Top Ten Best Cosmetic Companies

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1 Younique Younique is a multi-level marketing company based in Lehi, Utah. Younique's products are distributed solely by "presenters", who purchase the products to resell them. Their business model has been met with both praise and criticism, with the products' poor quality often derided. Younique is also often considered to be a pyramid scheme.

I absolutely LOVE Younique and all their products. I have super sensitive eyes and skin and I tried the 3D mascara first. I was shocked that I no longer reacted to having mascara on... Bye Bye are the days of using product with formaldehyde in it. I was so impressed I joined the company and it has been a blessing in my life ever since. I am able to see exactly what is in each and every product so I can make an educated decision on what I am wanting to put on my face and skin. They treat each Presenter with grace and dignity and that we matter. We aren't just some name on a company list that they don't care about. They are the most honest, transparent, Godly, sensitive to the customers and Presenters needs people. We all have a voice, they appreciate input and suggestions and make us feel important and that we matter. It's an honor to work for such amazing people as Derek and Shelaine Maxfield and Melanie Maxfield Huscroft. I am 60 years old and have seen a lot of businesses in my time ...more

I was first introduced to Younique about a year ago with their 3D lashes. I also tried their makeup and other products. I made the switch from using Mary Kay and MAC to using Younique when I began seeing a considerable difference in my complexion and other people started complementing me. I like only wearing foundation and having people be surprised when I tell them that I'm wearing makeup (they think that I'm not). The price is more than Mary Kay yet less than MAC and although both are still good companies I prefer Younique. I like the lightweight feel of their makeup and I like that they're natural based (compared to MAC). I also like that they are made in USA and that they have a foundation that helps abused women. For me it shows that they care about helping people in the US.

This company develops such top-notch quality products that go over and above what you expect for such an affordable price. They put the well-being of the of the Presenters a number one priority. Younique gives back by supporting a foundation for battered women. With combining science and nature the scientists that formulate these products are amazing and have developed products that are cutting edge in quality, performance, and sustainability. I can't think of any other company I would want to be associated with after being associated with Younique as a Presenter. As a cosmetologist I have been around many different lines, but this is heads above any other skincare/cosmetic company out there right now. No one else is doing the things they are accomplishing, or at the same pace.

I've tried most of the other brands listed here and my 51 year old skin is FINALLY smiling with the results from Younique! It's simple, no complicated "regime" to follow and my monthly hormonal breakouts around the mouth and chin are a thing of the past! I use Illuminate Clear cleanser, Divine moisturizer and Uplift serum (at night). I LOVE the Glorious primer (oh my! ), the lip stain, the liners and of course the mascara as it gives life to my puny eyelashes and doesn't make them itch like other brands! I could go on and on about the products but the mission is also something I can get behind, I love that this company was built to give women a hand up, not a hand out!

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2 Motives Cosmetics

I love the custom liquid foundation! It is tailor made just for my skins needs and the perfect color. The consultant mixed my foundation after I filled out the foundation survey. That is where she started with my formula I wanted a matte foundation with very full coverage, I didn't want to add sunblock but probably will in my next formula. She got the color just perfect by mixing a base shade and adding yellow blue and green toners because that is what was needed for my foundation to match my skin. She had all of these colorful bottles with colors like purple, yellow, green, blue, pink and a bunch more I can't recall. She said that all of these toners are used to match her clients skin perfectly. I also have combination skin and she added moisturizing and oil controlling botanics. I chose to do the anti-aging botanical as well. The last thing that she asked me about was if I wanted a plumper in my foundation, and I did! This foundation just melted into my skin the color was so perfect ...more

I love everything about Motives Cosmetics! Motives have all high quality makeup and skincare for consumers and beauty professional! I love Motives Mineral Custom Blend system! As a professional make up artist and hairstylist I love the ability to customize cosmetics for my clients from liquid to powder foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, lipsticks, lip stain tattoo covering... I also provide air brush makeup! If you use air brush you are actually customizing why not customize products that your clients can take home! I make extra income by providing my clients more services by matching the right products to them! ! Motives new packages are so beautiful! If you are a makeup artist and you are not using Motives Cosmetics! I have to say TO BAD FOR YOU! With Motives I'm not just a makeup artist I'm entrepreneur! I own my own business with no limit of how much money I want to make!

