Disneycember #3 101 Dalmatians

After attempting many Disney princess films that would later become legends that they are Disney started to go in different direction in the realm of animals, and one of the the first really popular among those was the 101 Dalmatians films. I say that since they would later span two live action films of it, and also a long awaited sequel. It even spawned obscure video game titles which are if you ever were exposed to them good luck trying to find these in your collection.

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Films: The 17th animated film for Disney would be one that had its own great premise in a dog breeds life that would be known now as 101 Dalmatians. The setting takes place in Europe of London where we are seen with Roger wanting to be with a wife tried of the bachelor business looking after Pongo. He than finds a woman named Anita who also has a dalmatian named Perdita. Eventually the two would mate, and that's how they got to 101 apparently well production happens in the craziest of things. Later that evening a women with mix of White and black hair knocks on the door. Introduces herself as Cruella de Vil to Roger being the fact she was a schoolmate friend of Anita. During the conversation she spots one of the puppies, and has sick intentions. She than falls back to her headquarters from henchmen Jasper and Horace who do kidnap some of the puppies. Why does Cruella want the puppies exactly? To turn them into fur coats pretty much kill them talk about extreme measures in design. The Anthologists try ti find the puppets before back together in which Cruella gives the most deviling look in any Disney films driving like a mad woman with intent. Yet the henchmen managed to lose them as they collapse into the van Cruella was driving in as the Dalmatians would live safely back to London. For its time the animation is a bit dated, but not as badly as some others before it. Good film that is good to see for a time or two.

Next we take a look at the Live action pieces which would not come until 3 decades later with Glenn Close as Cruella seemed like the fitting choice at the time since her role in Fatal Attraction should say it all. There's few chances with this one though such as the character name changed of the female mother Dalmatian Perdita to Perdy not sure why that is the case. The story elements are mostly the same aside from no speaking from the Dalmatians themselves which is fine makes is more silent I guess. I liked it back than, but watching it now seems kinda odd compared to the original. Its sequel 102 Dalmatians was mostly the same idea only new way to begin is by leaving off where it started with Glenn Close in Custody treated on good behavior only to predictably turn like always. Our last one is a direct to DVD/VHS exclusive known as the long awaited 101 Dalmatians II Patch's London Adventure. Like many other direct to home sequels this is a flaw I can't past and its how low budget the animation looks. While it is not as bad on this one its much worse in other films. A small dalmatian named Patches is clearly the main focus, and along the way Cruella is back with a temporary restraining order. Once it expires Patches meets Lil' Lightning who he fought could be his helping hand sidekick only to be betrayed as he locked up all the dalmatians. All the dalmatians managed to escape the pound by finding a way to cloak themselves out all four villains try to stop their efforts only Lil' Lightning makes a plea of pity but to no avail as it backfires our hero is safe and that is where it all ends when it comes to talking to this once rare breed of dog.

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Video Games: There are many various games to be seen, but only if you were lucky to have any of these in the process. 101 Dalmatians Escape from DeVil Manor is solely based on the first live action film. From the makers of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Disney Interactive goes in a more creepy dark take of the film than before. Its also a bit of an entertaining game as well, Pretty and point and click style of stealth it can be done in an hour or less to complete its enjoyable, but very repetitive for the time. They also had a game based off the second live action film, but the gameplay, and story are much more given detail unlike Devil Manor which was forgettable at best. This was a attempt at a platformer, and I vaguely remember trying this on one of the Undergound samplers I believe. Opening cutscene has two unnamed puppies looking for treasure, and as they find toys in a buried park they also notice Cruella's newest scheme to capture all the puppets by using mechanical extermination. Okay this was not in the film version mind you, and they couldn't get Glenn Close to voice over in video game form either in that way I can see why she turned it down. Objective is simple get all the puppets rescue them, and get back to safety and finish off cruella once and for all. A lot of the elements are very unrelated though so while the platforming is relatively easy it gives you time to complete it more less than anything. Its okay, but better than its predecessor which really seems odd to say since a lot of it ain't too similar in fact there own scenario of insane antics. Although its not Disney licensed, but a scam of a video game and that would be the Dalmatian 3 in the PlayStation 2 era by yes Phoenix Games if you played these games I feel sorry for you. Seriously look how fake the box art cover is. I'm only gonna short summary of this since I talked a great deal about this low budget horrible gaming company, but pretty much a lot like Animal Soccer World without the disguise cover box art. Dingo Pictures animation so really its not apart of the series, and this should be buried in a tundra somewhere and now our feature presentation concludes.


I really like the two animated ones and hate the two live action ones - iliekpiez