Disneycember #7 Aladdin

htoutlaws2012 Oh I hail from the great early 90's portions of Disney I hail after Beauty and the Beast, and heck its magical and mysterious the fans love it to this day, and now its getting a live action version coming soon. I gotta admit I do love the whole franchise as a whole Aladdin is definitely one of the greatest things to ever happen post Walt Disney era.

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Aladdin: From deep down the sea, to a mysterious castle, and now we have a setting in the middle east where lamps, and law is established in an animated film. In the city called Agrabah we meet Jafar and his parrot Lago and he arrives at the cave of wonders seeking total king salvation. Quite the enrich like scenery in a film like this, and the musical scores are incredibly timeless. Oh and the villain Jafar while somewhat predictable a very cutting one in any attempt he takes just for control of the palace. Genie is amazing of course voiced by the great Robin Williams, and of course another Disney princess in Jasmine. Lago is a very annoying, but a bit interesting turn type of character. Aladdin eventually bumps into a mysterious lamp and a flying carpet that lets out the Genie, and the two have a good time meanwhile Jafar is trying to get princess Jasmine to marry him by force she tries to play along, but really does not want to either. Aladdin eventually gets to three wishes, and Lago steals the lamp for Jafar to use now not getting his way thanks to Aladdin's interference. Things were looking defeated only for Jasmine to trick Jafar as if the magic has already worked as he wish for power he gets sucked into the lamp and our heroes come up victorious. Aladdin is one of if not one of the best Disney films out there, and for the originality and all would be parodied all over the place anywhere demand this was only the start of big major fame.

Animated Series: After following the success of the movie it manage to get its own Animated Series on the Disney Channel. With a wickedly awesome theme song that won't get outta your head anytime soon. It follows the gang after the sequel film, and it was fairly good for its time. I wouldn't say its near Darkwing Duck territory, but it was decent enough to watch. They could not retain Robin Willaims as the Genie sadly so filling in was Dan Castellaneta who is most known for his voice of many character of The Simpsons. He didn't bother me like others though, but it was a fairly good show, but compared to the movie I'd rather see that more this is more of a interesting gem in history.

Return of Jafar: Before the animated series would be brought in as a pitch neat idea first they got a direct to video sequel in Return of Jafar. Defeated in the first film wants vengeance and avenge by eliminating all that oppose him. Aladdin would become the new Vizier only for Jafar to rise outta the lamp thanks to Abis Mal. He finds the palace, and in doing so captures Abu, Genie Aladdin's sidekicks and as well the Sultan putting them in a dungeon trying to frame Aladdin is the guilty party of it all. Now under the control of Jafar eventually freed by Genie to put an end to Jafar once and for all. We reach quite the ending as Aladdin all endured punishment finds the trick into destroying the lamp for good into the lava as the wishes had stopped as well. For a direct to video this is probably the best of those it doesn't look too bad, and it sold pretty well as too. I say this was a great direction to go in for the franchise even despite not retaining Robin Williams its still good.

The King of Thieves: The final animated film, and another direct to video would wrap up the entire suppose franchise and as the teasers shows Aladdin and Jasmine were finally getting married, but what else does this have in it? Oh and hey Robin Williams is the genie in this one so okay and how do I know that they actually showed him in the trailer of many VHS Disney previews. During preparations Aladdin is informed that his father is alive, and is in grave danger so he checks it out, and immediately whose the villain not the father, but the second in command just didn't like Aladdin right from the start. Sa'luk does everything he can do to kill Aladdin, and his father Cassim. The two managed to escape the clutches of his hands, and everything ends according to plan. Its okay for its time, but that's one way to put it all to bed or so we fought with a live action version coming in 2019.

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Genesis: The Aladdin 16 bit games were pretty good, but the differences are very vastly looking in terms of graphics, and controls. This one made by Virgin Games you go around based locations of the film and eventually face Jafar at the palace. Jumping is a bit odd to do with these controls aren't bad there's something with that mechanic that kinda sticks out here. You even if you have enough token you get a Genie Mini-Game for more lives. There's plenty of trial and error found in this game its not super annoying, but it can get to a gamer whose not use to this pattern. A good game much different from the other commonly known version, but its a surprisingly good version of Aladdin.

SNES: This one by Capcom is what you expect of good quality, but freaking hard at the same time. The only weapon you have here are apples, but you can also defeat enemies by well jumping on them like Super Mario style. Its another side scrolling platformer, but with a lot of obstacle tricks along the way. Of course like many other Nintendo titles it features a password setting where you can leave off from seeing there is no save feature found here. You have two different types of boss fight with Jafar in human form, but also in Snake form oh my. Even with quite the tough difficulty automatically set unlike the Genesis where you have a setting option there's no trace that I found. Aside from that good Disney title that has good replayability.

Nasira's Revenge: The last notable game was a late PlayStation 1 title that was an original game on its own like I nothing about this Nasira character (voiced by Jodi Benson), but she has the major role here as the foil that wants to resurrect Jafar and the two rule all of Agrabah and having Aladdin and his friends permanently removed from the throne. You play as three different character Aladdin (mostly), Abu, and Jasmine (stealth). The whole city is under Nasira's hypnotic spell and want you found dead, or brought to her by force. Aladdin obviously is the one to play as, and his weapon a sword that's improvement despite there being apples. I'll admit I was confused when I first played this when it comes to certain enemies I wasn't sure what to knock them out with until realizing it at t he end of it all taking quite the number of time in the process. Collect enough coins to stay alive and like the Genesis game you get a genie mini-Game in 32 bit action. Eventually you stop the plans of having Jafar revived, and in doing so Nasira somehow flees from it all making you wonder was it all just a dream in Aladdin's head this whole time in fan-fiction, and now our feature presentation concludes.


And now we get a Will Smith genie - iliekpiez