This is the best makeup out there! Foundations are custom made in every shade and unique to the person they are made for. The colors for eyeshadows are intense and blend perfectly. The liquid sticks lipsticks are to die for. They are so rich and pigmented. I have struggled to find a skin care routine and the skin survey is the best way to do just that. My skin has never looked better even in my youth. My favorite part is that the line is mineral based. The formulas are everything. The dual mineral foundation is a powder but so creamy and covers like no other compact I have ever owned, and I have tried so many lines out there. From the very expensive to drugstore. I have had my hands on A LOT of makeup since that is what I do for a living and now I can say my pro kit is 95% Motives! I love the full range of products they offer. They have a Motives for La La line for ethnic skin and it is life! So many cosmetic companies are not offering dark completion shades. This makes it so hard to ...more

I absolutely love that Motives Cosmetics is high-end, award-winning quality, but at very affordable pricing. We are getting a much higher quality product for the price we are paying, which means tremendous value for the customer. I especially love the custom blend mineral foundation, that comes in liquid and powder form. The foundation is mixed by a certified Motives Beauty Advisor. They can customize the colour, finish, coverage, as well as add in skin care and SPF to protect the skin. No other cosmetics company offers this kind of customization. I don't need to go anywhere else because Motives Cosmetics offers a complete high-end line. I'm also in love with the skin care! It has completely transformed my skin!

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3 Artistry

Artistry is the best product I ever used. With the Essentials you are best care and the Time Defiance serie for Ladys who want looks beautiful. and the crown of all of Artistry is: Creme LUXURY. it let feel the skin 15 years younger.

The artistry product really good for my skin after use, before I also try to use other branded product, firstly I use is good, but at long time, my skin start get problem like sensitive. Through my friend, She recommend me to use artistry, I never hear and use the brand before. She also tell me artistry is top 5 product. After hear this, I accept and buy the product to use. After few month, my other friend tell me my skin look different before, look very bright before. I am 19 years old, but other people said me like 17 old person, so happy. Finally, I want thank to artistry, give me a chance look more younger, artistry also 100% natural and economic product compare to other branded brand.

I have been using Artistry for the past 3 years. I love the Time Defiance line... My 13 year old is using the clear now and she loves it too. She has been using their skin care for the past 3 years as well. Starting my child on a proper 3 step skin care treatment will help her skin in the long run. I can guarantee that we will not be changing product. Any company that will stand behind their product with a 180 day guarantee (100% money back even if the bottle is empty) deserves my business. I don't know of any other brand that will stand behind thier product like that

Artistry thus far has been the best skin care and make up I have used, and I have used quite a few high end products.
The look is elegant and the quality is unsurpasable. The skin care line is magnificent. People have definitely commented on how improved my skin is. They last a long time, which saves me a lot of money but it prevents me from trying other of their skin care systems as often as I would like.
Their make up is always trendy and made in a way that also takes care of your skin. Love the products as well as the great customer service. Giving 180 days warranty for products is unthinkable, yet they do it and don't really need to do so.

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4 Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is by far the best. They have the #1 best selling foundation in America! Double Wear is my favorite, it stays on forever and there are like 30 shades to choose from and the beauty advisor matches you! Also, they have like 8 other types of foundation! And, their skincare is varied they have stuff for dry, normal, oily, and sensitive skin. I also like their selection of color in eyeshadow, liners, lipsticks, glosses, and even nail polish. They are by far my favorite cosmetic company.

I have been using Estee Lauder Makeup and skincare for almost 30 years and its AMAZING! When I got married, in my 20's, I bought all my bridesmaids their makeup because I didn't want them to wear anything else! Double Wear foundation can't be beat... Have lived in the south my whole life and NOTHING stays on better in hot, humid weather! The Advanced Night Repair is my favorite skincare product for smooth, glowing skin... Love EVERYTHING about Estee Lauder!

I've really sensitive skin and prone to inflammation at my cheek areas if the products contain alcohol. I've tried Artistry and Mary Kay, I still find Estee Lauder works for me. Even since I started using their products such as night repair serum, I have not suffered any inflammation, itchy and flaky skin anymore. It is such a wonderful range of products that it is worth every penny spent.

Estee Lauder foundation is the best I have tried so far, and don't intend to change it. People, comment on how good my face looks, and I notice everyone turns to face me. I am so happy I bought this product. Way better than MAC. Estee Lauder foundation and powder hide imperfections with a natural look.

5 Clinique

I've been using Clinique since I was a teenager. I've tried different products off and on over the years (I'm 37 now) and I go back to Clinique every time to fix the problems that were created when I tried to change. I'm using the acne and anti-aging products and having great success with them still. I get compliments all the time on how great my skin looks. I have never thought it was anything special, but when I switched back to Clinique a few years ago after having strayed away for a while, I started getting compliments again! Love it! I will get my daughter started on it soon!

