The Kim Possible Movie INFURIATED Me!

MegaSoulhero Oh boy. I wasn’t planning on watching this. I enjoyed the cartoon. I think it’s pretty funny and has great characters as well as great action. Last year, it was announced that it would be getting a live action movie. I didn’t like that idea. Then the trailer came out and it looked pretty bad. But, I still decided to give it a watch and no surprise IT SUCKED!!!

Before I continue, I need to warn you that this review will contain spoilers. And a lot of anger. First off, the movie visually looks terrible. I know it’s a TV movie and doesn’t have the budget of a major blockbuster, but I’ve actually seen TV movies with pretty decent effects. The visuals here are just horrible and makes the movie look like it was made by a fan! Literally the first shot is Kim flying in on a jet pack with some terrible green screen effects! That entire action scene in the beginning just looks ridiculous as do all of the action scenes in this movie! It tries to give the movie a cartoonish feel, but the reason why it worked in the original and not in this movie is because THE ORIGINAL WAS A CARTOON!!! Why did this need to be live action!? Cartoons should stay cartoons! To make things worse, they actually show Kim’s original mission suit at one point and she responds by saying wearing the same thing all the time felt cartoony. This is played off as a subtle wink to the audience, but it doesn’t work when the rest of the movie is cartoony!

The visuals for the movie are not the biggest problem, though. That would be the writing. Especially when it comes to the characters. Considering the original creators of the cartoon came back as writers for the movie, I thought the writing would’ve been at least tolerable. I was wrong. I’m not gonna be one of those people who says because they didn’t do something the original did, then it’s bad. However, some of the things they do change don’t make a lot of sense. Basically, Kim and Ron start their first day of high school in this movie. Because of this, everyone acts like jerks to them. This is expected from Bonnie since she’s a... you know, but Kim and Ron are still trying to figure things out yet they get in trouble for being late to class. Speaking of Bonnie, she ended up getting hit with colorism. Not really a big problem, though. However, they really don’t give a reason as to why she hates Kim. She just does. At least the cartoon gives the reason of her being jealous of how awesome Kim is at everything, but they can’t use that excuse here when she later becomes nice to Athena after kicking butt during a mission. Oh yeah. I should probably talk about that. There’s a new character in this movie named Athena. She wasn’t in the cartoon. I honestly don’t like her. She’s an unnecessary addition and she gets in the way of Kim and Ron’s partnership. Also, she has the most PREDICTABLE twist ever! She was actually a robot who works for Drakken and Shego. When she first appeared, I KNEW she was gonna be evil! Also, there’s this painfully dumb plot with Kim being jealous of Athena because she outshined her, and she has to learn that she should be proud of her instead of being jealous, but the fact that Athena turned out to be evil completely ruins this! Did they not proofread this? It also makes no sense that after one mission, everyone suddenly loves Athena and treat her like a special student even though Kim saves the world every single day! I also don’t know why after only knowing Athena for about a day, they just let her come on a mission as if she’s done this kind of stuff before. Plus, she wears Kim’s season 4 mission outfit. They also make us believe that she died at the end after she redeemed herself only to show us that she can be rebuilt and she becomes a permanent member of the team. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Why couldn’t they kill her off permanently? That was such a cop out!

The movie also seems to be forcing a feminist agenda because in the climax, Kim’s nana and mother join the team and they are the center of attention while Ron is pretty much standing there in the back. It also doesn’t help that the OTHER members of the Possibld family, who are male, DON’T GET TO JOIN IN!!! The father and the twins don’t even get a lot of screen time. It focuses mostly on Kim and her female relatives because girl power. Ron doesn’t get any kind of development. He’s literally just a sidekick this time. They also imply that Kim got her training from her nana, which makes her less special. In the cartoon, her skills came from her being a cheerleader. She’s not even a cheerleader here! She tries out for soccer! In a scene that doesn’t add anything to the film. I get that they want to show that aside from saving the world, she’s also a normal high school student, but these high school scenes are just boring! The only action we get in these scenes is Kim randomly doing gymnastics at the most random times. Like, why does she need to do cartwheels just to pick up papers? The actors do a fine job. You can actually tell that they’re trying. Even though the script is absolute garbage. However, the best characters in the movie are Drakken and Shego. These two actually look like they came straight out of the cartoon. The performances of the actors really capture the way the characters are supposed to be. I’d say the movie is worth watching just for these two alone.

Unfortunately, while Drakken and Shego felt completely in character, the main character herself did not. Yeah. This was NOT Kim Possible. She’s supposed to be tough and cool, but this one is kind of a loser. No disrespect to the actress. She’s doing a fine job, but the route they went with this character was a HUGE slap in the face! She would never get jealous of someone being better than her at something! She doesn’t usually make a big deal about being someone who saves the world! She would never lose her confidence just because one person managed to outshine her! The amount of times she cries is also ridiculous! It’s pathetic! She is just WAY too out of character here! This movie makes a lot of changes I don’t agree with, but this is by far the worst one! Kim Possible is literally in the name, yet she’s the worst part of it! There’s an unintentionally hilarious scene where she gets trapped inside an electric eel tank and she’s screaming for help. Kim usually keeps her cool in situations! She would not be crying this much for help! It also took her a while to realize that Athena betrayed her despite Athena literally telling her! She didn’t realize until after she saw the evidence in the room! This movie is so awful! Honestly!

The Kim Possible movie managed to be worse than I expected! It’s an absolute disgrace to the cartoon! Even without comparing it to the cartoon, it’s still really bad! It’s not Last Airbender bad, but it’s still a poorly made movie! I hope they don’t make a sequel, but it looks like they’re going to. Maybe it will be better. Anyway, I’m giving this movie a 2/10 and I’m gonna go watch some episodes of the cartoon to get this live action atrocity out of my head.


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