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1 Touch Mineral Foundation (2)

Absolutely Love Touch Mineral Foundation. It's the best that I've ever tried and will never change.

2 Mineral Pigments (4)

I used to use MAC pigments but as a few hours pass the loose pigments would always end up going in my eyes rather than staying on my eye lids. As a contact lens wearer, it was horrible, wanting to constantly rub my eyes, which ruined my makeup and make my eyes feel worse. I opted to only wear it on special occasions, which definitely sucked since I couldn't wear it all day, every day. Younique's mineral pigments are amazing! A little pigment goes a long way and it actually stays put like it should and lasts me for 8+ hours without needing to rub my eyes! I use my pigments every day and they've lasted me for more than 6 months, with still plenty left for another few months!

I was never a real lover of pigments or shadow on my lids for the fact I would always rub it off because of the irritation to my skin, but with Younique's mineral pigments it is a whole different story. I wear them every day and love the way they go on and stay on. No irritation at all.

I've tried these pigments and was told you could add them to clear nail polish to make my own custom colour. I tried and loved it it's not often you find a product that is do versatile.

Cannot say enough about these pigments. They go on like silk and love the colors. Love that you can wear them wet or dry.

3 Face Brush Set (4)
4 Lucrative Lip Gloss (10)
5 Lucrative Lip Gloss (3)
6 Eye Brush Set (4)

These brushes by Younique for some reason work like no others out there..not even MaryKay brushes can compare.

7 Highlight and Contour

Looking forward to playing with those colors and making magic to my face!

The new bundle they have is the best value ever.

8 Complete Brush Set (9)

Great quality brushes make all the difference in the world!

A bit pricey but so worth it. Beautiful brushes to use.

9 Precision Pencils (10)
10 Stiff Upper Lip (3)

Absolutely the best Lip stain I've ever used. Stays on all day. I'll never go back to the regular lipstick again.

I went for the light pink it stayed all day. Will definitely buy more.

The Contenders
11 Precision Pencils (3)

Amazing is all I can say they are completely smudge proof. I've even cried unit and it didn't move. AA+

12 Precision Pencils (15)

No smudging, love them...

13 Stiff Upper Lip (7)
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