When I was 11, I got my first zit. My mom rushed me over to the Clinique counter at Macy's and bought me my very first Type 3 (3 step). I'm 26 now, never suffered from another blemish in my life. My skin is radiant from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. I love my skin. It's my best feature.

I've used Clinique since I was an early teen. Tried other brands only to be disappointed and suffer from break outs. Now it is the only brand I will use as it is for all of my daughters. The skin care products are wonderful and the make up goes on lovely and lasts all day. Safe and beautiful.

Clinique really caters to all skin, both young and mature. It's great because it has such a broad range of skin care products and make up for all skin types and concerns. Recently tried even better clinical for dark spots... amazing results. Worth every penny!

6 Lancome

Mary Kay has been an industry leader for the past 52 years. They are the official beauty sponsor for Project Runway for the past 2 seasons AND next the Country Music Awards. Their products are amazing and deliver what they promise; safe for all skin types and multiple formulas to find YOUR perfect skin care regimen. I've been using Mary Kay since I was 18 years old and I will never put anything else on my face.

Lancome is the essence of beauty. What a true women can where with class and style, yet able to be used in all walks of artistry. From photo ready prep and primed to Halloween make up contouring. I love there color there pallets there " in the now" approach to everything they do keeping theee French and fragrance roots.

This is a true friend to skin and flatter to each women individual needs to make her FEEL beautiful inside and out!

Lancome Has a great skin care and the color's are amazing the eyeshadow wear great, they just came out with Visionaire foundation! Let me tell you, This foundation is amazing it evens out your skin tone, helps with pores and has a concealer, can you ask for more! Ask Lancome and you get it, Visionaire has SPf 20! A skin Correcting foundation. That helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Love Lancome they Work for today's busy women.

I am Mina Hall of Kingdom Hearts...Princess of Hearts. I wish for my 16th birthday... to become Corperate Level God Of Lancome and become a Borne Supremacy. I totally have a rosey red lipstick obsession and a sugar hart and honey tea addiction. Dear God...for my birthday September First...I wish all my wishes come true. And I will live happily ever after. Finally.
Truely Yours, Mina Hall of Kingdom Hearts 777

7 MAC Cosmetics

I am a licensed esthetician and make-up artist for M.A.C. and have worked with many dermalogical brands as well as beauty brands. I promise that M.A.C. is a brand that is trust worthy. All the products are dermatologist tested as well as tested back stage before sold (to make sure they really work) and are non-comodenic (don't have ingredients that are not linked to breakouts). As far as the price when compared to other department store brands M.A.C. is actually the least expensive along with Clinique so don't get discouraged when you hear that its pricey. What can get expensive are some of the professional tools but they are totally worth it. And everyone should know that M.A.C. "gives back" by donating millions of dollars every year to people affected with HIV and AIDS as well as recycling to build playground equipment; plus M.A.C. is 100 percent cruelty free and is made for all skin types and shades. This is a great brand and in every aspect, but remember, every one is different so ...more

Professional grade, consistent brand with a wide variety of colors, products to serve every type of skin or style. I love my MAC. Have been a licensed esthetician and makeup artist for over 11 years, I always go back to MAC. I've tried so many brands and there is some good stuff out there but as a whole MAC is where its at. Caring company with a good reputation. Furthers education for its artists and is cutting edge. No gimmicks, no nonsense.

I was having a very hard time finding a foundation that matched my skin complexion since I was a teen. I went into my local MAC store and asked if someone could match my skin complexion with their powder foundation. It was a perfect match! I was blown away and excited! So of course I purchased it and the liquid foundation! So from that moment on I've been a MAC girl! I also love the lipsticks and lip glosses too! I just love MAC!

All races all sexes all ages! MAC is made for the professionals and for the people who love it. MAC has the best pigmentation especially for media purposes, which that's why it was first created. MAC also is the top choice of make up used by New York Fashion Week every year. Everyone knows MAC is the best!

8 Bobbi Brown

Bobbi brown is the best brand of makeup I have ever used! I have tried urban decry and HATE IT! Urban decay made my skin irritated and red and looked very flaky! Ugh waste of money, but when I tried Bobbi brown I became in love, it looks so natural and says on all day even on hot summer days! Sometime I forget I even have makeup on because it's so light but makes such a big difference! The foundation blends so well it doesn't even look like I have makeup on! Thanks Bobbi brown for making makeup amazing again!

