Scared of Credit Repair Companies

roxytug My husband and I lost our jobs within months of each other about two years ago as a result we could not keep up with our finances and ended up doin a lot of damage to our credit reports. About a year ago we started to get back up on our feet again not making quite as much but at least we were both employeed ! Since loosing our jobs we had also lost a home in the process and were wanting to get out of the in laws and into a home again. When we went to finace we were denied our credit was just to big of a risk for the mortgage company.

I started doing some research online and ran across credit repair it sounded like just what we needed, However I also read a lot of warnings on scam companies. I was so hesitant to join a credit repair company so I started doing it on my own. I got some results it just took so much time and work and while I wanted it done I didn't have the time.

I started going online and applying for the credit repair companies free consultations (SALES CALLS) I listened to multiple sales pitches and still had some hesitance. Then one day I got a call from Academy Credit at first it was your avg sales call but at this point I was so bugged I was asking questions in a rude manor in hopes the sales rep would not know the answers. Much to my suprise she wqas very knowladgable or at least she seemed that way to me. I told her I would like to look into the company more and then gritted my teeth expecting to get pushed into the sale to my suprise this was a no pressure sale she gave me some tips and things to look at and left me with her contact info.

I began researching and noticed they had a poor BBB score and a few complaints with The rip off report complaints all seemed to be ppl who had signed up online through third parties being that I work for a company that has this same issue this was not that concerning to me but the BBB score was really bugging me. I decided to give her a call to see if she had a valid explanation for this. Once again to my suprise she did apparantley the BBB had changed their rules credit repair is a high risk buisness and therefore automatically gets a poor score she encouraged me to research it and also pointed out the requirments of a credit reporting company like no up front fees, state liscense and bond, etc. All of which Academy Credit had.

I was still slightly hesitant but so impressed by the customer service of the sales person decided to give it a shot.

I immediatley got assitance with my credit report on my sales call after that I recieved an email welcoming me to the service, but now would I get results the first few months was a little slow but right around the third I seen more and more happening. Academy Credit provided me an online acct that was easy to use I could tell when they had deleted something when my disputes went out and so much more by about the 9th month I had like one or two things remaining and my husbands was about the same so we diecided to try for a home again ... Yahooooo no more in laws I shouted in my head as the mortgage officer said we were approved and then my jaw dropped shortly after as he stated our intrest rate was the lowest current offering.

I know its scary to hire a credit repair company with all the scams out there but in our case it was really worth it I am so grateful for Academy Credit and was pleased with the fact they did not rip me off!!!