Aubrey Organics Natural Herbal Facial Cleanser Product Image
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