I would have to agree with other comments. Bobbi Brown cosmetics should be #1. In my opinion they have the best color selection with the most product options that a lot of lines don't have. I also agree with natural colors enhancing a persons looks not covering them up and masking. I have tried so many different lines, but I always go back to my Bobbi Brown makeup. Bobbi Brown products are amazing. I love how I look in her products. Polished and never overdone.

After trying most of the other "brand" name cosmetics, I must say that Bobbi Brown beats them all. According to my friends they see my face "glow" every time I wear it. And I have gotten lots of compliments on my eye shadows. I totally recommend Bobbi Brown!

I am a huge fan. It has the best foundation that I have ever used and eventually I added more aspects of her line. I am 59 years old. I have added all other aspects of her products. The first time in my life that I have used a line exclusively!

9 Urban Decay

The SOLE reasons I use this brand & the absolute reason why Urban Decay is the best brand is:

PRODUCT QUALITY: Unbelievable. Probably the most pigmented eye-shadows/ eye-pencils in the beauty industry. Long lasting, easy to use and beneficial to your skin.

PRODUCT DESIGN: Ergonomic, easy to use and designed for simplicity. All the packaging is created from recycled materials.

PRODUCT LONGEVITY: This is THE brand that are known for their long wear products From the infamous Primer Potions, weightless setting sprays and their long wear waterproof eye & lip products, this brand delivers.

ETHICS: I love the fact UD refuse to test on animals and source alternative methods to testing (ie synthetic skin). I like the fact that a lot of their products are also vegan.

AFFORDABILITY: The price range is akin to MAC, but the products are packed with beneficial ingredients and skin care as well as punchy pigments, so for me and many others they are way ahead of ...more

I love the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes! I have Naked and I'm absolutely in love with it! I love all the colours they have and the fact that they don't test it on animals. The quality of the makeup is really good as well. Another urban decay product I love is the Big Fatty mascara! My lashes look unbelievable after it!

A wide variety of color for everyone's taste. You can go bold, natural, traditional or downright unusual. Fantastic quality and best of all I can shop guilt free because not only are they cost-conscious (compared to other department store brands) they are animal cruelty free and offer vegan alternatives!

People sleep on UD. They think it's for more fashion or runway type but it's actually cdc be used for everyday. I've been using them for 15 years. I have had every eyeshadow. I actually prefer it over MAC. The pigment is great and it last a good while. I love how they are growing and their eye primer is hands down the best in the market. Love them.

10 Mary Kay

Mary Kay is amazing. It makes your skin soft and smooth. The skin care is second to none. The prices are amazing. They have great customer service, 100 percent money back guarantee, try before you buy AND by having a party with your friends to get makeovers you can earn FREE product. The consultants offer free gifts with purchase and they deliver to you. What more do you need? Oh and the Mary Kay Charitable Foundation gives millions to help end domestic violence against women and children and also gives to cancer reasearch to help find cures for cancers affecting women. Find a consultant today and be amazed. Thank you Mary Kay!

Mary Kay has the best makeup and skincare around. I like most women have tried many many brands and this is the line I have liked the most from. Just look at the women in the company and you will know how great our product is. I get compliments often on my complexion. There foundation matches all skin tones from very light like myself to very deep bronze. The products are 100 % guaranteed, you get personalized service and to try before you buy with a beauty consultant. They do not test on animals and have products safe for the environment. The business opportunity is unique as consultants make 50% profit from sales, our product is satisfaction guaranteed and easy to return or exchange and the company provides amazing support to its sales force. The events are fabulous and the women are like a sisterhood supporting and loving each other. We call it the pink bubble as we are positive, fun, inspirational and you want to be a part of it. I have been a consultant for 4 years now first ...more

There's no contest! For 17 years the best selling skin care and cosmetics brand in the US. A Top 10 world wide skin care brand and Top 15 in colour cosmetics... Mary Kay really is the best out there. Yes, sure people are going to vote for the new products on the market, but in the end people always come back to Mary Kay, because the products are just that good and Mary Kay is a reliable brand with fabulous ethics. Founded by Mary Kay Ash from a position of wanting to Empower Women and help all women in the world achieve the life they dream about. All products come with 100% satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service from their sales force. Mary Kay will always be Number 1 just wait and see!

