Full-fledged List Analysis: Top 10 Dumbest Things Schools Have

NuMetalManiak The train has to keep running. Lists need analysis. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all those who care about it, and who cares if you don't. Since it's a Sunday, you guys shouldn't have school (and some of you college kids are actually in spring break right now if I recall), but y'all gonna be back soon enough. What's the dumbest thing your school has?

1. School Uniforms: The most we had in my school was PE uniforms. Obviously, they cost money as if there was enough problems with money in the first place. But regardless of whether it's PE uniforms or the prestigious fancy school uniforms some students are forced to wear should they go to one of those schools, what's the actual point? I mean, casual clothing is perfectly fine in a lot of scenarios. Just because the workplace settings force you to wear business professional/business casual doesn't mean the schools should too.
2. The "the clock doesn't excuse you, I do" rule: I may have actually caused this to go to #2 with my latest remix, but regardless, this is one of the WORST and most AWFUL rules any school has. Oh, you're the teacher, you're trying to get through your lesson plans as much as possible? Sometimes, you'll have to wait until next class because you can only cover so much. You may not realize it, but some kids have trouble reaching their next class without getting an unfortunate tardy. Best not to have this rule in play.
3. Homework: This is gonna sound bad to the rest of you guys, but everyone, regardless of school setting or even in work, has some case of "homework". It can be as much as studying for things, but regardless, there's time for free time and perhaps homework is what I have to do on that free time. I'm just glad my parents aren't forcing me to do this thing anymore.
4. Lazy substitute teachers: Not all substitutes are the same. You know, from my own experience, a substitute can only do so much. They do roll call and have a paper outlining what their class should be doing, and they go ahead and do that, and the best they can do is keep the class volume down and such. They don't want to sound too taxing towards the students, because their paycheck depends on doing just enough.
5. Rules against allowing headwear: I probably said this before, but they don't allow headwear because of the very VERY small possibility that someone could be concealing weapons in them. I've never seen it happen and it probably won't even happen that much. But it makes school seem less cool if you know what I am saying.
6. The rule where the whole class gets in trouble just because one person did something wrong: I had a similar situation where I had a fifth grade teacher who made us clean a mess that another class made, which was not how things should go. No the whole class shouldn't get in trouble for only one troublemaker, because one troublemaker cannot change a whole class for the worse.
7. Final exams: Educators want to cram just about everything you need in your brain just to examine how good of a student are you to make it to anything, such as work or college. And if you're not good enough? That's apparently tough luck. You'll have to retake it at a cost.
8. Tiny lockers: They got excruciatingly small in high school, though I didn't have to use one by then. Still though, being REQUIRED to use one in middle school wasn't cool.
9. English class after elementary school: Depends on the English class in question. Literature in particular is extremely boring to read and analyze, and almost every class I had involved analyzing literature. Imagine how bad my grades were in those classes compared to my math grades. Also if only the English classes made more sense to me.
10. Slow internet: It's not fun to have.
11. Fire drills: While having these for every 3-4 months is fine, the likelihood of a fire not only is very slim, but the method of simply walking out of the building is just, oh I don't know, not really the best way out? If a real fire occurred, there'd be some people running, and while the injury factor could go up, there's not much else to go around in such a scenario.
12. Slow computers: If you think slow internet is a bad thing enough, let me tell you, computers themselves seem incessantly slow. How much memory got stored into some of the computers used, I wonder?
13. Physical Education: Yes, I can see why its required, because kids get lazier and lazier with each passing generation. But there's some physical activities that are more enticing than forcing some students to play sports they simply don't like or will get bullied for being bad at.
14. Standardized testing: Some research was done on them, and some say that they aren't as helpful to getting students where they need to be than the school boards think. I'm not the true expert on this, but it may be something I'll look at.
15. "No bathroom" policy: "Are they waiting for a potential accident to happen in class?" That's a quote I made. We of course have the hall passes being used to ensure that people aren't, you know, skipping class. But to completely outlaw bathroom usage isn't a good thing for any student, especially those who might have...you know...that.
16. Handwritten assignments and tests: Well, it's better than having a slow computer or internet, let's put it that way. If your handwriting is bad enough that your teacher can't read it, we've got a problem. Although looking at this item, it refers to the way that the assignments and tests themselves are handwritten, which is quite dumb. Maybe the school has a low budget?
17. Strict rules and painful punishments: Can range from just about anything. Chewing gum being prohibited is the big one.
18. Lining Up: The bane of both middle school and elementary school, that one little thing nobody bothers to mention but is more annoying when you realize it. Obviously, it keeps the hallways from being too occupied, but nothing seemed more awkward than forming a line, walking alongside the teacher, stopping for a bit (for almost no good compelling reason), and then going again. Come on.
19. Pep assemblies: Hey kids! Let's cheer for a team that probably is gonna lose! Let's lose our eardrums as senior students with nothing better in their lives cheer so loud they wake the neighbors! Watch as one of the students has to don the silly mascot costume! I wish I could skip these.
20. Free speech zones: To be honest, I know nothing about this. We are all entitled to free speech though, but we gotta use it properly.
21. Pledge of Allegiance: Some of us hate it, but it's like ten seconds. Is it really that bad?
22. Warm-ups: When I think about it, it was the most enjoyable thing I did at PE. I hated the main events most of the time.
23. Time limit for lunch and long lines in the cafeteria: There's a reason I bring my own lunch to school. The long lines and the possible outcome that the food I want is all gone by the time I get there. Imagine being last in line, finding your favorites out of stock, then having like 10 minutes to eat whatever you got. Our school system has something brand spanking new and now it's possible to eat lunch in classrooms and hallways (so long as you clean your own mess).
24. Heavy textbooks: You guys are lucky that the school pays for them. Wait till college, then you'll hate having to BUY textbooks.
25. Mean teachers: They try not to be mean but the kids won't settle down when they should.
26. Special Ed: Special ed is for the disabled students who need education to ensure that they can, well, survive. That's pretty much all there is to that.
27. Air conditioning during the winter: AC has a cool mode and a heat mode. Do the math. They wouldn't use the cool mode during the winter time.
28. 3+ page essays: At the most, five paragraphs and less than five hundred words. To be honest, I no longer have trouble with essays, but I did have trouble with them before.
29. "no rolling backpacks" rule: Nice comment here. A big boon if you have heavy textbooks for multiple subjects, now you want to have a locker for that stuff. Rolling backpacks, I'm not sure what outlawed them at first, maybe it's because of the sound they make?
30. Early start time: Well you KIDS BETTER START SLEEPING EARLY NOW.
31. 4 minute passing time: If you mean passing between classes, then yeah. Especially if you have two classes so far away from each other.
32. Bathroom passes: Again, it makes sense, because students could be skipping classes when they shouldn't.
33. Exit tickets: Not sure what this refers to, unless it's something along the lines of the #2 item, which is just DUMB.
34. Make up days: No weekends please. I'm okay with the make up days being on certain non-important staff days or holidays, but the students should just be lucky they even had days off from inclement weather.

So yeah, I talked quite a lot about 34 items for once, regardless, schools do have some rules and other things that are quite questionable. You'll note I'm not opposed to tests and essays all that much too.