All Time Best Cover Songs

There are several all-time best cover songs that were glaringly omitted or left out from this list.

Hound Dog - Elvis Presley was originally done by Big Mabel Thornton

Respect - Aretha Franklin was a cover of the original done by Otis Redding.

Another great cover that was not included on this list is Eleanor Rigby originally done by The Beatles was covered magnificently by Big Maybelle. In fact, Paul McCartney was quoted to say: "When I heard her version, I realized who I had written that song for".

Another brilliant cover was done by The O'Jays of the song "Feelings" originally recorded by Morris Albert. On one edition of The Mike Douglas Show, he had Morris Albert, Lou Rawls and The O'Jays as his guests; and, after each performer did their rendition of the song ("Feelings") Mr. Albert said, after hearing Eddie Levert (lead voice on "Feelings"): 'When I wrote and recorded this song, I could not even imagine this terrific, sensational rendition . Now I know who that song was written for'

Finally, Aretha Franklin's version of "The Tracks of My Tears" originally written and recorded by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. Smokey said after hearing Aretha's version of his song: 'I have known Aretha since she was 3 years old; and, have heard others sing "Tracks' before, but it wasn't until I heard her sing it that I realized who I had really written that song for. She just took that song and made it hers'.


blink 182's version of billy idol's dancin with myself - nikkicherry15