I love Mary Kay products.. The makeup foundation is so light that it feel's like there is nothing on your face. Mary Kay still have my favorite lip stick ever since I started wearing Mary Kay over 20 years ago. I also love the lip gloss that has come out.. Mary Kay has the most amazing Mary Kay also has a 100% money back guaranty for the product return what other company has that policy with there product's? I ended up becoming a Independent Consultant for Mary Kay and I am having a good time.. Love meeting new people and also still looking for new people to try the most amazing product's that Mary Kay has to offer you.. Mary Kay also test's there product's 500,000.00 times to make sure the product is right and has the right effect. Also they travel all around the world to find the right ingredients for there product's. What other company does that.. I think it's only Mary Kay.. That's why Project Runway has been using Mary Kay on there models and now American Country music awards are ...more

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11 BeautiControl

I hated my skin until I started using BeautiControl 20 years ago! I am one of those consumers that will try something new at the drop of a hat, but not BeautiControl. They have never given me a reason to be looking for another skin care line because not only were they good 20 years ago, they continuously strive to be the best and are always at the forefront of new cutting edge products often pioneering the way for the others to follow. I love a company that never settles to be happy where they are at, but is always looking to improve on an already great product and business. They are just as invested in their consultants as they are their products and even better, THEIR CUSTOMERS! Now with all the anti aging products they offer with results that deliver, they are by far the best skin care line with a price point that is affordable. I am so thankful they have set the standard for the skin care industry! I am so thankful because they changed my life and gave me skin that I am no longer ...more

I have been using BeautiControl for 4 years. I love the way my skin looks Radiant, glowing and feels so soft! I am complimented everyday about my skin from friends, family, even strangers. BeautiControl Anti-Aging -products are Absolutely Amazing, I am in my 40's and people think that I'm in my 20's! I Believe in these products 100% and will never stop using them, I recommend them to Everyone! Their skin sensors show you which skincare products are right for your skin to get the best results plus the consultants will help you if you don't understand something and guarantee your satisfaction. Find a consultant ask to try the products for FREE, they are more than happy to help you!

Once you try it, I bet you will have a hard time going back to anything else. It is an ethical, clean and smart brand. The fact that they don't test on animals is one of the main reasons I started using it, but once you look at the gluten free, no parabens, no sulfates and the many more attributes to BeautiControl you just cannot argue that it is so much better for your skin. Then you get down to results. Soft skin, tightness, wrinkle reduction. Know anyone who does NOT want that? You can think the department stores will love your situation. You can think they care. They care about making a sale. You consultant will care, about YOU, find what works best for you and make sure it is continuing to work while keeping you up to speed on all that BeautiControl has to offer. I dare everyone to try an instant manicure and not have their lives instantly changed. Because once you try it, you will want to know MORE.

I love BeautiControl because my skin is younger looking and feels great. I've tried other products, but for me when a scar on my forehead is no longer visible sold me for life. I had the scar over 27 years and in just a few weeks using because Skin care, microdermabrasion, and our anti aging in my own home, gave me when the results I was looking for. I love sharing my story with other women who need help with there skin care and who want to make a difference. I would recommend you give it a try first and buy from yourself. BeautiControl is constantly helping us so we can help you. Thank you BeautiControl for walking in my life. I'm in forever.

12 Chanel Chanel S.A. is a French, privately held company owned by Alain and Gérard Wertheimer, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, who was an early business partner of the couturière Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.

I love this product, although I can't always buy it and regress to other brands due to the price. I have to say as a whole, it has a positive effect on my lifestyle and skin. I look better and people immediately react to the Chanel name if I'm wearing their nail polish or any product, so it is worth buying and one is bound to have complements!

I have used Chanel for years. Worn the eye make up for 24 hour shifts. Told it still looked good at 0300. I have sensitive skin. Tried other products but always go back to Chanel. I am careful to but only what I need due to expense. I'm 68 and love the results.

Not tested on animals, lots of natural ingredients and well priced for the amazing ingredients. Very innovative products and always something new to try. Love my Oriflame.

The quality of makeup is excellent. It feels light on skin. It doesn't smudge. Most of the makeup is water resistant. It also makes your skin glow.

13 Dior Christian Dior SE, commonly known as Dior, is a European luxury goods company controlled and chaired by French businessman Bernard Arnault, who also heads LVMH – the world's largest luxury group.

Everyone download the think dirty app and then see whether you think these products are still good! They all contain harmful ingredients! Fragrance, perfume etc
Use something natural and vote for something natural!

It's the best of all! I love all of their products! Especially the hydra life moisturizer for dry skin conditions!

I agree with all the comments.
Classic and natural line of cosmetics
Exactly What your looking for in a brand.

I love dior products, especially eyeshadow quads and lip glosses. I think it is the best brand I've ever used.

14 Oriflame

Me and my family we are using Oriflame products for past 13 years. Even if I can afford much more expensive cosmetics I have biggest trust in Oriflame products. First reason is because they are based on natural ingredients, second reason the results from using them are great. Third reason- I love their packages. Such a great quality. It's true what most of people say, once you try Oriflame products you fall in love and stay with them. I totally agree and recommend. Worth to try them at least. The best thing is that even if you would try them them for few days and use a little bit you could still return if you wouldn't like them and receive full money back!

Simply the best! The Tea Tree product helps me reduce my acne problem until 90% when no other product can, been trying other brands for years but no result, with Oriflame I can noticed the difference in 3 months and now I've been using it regularly for 2 years. I also love Bioclinic, it really works for my acne scar, and I really love the Everlasting Foundation, it stays long but it doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing "mask" the whole day.

And the fact that I can earn extra money from the product that I love is just a wonderful idea! Complete package : Look great, make money and have fun with Oriflame!

I love the products, I use only Oriflame for the last 3 years and all works great for me. Every month they have new products and special offers. None of these products have been tested on animals and they are the first company in the world which started with 100% natural products. But the most important is that they also have earning opportunities for everyone who need extra money or you can even build your own business.

Me and my family we are using Oriflame products for past 3 years. Even if I can afford much more expensive cosmetics I have biggest trust in Oriflame products. First reason is because they are based on natural ingredients, second reason the results from using them are great. Third reason- I love their packages. Such a great quality. It's true what most of people say, once you try Oriflame products you fall in love and stay with them.

15 Flawless by Sonya

I have switched all my make up gradually over to Flawless. I've used various products but this by far exceeds all others I've tried before. I particularly like the really good coverage which leaves your skin flawless but looks very natural. Many others I've tried feel heavy on your face and feel too thick and greasy. With Flawless you don't get that heavily caked feel. I also haven't had breakouts like with other makeup. Thus make also contains Aloe and natural ingredients which are also nourishing for the skin! The Lengthening Mascara is the best I've ever tried and I've recently thrown out 7 that I didn't get on with. The brush depressed the lashes perfectly and gives a very natural long feel. Amazing as I have very short dumpy eyelashes! The Aloe has helped strengthen and lengthen my lashes naturally also helping them to grow longer.

Totally in love with this fantastic range of cosmetics. I have very sensitive skin and had used the same range for eons but my daughter did a makeover using the flawless range and I was amazed. No allergic reactions (usually within minutes) and the coverage is unbelievable. My blotchy, mature skin looks even and youthful and I now have lashes to flutter. The light up lip gloss has not only become a firm favourite but also my go to gift for friends and family. The only make up range I have found that compliments older and younger skin I won't be changing ever again.

I use both the skin care products and the cosmetics by flawless sonya. I'm totally astonished at how youthful and vibrant my skin now is, I get many compliments from work colleagues saying wow kim your just glowing, your skin looks amazing.
I had been a very heavy smoker up until a year ago, so my skin was very damaged by this awful habit, I never used to look after my skin either up until I stopped smoking. Using the sonya skincare and the flawless cosmetics on my skin daily has improved my skin dramatically.
I know one thing for sure, I will now always look after my skin and will only use the sonya skin care and cosmetics. In my opinion they are the best money can buy, I'm a very satisfied customer.
Kim ballam

The best products I have tried! I have very sensitive skin and only ever used to use a top named brand's make up. When recommended Flawless by Sonya I was amazed at the results. My mascara no longer stings, the face coverage is great, non greasy, and as it contains Aloe is very nourishing. I no longer get loads of spots and my skin condition is under control. The lip glosses are great for a night out and the lipsticks are really moisturising and smell lovely, (vanilla scented). I am gradually building up my Flawless collection, and will never buy any other products again.

16 L'Oréal

Great semi matte foundation. Stays on does it change color no powder necessary. Works great in warm and hot climates. Can't beat the price.

Hey! your products are really awesome. I wish there are more for teens and a good conditioner and shampoo for curls...

I love L'Oreal. All you products are flawless. I have all you make and still keep buying more. I love it so much never change. I think you are number 1!

I like L'Oreal products v much its too much effective I always buy these products I don't want to buy other products with out these products.

17 The Balm
18 ActiDerm

I am an ambassador with ActiDerm, and joined in October 2015. Within a week of trying the high quality products and seeing the difference they made to my skin, my confidence grew daily. I am totally addicted. A brilliant company with such high values. It has already helped me pay of debts and all
Of Christmas. I've lost loads of inches with the incredible lipo sculpt wrap kits and pounds with 2 of the 7 Day Shreds! The skincare does exactly what it says it will and I look and feel years younger and am constantly being complimented! As for the makeup, that's in a world of its own, it's beautiful on your skin, long lasting and gives a flawless finish. I love this incredible company and cannot wait to achieve all my goals and dreams. ActiDerm in my opinion is No1.

ActiDerm's HD foundation is the only foundation that agrees with my skin! I have dry, problematic skin and all other foundations, no matter what price stick to my dry skin and look awful! HD foundation sits like a second skin, and even better- their ultraderm cream has really helped to improve the quality of my skin, when even prescribed lotions and creams couldn't! There's not a single product that I've been let down by!

Not only do I love their products, what they stand for is also very important to me! Cruelty free, no animal testing and completely natural!

Since trying the products, I won't shop with any other brand! I'm hooked!

I am an actiderm ambassador and I love what I do. I use the products every day and one of my favourite products has to be the HD foundation it hides all my blemishes and it's so smooth on my face I don't realise I m wearing anything on my face. I chose to work for actiderm as I wanted to have an income coming in and make a difference to my life as I am now unable to go out to work. I am now able to spend more time with my children plus my two grandchildren. My daughter now buys makeup from me and she loves the collagen and kelp as it helps with her skin as she suffers real bad with acne she would not try anything else. Actiderm is in my opinion is no1. I suffer with eczema so I also use the collagen and kelp and it's helped with the dryness of my skin and with the itchiness and has made my skin feel softer.

I thank actiderm for changing my life for the better and having more confidence in myself.

AMAZING PRODUCTS! Their products contain NO parabens and are NOT tested on animals! They have their own lab that makes their products so you know EXACTLY what goes in the product and their prices are 70% cheaper than retail. Luxurious products at affordable prices. All active ingredients are packed into their products and work exactly the way they say they do. Their products take the cosmetics and skin care industry to a whole other level. This brand is going to take the USA and Canada by Storm. Their Skyscraper ONE step fiber mascara enriched with vitamin E for only $12.50 (USD) is going to take the 3D mascara world to another revelation! SUCH an amazing company with excellent ethics.

19 Avon

American Made Company! This is the Company that puts Mascara on Lashes and food on tables. That knows the value of a perfect lip, but still opens its mouth and Speaks Out against Domestic Violence and for Women's Financial Independence. This is the Company that not only brings Beauty to doors, but also opens them. The Company that Supports approximately 6 Million Representatives in over 100 Countries. This is Avon.. The Company that for more the 125 years has stood for Beauty, Innovation, Optimism and above all FOR WOMEN... I believe this with all of my Heart..

Avon and Mark products are the best! I used it many years ago and find the products today are far superior in quality now. I have gone from being a department store cosmetic counter junky to an Avon Queen. Some of my favorites are Glimmersticks waterproof eyeliner, Ultra glazewear lip gloss, extra lasting foundation, Mark powder buff, ideal flawless cream concealer, Super extend winged out mascara, true color eyeshadow quads, smooth minerals blush and bronzer. I really could go on for days! I just love Avon make up and personal care products so much.

I've been using Avon since I was 8 years old starting with perfume. I have sensitive skin and react to many products but not Avon. I have no problems with Avon and if anything does not suit me then I can return it. In Australia, opened and used cosmetics cannot be returned, especially those sold in retail stores. I have wasted a lot of money by not being able to return other brands, so for me Avon is the best and the prices/special offers are great!

Avon's innovation in their products is the best in the business. I'm 50 and when told I like look I'm in my 30's that is all the proof I need Avon skin care works. Makeup ntop quality, awesome shades and affordable even at it regular retail price, but Avon is always has a sale and I love having a representative! They hook up with samples, keep you inform of product changes, new offering and additional discounts from their eStores. To get the best value from this historic powerhouse get a rep!

20 Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent YSL is a French luxury fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé.

Have we forgotten about it?

21 Too Faced

Too Faced is by far my favourite makeup brand. To start with, it has the cutest packaging ever,no one can disagree with that. Their eyeshadows are so pigmented, blendable and creamy. I love that they come up with themes and they smell amazing. They come up with color combinations I could never imagine would've worked great together.The lip products are also amazing. If I could only use one brand for the rest of my life it would be Too Faced as none of their products have ever disappointed.

I Love this brand mainly because their products smell amazing! That's what I want! All their lip products are bomb! My favorite it melted. 10/10

Deep pigment so stays put doesn't absorb into your skin and its not tested on animals how can you beat that!

I love many of the products from this company. They have a moisturizer/ under eye cover up that is genius

22 Maybelline

This brand is associated with Lancome and L'Oreal, so you're getting the same research and development and quality at a budget price. Great foundations, especially the BB cream. It gives a nice healthy glow to the skin and people stop and ask me what I'm doing for my skin and I'm 53! Also around the world-- found it in Mongolia and it was a lifesaver there.

Bounce blushes, lip glosses on the shape of lip stick, lots of makeup in stick form, baby lips, amazing mascaras, and great prices! Same quality as more expensive ones and sometimes better quality! This should definitely be in the top 25 or 20, not 60!

Maybelline foundation, mascara, blushes, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil is the greatest for the price. People always ask what kind of makeup I use and I tell them Maybelline is the best. I been using it for 35 years.

They literally are the only company I have tried that has a foundation that is so perfect for my skin color and type! I can use it in the summer and winter and it makes me feel so happy and confident!

23 Sephora

At step hire the employees treat you like your there own. They love you at Sephora and their always giving out gifts and points to those who are a member there. I just love the products there.. The eye shadows are so pigmented like. One day I want to work at Sephora

Love Sephora it's my #1 spot love the kat Von D tattoo foundation and liquid eyeliner and the becca matte primer there brushes are the best it's a lot of I love about Sephora...

Brilliant, lasting colors, lots of choices, amazing mascaras. They have the best nail polish, and their brush kits are fantastic!

Sephora is a really great company
It has lovely, soft, and bright colours
One of the best cosmetic companies!

24 Arbonne

I love the skin care and nutrition products! I am a teacher and always got sick several times a year, until I started using the immunity booster drink every day. I am so much healthier and look better with Arbonne products. Prices are comparable especially with the discounts and hostess benefits! Hosting a party allows you to get up to 80% off and free $50 product! I love the green commitment Arbonne has and that all products are pure, safe, and beneficial. I lost my mom to cancer and am so glad that Arbonne offers products that are free of many harmful ingredients. Arbonne has given me a healthier option with personal hygiene products and nutrition for myself and my family. Thank you, Arbonne!

Since changing my skincare and cosmetics to Arbonne my skin has improved massively! I have gone from having problem skin to near-perfect skin thanks to Arbonne's products which are botanically based, vegan certified and free from all the nasties found in most beauty products. I won't talk about each individual product because it would take too long! But the It's A Long Story mascara not only makes your lashes look super long and beautiful, it actually helps eyelash growth too! And the foundation has breathability and so even on those rare occasions you end up sleeping in your makeup, your skin is still perfect the next day! And it is really long lasting, I ran a marathon last year and when my mum met me at the finish line she couldn't believe how good my makeup looked after 4 hours running 26 miles! A fantastic range of products that are pure, safe and beneficial.

Quite frankly the best products on the market at the moment. I have over 25 years within the beauty industry and have recently been introduced to the Arbonne product range and can categorically say, without any shadow of a doubt, that in my professional no company can touch Arbonne on their products, their ingredients policy and their commitment to being a green company.

They tick all the boxes. The products are all botanically based but with the best of safe science. The company have been around for 35 years and have always stood by their founding pricinple of being Pure. Safe. Beneficial.

The products have transformed my skin and my income!

I have found the perfect, complete range of beauty/health products. I am an Arbonnite! These products have changed my skin and my life! I love the Arbonne ethos, Everything is Pure, Safe and Beneficial. Some products I just can't live without 1) Lash Enhancer ; I use this in my eyebrows, it is fabulous! 2) Cellular Renewal Mask ; has changed my skin, it is incredible! 3) Liquid Foundation ; excellent coverage yet very light on the skin, has patented light reflective technology and looks amazing! 4) Nourishing shampoo & conditioner ; I have been a hairdresser for 22+ years and this is the best I have ever used! Will never swap to anything else!
Arbonne is definitely The Best!

25 Boots No7

Just started this product over recommendations I received from friends. No.7 started working immediately. So great I can't see why its not #1! I wnt a job with the company!

Great range of products and are good on sensitive skin should be in the ten

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